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Use Self Centering Drill Bit Set for Installing Door Hardware

Ultimate guide to self centering drill bit sets (3 top buys)

A self centering drill bit will prevent wood grain from changing the course of your drill bit and damaging the wood. Installing hinges and wondering what the best brand is? Not sure if you need one bit or a self-centering bit set? In this article we’ll review what makes these bits unique, what the best self-centering drill bits are and how to use them.

Best Parallel Clamps

Ultimate Guide: 5 best parallel clamps for woodworking (2020)

Parallel clamps stand out among all woodworking clamps with their quality and precision.  And, they are also the most expensive woodworking clamp. Not sure what brand to buy? Or, looking for the best budget parallel clamp? Learn what clamp is best for your shop in this article.

Harbor Freight Wood Tools

A Woodworkers Guide to Harbor Freight Wood Tools

With over 1000 stores around the US it’s likely a Harbor Freight is within a hundred miles of you. And these stores offer budget friendly tools great for new woodworkers. In this article learn what Harbor Freight wood working tools are great finds and what you should consider buying elsewhere.

Best Way to Heat a Garage

Best way to heat a garage: 9 garage heaters for any size (and climate)

The best way to heat a garage is with a power friendly heat source that maintains heat when you need it. Want something you can install yourself? Looking to heat a workshop when you need it? Or, need to keep a garage around 50-degrees for a freezer or refrigerator? In this article learn what your options are and what might be best to heat your garage.

Adjustable desk legs for standing desk

6 simple adjustable desk legs for your next desk (buy or build)

With the rapid switch to working from home many desk-bound workers are converting their offices to be more functional. And with this update comes DIY desks. Making your own desk? You’ll want to use adjustable desk legs that either level to the floor OR adjust for sit or stand desks. In this guide learn the best adjusting leg options for your desk projects.

Best Lipo Bag for Fire Safety Lithium Batteries

Best lipo bag for fireproof battery charging and storage (lithium)

A lipo bag is an overlooked safety accessory for most homes and garages. While most of us won’t experience a lithium battery fire, like other accidents in life you’ll never know when a battery will fail. In this article learn why you need a lipo safe bag for your toys, cameras and tool batteries.

Wood Garage Cabinets Hinge

How to build wood garage cabinets (10 DIY tips)

For a lot of home woodworkers our projects don’t happen because setting up the tools to build can take as long as building the project. And I know, because I’ve been in this situation. So, rather than continue to let organization prevent progress it’s time to build your own wood garage cabinets.