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Best Miter Saw Fence System With Stops
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The Best Miter Saw Fence Systems For Your Saw

A miter saw is a good woodworking tool. But pairing it with a miter saw fence system will make it a great tool as you’ll be able to quickly and accurately make cuts. Learn what systems are available and best for your working area and budget.

Best Mobile Base For Table Saw
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The Best Mobile Bases For Table Saws And More

Not all mobile bases are made the same. While inexpensive options will move a heavy tool around, they can flex and often do not have four wheel casters to allow turning rectangular tools sideways for storage. Learn what the best mobile bases are and what is right for your tools in this guide.

Workbench On Wheels How to Build or Buy
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Workbench on Wheels: Buy or Build A Mobile Bench

For small workshops a workbench on wheels is a must to allow moving your working surface around while in use. And then storing it against a wall when not being used. And while these benches are popular with woodworkers, many homeowners are looking for a mobile bench for anything from mechanical work to metal and welding projects.  In this guide we’ll cover: Manufactured options from simple designs to 9-drawer tool chests Design considerations when building a mobile workbench Caster choices,