Stair Jigs and Templates for Wood Treads

The Best Stair Tread Jigs for Fast, Accurate Layouts

The best stair tread jigs will let both DIY’ers and professionals achieve a perfect cut on all edges of the tread. But why use a jig? Well, while tape measures are accurate they are ineffective at inside measurements. And not designed to layout angles. Which makes a stair tread template a must-have for any tread installation project. So, getting started, stair tread templates are useful for: Customizing tread size for every tread Setting up perfect angles with no measurements Simplifying …

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Best Cabinet Hardware Jig - Original Cabinet Hardware

The Best Cabinet Hardware Jigs And Templates for Doors

The best cabinet hardware jigs are designed to be used for jobs of any size, are made from all metal components and are easy to use. But, for budget minded projects or one-time use, a less expensive jig with a reputation for durability and precision is what DIY’ers or occasional woodworkers will choose.  When looking at cabinet jigs there are three things to keep in mind: All aluminum construction is a must to ensure accuracy from door to door. Width …

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Best Drawer Slide Jig for Drawers

The Best Drawer Slide Jig For Installing Drawers

Any serious cabinet or furniture maker has either made or purchased a drawer slide jig. Because drawers require a perfect in six dimensions (up, down, back, forward, left and right) a jig is a must to at least perfect a level (up/down).  But not all drawer slide jigs are made the same. And, if it’s your first time investing in woodworking jigs, there are value-priced bundles that will add hinge jigs, shelf jigs and more to your collection of jigs. …

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Best Slab Jig For Flattening With a Router

Buy Or Build: Slab Flattening Jigs and Router Sleds

When a planer or wide belt sander won’t work for your live edge slabs, cutting boards or butcher block tops a slab flattening mill is where woodworkers turn. In this article learn about what jigs are available – and why I decided a combination of a manufactured jig plus a set of linear rails. Router sleds are one of the best kept secrets in woodworking. From smoothing end-grain cutting boards that cannot be planed to avoiding weight lifting a 400-pound live …

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Pocket Hole Jig

The Best Pocket Hole Jigs and Machines for Woodworking

While all pocket hole jigs will drill an angled screw hole there are important differences between a cheap clamp on jig and a true pocket hole workstation. How do I know? Well, I’ve used pocket hole jigs of all types and sizes and have found that this seemingly simple hole is tricky to setup. Which is why my recommendation is to invest in the as it has all of the features in one complete jig.  All of the other jigs? Well, …

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Install Cabinet Hinge Using Hinge Jig

The Best Hinge Jigs For Cabinets and Doors

A hinge jig is a must for drilling cabinet hinge holes for concealed hinges. As you know (or can guess) drilling a 35mm hole about 1/2″ deep in a cabinet door isn’t easy to undo. So rather than damage that door you’ve labored over, use a concealed hinge jig for your doors and save time (and money). In this article learn what types of hinge jigs are available and what’s best for you.

Best Dovetail Jig for Woodworking

The Best Dovetail Jigs for Routers and Router Tables

if you haven’t built a dovetail drawer before the first few drawers can be a fear-inducing project. But, once you start understanding layouts, make a few mistakes and assemble a drawer you won’t go back to “normal” drawer box construction. In this article learn how having one of the best dovetail jigs will make the experience (and quality) even better.

Fulton Shelf Pin Jig

Best Shelf Pin Jigs For Woodworking

The best shelf pin jig will let you quickly drill shelf pins without risk of damaging your cabinet. Did you know not all jigs are equal? For example, some allow for single setup and double row drilling. While others are extendable to create a longer jig specific to your projects needs. In this article we’ll help you find the right jig for your skill, budget and projects.

Use These Woodworking Jigs For Speed and Accuracy

One of the hardest parts of woodworking is knowing when there is a tool that will make your woodworking easier.  And while woodworking jigs are known to many, there are a huge variety of them to know (and use). To help your woodworking we’ve assembled a list of the most popular jigs that will help you cut, drill and align all phases of your projects.  Think you have them all? Well, even professional woodworkers might be surprised by a jig …

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