Tools to make holes in wood

Tools To Make Holes In Wood Of All Shapes and Sizes

Making a hole in wood seems easy, but deciding on the right drill bit or saw can be confusing. And while a professional woodworker has all of the right types of drill bits, a DIY project can come to a screeching halt. Some of the common problems include: Making a flat bottom hole in wood that doesn’t come through the other side of the wood. Drilling a centered hole for cabinet hinges Making large (2-inch, 3-inch or more) holes in wood …

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Professional Woodworking Tools

Professional Woodworking Tools: 10 Tools I Wish I’d Bought Sooner

Surprisingly, professional woodworking tools aren’t just the top of the line in miter saws or table saws. Instead, the tools professionals use for woodworking are unique in their capability and are built to improve speed and quality of the work. For example, most DIY woodworkers start with pocket hole joinery and possibly dowel jigs or biscuits. But a professional uses advanced wood joinery tools like a Festool DOMINO to create loose tenon joints. After almost thirty years of woodworking my …

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Festool DOMINO Joiner Alternatives

The Best Festool DOMINO Alternatives

Woodworkers look for Festool DOMINO alternatives for the simple fact that a Festool DOMINO is well over $1,000. Which makes this master of wood joinery more expensive than most miter saws and competitive in price to a quality contractors table saw. Fortunately, if you are willing to take a little extra time, there are a few alternatives that will produce a strong joint: Hand-held dowel jigs are not what they used to be.  Offerings from JessEm and others are innovative, …

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Woodworking Clamps Mistakes

10 Woodworking Mistakes Everyone Makes and How to Fix Them

Woodworking is a hobby that takes years (or decades) to master because of the tools, techniques, and wide variety of project types. Every woodworker, then, is learning, making mistakes, and correcting themselves. While there are hundreds of ways to do things wrong, some basic woodworking mistakes tend to be the same across many wood shops. So rather than learn the hard way, in this article, discover what mistakes you might be making and how to correct them. Number 10 might …

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Power Tool Brands for Woodworking

9 Unique Tool Brands For Serious Woodworkers

Makita vs. Dewalt. Milwaukee vs. Festool. Woodworkers are used to comparing tool brands to decide what their next tools should be. But what most woodworkers miss is the unique tool brands that make woodworking faster, easier and improve quality. For example, FastCap has a glue bottle that takes the hard squeeze out of that Titebond bottle your stressed hand is used to gripping. Or, Powertec has a huge line of high quality tools at a much discounted price vs. large …

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How to Learn Woodworking

How to Learn Woodworking in 12 Easy Steps

For those new to woodworking the learning curve can be daunting. While there is no one way on how to learn woodworking, there are a series of basic steps that will help start a hobby that can fuel a passion for decades. And while learning as you build is required, it is best to spend some time understanding the basics. Because learning woodworking is also learning what type of woodworking might be best for you. How to Learn Woodworking in …

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Miter Saw vs Circular Saw

Miter Saw vs Circular Saw: Understanding The Differences

Deciding on a miter saw vs circular saw requires understanding the difference between ripping and cross-cutting. While a miter saw is more accurate and better at angles, a circular saw is more portable and best for rough cutting dimensional lumber. And a miter saw is used for cutting across the grain (cross-cut) only. While a circular saw can do both but with less accuracy. Which makes owning both saws a necessity for any serious woodworker (and most homeowners). But, as with …

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How to Fix Warped Wood

DIY Guide: How to Fix Warped Wood

Too many projects either start with warped wood, or are built and then suffer from it. But, it is both preventable and fixable with the proper attention to WHY wood warps. In this article learn how to fix warped wood. You probably know this, but the #1 enemy of wood is moisture.  To combat moisture damaging wood requires a special drying process to ensure it is ready for use in woodworking projects, proper storage and maintaining the finished product in …

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cabinet knob placement

Guide to Cabinet Knob and Handle Placement

Proper cabinet knob placement is a must as once a hole is drilled you cannot undo it.  But it isn’t as simple as deciding where on the cabinet you want to place the knob. Did you know there are specialty cabinet knob placement tools made JUST for ensuring holes are accurately placed?  First, spending time and effort on where to place your cabinet hardware is important. But how you drill the holes is just as important – and why I use a cabinet …

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12 Unique Woodworking Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

After twenty years of collecting tools I’m still finding unique woodworking tools that I didn’t know I needed. But, when I bought them realized I should have had them all along. To help your woodworking projects out the below is a collection of: Advanced pencils to make easy tasks … easy Lighting solutions that install in seconds Saws that make heavy jobs easier and more accurate …and many more unique woodworking tools #1 – Japanese pULL Saw: While track saws …

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