Festool Kapex Miter Saw

The Best Miter Saw for Woodworking Projects

After over a decade with my Makita miter saw I decided it was time to upgrade. And while the decision was mostly around needing a miter saw that would fit on my bench without needing 12-inches of travel behind the fence, I also wanted advanced features like a laser guide and improved accuracy. So, after hours searching, comparing prices and browsing at the tool stores my choice was easy: the Festool Kapex was hands down the best miter saw not he …

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Best Vix Bits for Self Centering Holes

The Best Vix Bits For Drilling Self Centered Holes

Ever tried installing door hardware and center the screw holes? Unless you used a vix bit you probably ended up with mis-aligned hardware. Not sure what the best vix bits are – or the features that matter? In this article we’ll review this unique self centering drill bit, how to use it, and the top brands.

Tools to make holes in wood

Tools To Make Holes In Wood Of All Shapes and Sizes

Making a hole in wood seems easy, but deciding on the right drill bit or saw can be confusing. And while a professional woodworker has all of the right types of drill bits, a DIY project can come to a screeching halt. Some of the common problems include: Making a flat bottom hole in wood that doesn’t come through the other side of the wood. Drilling a centered hole for cabinet hinges Making large (2-inch, 3-inch or more) holes in wood …

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Best Sanders for Wood

The Best Sanders for Wood To Make a Perfect Finish

The best sanders for wood projects will vary based on your project, budget and type of wood. However, there are a few sanders that every woodworker needs such as a random orbit sander and belt sander.  In this article learn what wood sanders are best for basic to advanced woodworking projects: Fast wood removal Best for flat surfaces like breadboards Sanders to remove scratches Finish sanders for preparing to stain And while choosing the right sander is a priority, but …

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Professional Woodworking Tools

Professional Woodworking Tools: 10 Tools I Wish I’d Bought Sooner

Surprisingly, professional woodworking tools aren’t just the top of the line in miter saws or table saws. Instead, the tools professionals use for woodworking are unique in their capability and are built to improve speed and quality of the work. For example, most DIY woodworkers start with pocket hole joinery and possibly dowel jigs or biscuits. But a professional uses advanced wood joinery tools like a Festool DOMINO to create loose tenon joints. After almost thirty years of woodworking my …

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Festool DOMINO Joiner Alternatives

The Best Festool DOMINO Alternatives

Woodworkers look for Festool DOMINO alternatives for the simple fact that a Festool DOMINO is well over $1,000. Which makes this master of wood joinery more expensive than most miter saws and competitive in price to a quality contractors table saw. Fortunately, if you are willing to take a little extra time, there are a few alternatives that will produce a strong joint. But just not as fast.  First, though, I own and use a variety of wood joinery tools …

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Best wood glue scraper

The Best Wood Glue Scrapers

While at first glance a scraper seems simple to buy, finding the best glue scraper requires a little research. Did you know glue scrapers design, weight, handle and cutting edge all dictate performance? In this article learn what the right wood glue scraper is for your projects.

wood sanding tools

The Best Wood Sanding Tools and Sandpaper For Woodworking

With dozens of types of sanders finding the best wood sanding tools can be difficult. But, remembering that sanding is about speed of wood removal followed by careful removing of sandpaper scratches will let you focus in on the right sander for your project. New to woodworking? Then most woodworkers will start with a random orbit sander and add pad sanders, spindle sanders and other tools based on the size of the projects. ALL PURPOSE 5-inch Random Orbit Sander If …

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Best Dust Collector for Woodworking Shops

The Best Dust Collectors, Extractors and Filters for Woodworking

You already know this, but the best dust collector isn’t the same from workshop to workshop. While small shops need innovative solutions to maximize suction in tight quarters; large shop dust collectors need massive air flow with optimal ducting to control dust. In this article you’ll learn what the right dust collector is for your size workshop, tools AND budget.

Best Router for Router Table and Lifts

The Best Router for Router Tables and Lifts

The best router for router table use is always one that will fit a router lift. But, features like ease of bit change, electronic speed control, and a wide range of speed adjustment are also required. However, before jumping in and buying your router, its best to pick a router lift and router together. While you can use a router in a table without a lift, a lift will make your projects easier, faster and arguably improve quality. In this …

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