How to Replace Deck Boards

How to Replace Deck Boards

After 15 years, my cedar deck boards needed to be replaced. And while we enjoyed the look of cedar, having to pressure wash and stain every few years is just too much maintenance. But knowing how to replace deck boards is different from building a deck. From understanding if a simple replacement is an option to tricks in demolition learn a few tips and tricks that can save you both time and money.  And after just replacing my own deck …

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Best Cordless Chain Saws For Firewood

Ultimate Guide: Cordless Chainsaws For Firewood

I grew up cutting and splitting ten cords of firewood every spring. And after running both a logging sized Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws the thought of a cordless chainsaw had been, well, amusing. But after using a  on a few trees in the backyard am a believer that for casual use the noisy gas chainsaws can be retired. Batteries have made a quantum leap from powering drills to powering cars. And, in the last five years, have started powering everything from cordless …

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Install Cabinet Hinge Using Hinge Jig

The Best Hinge Jigs For Cabinets and Doors

A hinge jig is a must for drilling cabinet hinge holes for concealed hinges. As you know (or can guess) drilling a 35mm hole about 1/2″ deep in a cabinet door isn’t easy to undo. So rather than damage that door you’ve labored over, use a concealed hinge jig for your doors and save time (and money). In this article learn what types of hinge jigs are available and what’s best for you.

Wood Band Saw

The Best Band Saws For Woodworking (Benchtop and Floor)

With a surprising variety of band saws for everything from woodworking to metal cutting the decision on which to buy can sometimes be overwhelming. In the end, however, most band saw needs fall into a couple of distinct types of band saws. And, factoring in brands and performance the most popular saws are: Full Size Woodworking: floor model features heavy duty cast iron tables and high quality fences Benchtop Woodworking: offers the best bang for the buck in compact saws  …

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Replacement Drawer Slides for Dresser

Replacement Drawer Slides for Dressers And How To Install Them

Finding the right replacement drawer slides for dressers isn’t as simple as it might seem. With side mounts, bottom mounts and center mounts to consider there are a few basics to understand. And, not to mention, ensuring the drawer front alignment isn’t altered such that more work than needed is required. Fortunately, there are dozens of drawer slides that make for great replacement slides. Featuring everything from full extension to smooth operating soft close there is a drawer slide for …

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Beginner Wood Carving Projects

Beginner Wood Carving Projects, Tools and Safety Tips

Beginner wood carving projects are all about progression. While this hobby is low cost to start, the first few projects will decide your enjoyment. So, rather than start with complex designs, in this article we’ll show you a series of projects that become harder and more challenging to develop your skills. Besides choosing the right projects, be ready to learn about the right tools and key safety supplies. Because carving involves handling sharp knives and gouges it is definitely …

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Festool Track Saw to Cut Wood

Best Track Saws Both Cordless and Corded For Woodworking

Any woodworker searching for a track saw knows the value of these tools. But trying to understand what the best track saw for your projects is can be a bit confusing with huge price ranges on a hand held tool. With everything from cut quality to dust collection, splinter guards and cordless in mind we’ll take a look at the top contenders on the market. First, while serious professionals will lean towards a Festool, it isn’t always the right tool …

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Power Tool Brands for Woodworking

9 Unique Tool Brands For Serious Woodworkers

Makita vs. Dewalt. Milwaukee vs. Festool. Woodworkers are used to comparing tool brands to decide what their next tools should be. But what most woodworkers miss is the unique tool brands that make woodworking faster, easier and improve quality. For example, FastCap has a glue bottle that takes the hard squeeze out of that Titebond bottle your stressed hand is used to gripping. Or, Powertec has a huge line of high quality tools at a much discounted price vs. large …

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Workbench Organization Storage

Easy Workbench Organization With These Unique Solutions

Workbench organization isn’t just important for looks. It makes projects easier to start (and finish) and reduces time spent hunting for tools and supplies. In this guide learn how a few minutes time will have your bench upgraded from messy to tidy with easy to use products like: PEGBOARD ORGANIZERS: will quickly organize tools and parts. And free up valuable bench space. PROFESSIONAL SCREW ORGANIZERS: is a see-through and portable solution for small part and screw organization. BENCHTOP TOOL ORGANIZERS: …

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