Wood Band Saw

The Best Band Saws For Woodworking

Bandsaws are unique in both the size and function of what they can cut. From woodworking bandsaws to metal and even “bone saws” this simply designed saw will cut just about everything. But choosing the best bandsaw for woodworking takes a bit of research and understanding some basic functions such as: Weight is important to reduce vibration Cast iron tables offer both weight and the best accuracy Saws with rip fences allow for making safer cuts vs. a table saw Higher …

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Best Drum Sander Guide

The Best Drum Sander for Woodworking Projects

The best drum sanders for woodworking factor your budget, frequency of use and the features you need. Not sure if a drum sander is for you? Or, how wide of a drum you should invest in? In this article learn what features matter and why woodworkers invest in drum sanders for project quality. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or its your first drum sander we’ll help you consider all the features: Range of sizes Drum sander features Manufacturers of …

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Best Parallel Clamps Woodworking

The Best Parallel Clamps for Woodworking Projects

Parallel clamps stand out among all woodworking clamps with their quality and precision.  And, they are also the most expensive woodworking clamp. Not sure what brand to buy? Or, looking for the best budget parallel clamp? Learn what clamp is best for your shop in this article.

Makita Track Cutting Rubber

9 Track Saw Accessories to Maximize Your Saws Capabilities

There is a lot more to using a track saw than just pairing it with a track. In fact, as the track saws popularity has increased the number of clamps, guides, measurement tools and other track saw accessories has grown rapidly. What does that mean for woodworkers? Instead of a track saw just being a high quality saw to cut plywood and other material to shape there are tools that: Allow for fast clamping Make repeatable rip cuts Setup perfect …

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Stair Jigs and Templates for Wood Treads

The Best Stair Tread Jigs for Fast, Accurate Layouts

The best stair tread jigs will let both DIY’ers and professionals achieve a perfect cut on all edges of the tread. But why use a jig? Well, while tape measures are accurate they are ineffective at inside measurements. And not designed to layout angles. Which makes a stair tread template a must-have for any tread installation project. So, getting started, stair tread templates are useful for: Customizing tread size for every tread Setting up perfect angles with no measurements Simplifying …

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The Best Router Lifts For Your Router Table

Unlike many tool purchases, choosing the best router lift for your router table doesn’t require looking at dozens of brands. In fact, there are only a half dozen brands to choose from. So what matters in a router lift? Well, consider: Hard anodized base plates made from aluminum Compatibility with your router and table Sealed bearing lifts for smooth operation On-table bit changes to remove the need to lift the router from the table Micro-adjustment Height lock to avoid slippage …

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Best Cabinet Jacks

The Best Cabinet Jacks for Easy Cabinet Installs

Cabinet jacks are a must-have tool for any cabinet installation. However, if you haven’t installed a kitchen before, you likely haven’t heard of a cabinet jack. In this article learn how these jacks hold cabinets in place so you don’t have to. And, most importantly, what the length of the best cabinet jack is for your specific job.

Best Cabinet Hardware Jig - Original Cabinet Hardware

The Best Cabinet Hardware Jigs And Templates for Doors

The best cabinet hardware jigs are designed to be used for jobs of any size, are made from all metal components and are easy to use. But, for budget minded projects or one-time use, a less expensive jig with a reputation for durability and precision is what DIY’ers or occasional woodworkers will choose.  When looking at cabinet jigs there are three things to keep in mind: All aluminum construction is a must to ensure accuracy from door to door. Width …

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Best Drawer Slide Jig for Drawers

The Best Drawer Slide Jig For Installing Drawers

Any serious cabinet or furniture maker has either made or purchased a drawer slide jig. Because drawers require a perfect in six dimensions (up, down, back, forward, left and right) a jig is a must to at least perfect a level (up/down).  But not all drawer slide jigs are made the same. And, if it’s your first time investing in woodworking jigs, there are value-priced bundles that will add hinge jigs, shelf jigs and more to your collection of jigs. …

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