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Festool Domino DF500
Wood Joints

Domino vs Biscuit Jointer and When To Use Each One

While biscuit joiners have been around for decades it is only recently that the Festool DOMINO has become “the” tool to own for loose tenon joinery. In this article learn the differences between a domino joiner vs biscuit joiner and what’s best for your projects.

Best Cordless Table Saws Dewalt Saw

The Best Cordless Table Saws For Woodworking

With massive battery packs the cordless table saw is now a reality. However, only a few top brands make these compact saws and the features are similar to a portable table saw. Learn which saw is best for your portable sawing needs.

Best Glue Scraper For Wood

The Best Wood Glue Scrapers for Large and Small Jobs

Woodworkers know that hardened glue will prematurely dull planer blades and gums drum sander paper, so a quality wood glue scraper is necessary for any workbench. In this guide, learn what scrapers are available for heavy-duty and precision glue cleanups.

Best Vix Bits for Self Centering Holes
Drill Bits

The Best Vix Bits For Drilling Self Centered Holes

The best Vix bits were designed for fast drilling of perfectly aligned holes for standard cabinet hardware. This guide will show you the top bits with solid springs, chip-clearing vents, and quick bit changes.

Festool Kapex Miter Saw

The Best Miter Saw for Woodworking Projects

The best miter saw for woodworking combines features like fast blade changing with precision cuts. In this guide, learn why top brands like Festool are worth the money and budget alternatives to fit any woodworking shop.

Jessem Ultimate Router LIft

The Best Router Lifts For Your Router Table

A router table without a router lift is like a table saw without a blade height adjustment. Sure, you can use the routers height adjustment. But it is slow, inaccurate and can be dangerous. In this guide learn what the best router lifts are for your workshop and the features that matter.