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Biscuit vs Dowel
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Biscuits vs Dowels: When to Use Each One?

When comparing biscuits vs dowels the number one consideration is often cost. But woodworkers know joint strength, speed of setup and alignment ease are key considerations. Learn what joint is best for your projects in this guide.

Course Sanding Door Frame

The Best Drum Sander for Woodworking Projects

A drum sander allows woodworkers to build larger, more intricate projects with improved speed and quality. In this buying guide learn what the best drum sander is for your small or large woodworking shop.

Best Bench Top Planer Dewalt

Best Bench Top Planers for Small Workshops

Bench top planers are a fixture in almost any small woodworking shop. But not all planers are made the same. Learn what compact solutions are best for your projects and budget.

Milwaukee Cordless Random Orbit Sander

The Best Random Orbit Sanders For Woodworking

The quality of the finish should always be the first consideration in choosing the right random orbit sander. In this article learn which sander is best for both professional and hobby woodworking.