Where to Buy Wood: A State by State Guide For Woodworkers [300+ Retailers]

Where to Buy Hardwood Lumber

Map of the USA

Follow the links below to find hardwood resources in each state. We’re working on finishing the last few states so be sure to bookmark this page.

In this guide you’ll find over 30 states with 300+ retailers carefully reviewed and linked for helping you find hardwood, live edge slabs and unique reclaimed wood from coast-to-coast.

Make sure to bookmark this page and share with your fellow woodworkers.

But first, why bother making this directory?

Because I know from experience that buying wood for woodworking projects isn’t just hard, it’s downright difficult:

  • Hardwood suppliers worry about wood and not their website
  • Searching on Google takes expert skills to separate lumber for homes from hardwood lumber for furniture and cabinets
  • High volume wholesale suppliers typically don’t offer a retail store for home woodworkers and DIY’ers

So, I’ve simplified this for you in this comprehensive directory of lumber yards by looking at their sites, finding what they sell (or advertise they do), and what services like straight-line ripping and surfacing.

This directory will provide links to:

  • Local favorites for huge selections of domestic and exotic hardwoods
  • Custom suppliers that sell to individuals and cabinetry shops
  • Niche suppliers selling live edge slabs or other one-of-a-kind wood
  • Online merchants for buying in small to medium sized quantities
  • Local woodworking guilds and woodturning sources to consider joining

Where to Buy Wood Online

While the first thought of buying wood online is you’ll only be able to buy small, UPS or FedEx sized packages there’s a whole other side: freight delivery of large (100bdf+) packages.

1. Woodcraft

Link: Shop Woodcraft Supply (affiliate link)

Stores in over 70 metros

Woodcraft is an established supply company with almost 100 years selling and supplying woodworkers. They serve most major metro areas with a store and have a high quality online store for wood purchases.

2. Amazon

Link: Shop Amazon (affiliate link)

Amazon has a surprising collection of wood you can buy online, including variety boxes of exotic wood scraps, pen blanks, species specific and various wood typically up to 24″ in length.

3. Woodworkers Source

Stepping up to buying full size boards at lumberyard stores, Woodworkers Source ships out of Arizona to locations across the US.

Worried about larger loads or weight? They have it covered in their shipping policies. And, even help you decide what the best shipping rates are based on your items weight.

4. Advantage Lumber

Another freight shipper, Advantage Lumber ships from the East Coast and offers larger quantity sizes of both domestic and imported hardwoods.

What’s unique about Advantage Lumber? They offer decking like Ipe and Cypress that is hard to find locally.

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