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Best Dovetail Jig for Woodworking

The Best Dovetail Jigs for Routers and Router Tables

Even the most basic dovetail jig can be difficult to setup and use. However, the best dovetail jigs are generally easy to use and produce a drawer worth bragging about. Learn what jig is best for your shop in this article.

Fulton Shelf Pin Jig

Best Shelf Pin Jigs For Woodworking

From pre-drilling before cabinet assembly to installing holes once the finish has dried a shelf pin jig is a must. In this guide learn about the different grades of these jigs and what is best for your projects and budget.

Stair Jigs and Templates for Wood Treads

The Best Stair Tread Jigs for Fast, Accurate Layouts

A tape measure isn’t useful between two solid surfaces. Which is why professionals turn to a stair tread jig to both measure and properly identify the angles of a tread before cutting. Learn what the best stair tread jigs are in this guide.

Best Drawer Slide Jig for Drawers

The Best Drawer Slide Jig For Installing Drawers

Installing drawers is a frustrating job for even a professional. Because drawers must be perfectly aligned in four directions a quality drawer slide jig is a must for proper alignment. In this guide learn what jigs are best and how to use them.


Use These Woodworking Jigs For Speed and Accuracy

One of the hardest parts of woodworking is knowing when there is a tool that will make your woodworking easier.  And while woodworking jigs are known to many, there are a huge variety of them to know (and use). To help your woodworking we’ve assembled a list of the most popular jigs that will help you cut, drill and align all phases of your projects.  Think you have them all? Well, even professional woodworkers might be surprised by a jig