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Best Way to Heat a Garage
Heating & Cooling

The Best Way to Heat a Garage Workshop

Heating a garage requires understanding the space to be heated, swings in temperature and installation requirements. In this guide learn what heaters are best for small, large and temperate versus cold-climate areas.

Dust Collector Accessories
Dust Control

Dust Collector Accessories, Hoses and Parts

Dust collectors are only useful if your machines are properly connected. In this guide learn what accessories and connections are available to let you make the most out of your investment.

Lumber Storage Rack Store Wood

The Best Lumber Racks For Small Shops

Storing expensive wood on the floor risks damage and clutters precious floor space. In this guide learn what the best lumber racks are and how to protect your investment.

Woodworking Hearing Protection Ear Muffs

Best Hearing Protection For Woodworking

Woodworking is a high decibel hobby and woodworking ear protection is a must. Looking for the maximum decibel reduction protection? Or, wondering if there are Bluetooth earplugs or ear muffs to let you answer calls or listen to music? In this guide learn what protection is best for your woodworking style.

Plywood Cabinet Pieces

How to Setup a Home Woodworking Shop

When it comes to woodworking at home the first and most important step is to make sure your workshop is setup properly. However, for many woodworkers, that means fighting weekend workshop space versus weekday needs to have cars or trucks in the same space. In this guide learn how to: Choose the best workshop layout Heating and cooling considerations Bench and storage solutions Dust collection strategies How best to setup a miter saw And many other helpful tips and tricks

Best Miter Saw Fence System With Stops
Workshop Accessories

The Best Miter Saw Fence Systems For Your Saw

A miter saw is a good woodworking tool. But pairing it with a miter saw fence system will make it a great tool as you’ll be able to quickly and accurately make cuts. Learn what systems are available and best for your working area and budget.

Small workshop dust collector
Dust Control

Best Dust Collection Systems For Home Woodworking

Dust collection in small workshops requires a plan for all woodworking machines. From chip producing planers to fine dust that escapes sanders a dust collection system often requires three or four machines. Learn how to setup your workshop in this guide.

Best Mobile Base For Table Saw
Workshop Accessories

The Best Mobile Bases For Table Saws And More

Not all mobile bases are made the same. While inexpensive options will move a heavy tool around, they can flex and often do not have four wheel casters to allow turning rectangular tools sideways for storage. Learn what the best mobile bases are and what is right for your tools in this guide.