Top Box With Soft Close Hinges

Best Soft Close Hinges For Toy Box Lids

Heavy toy chest lids can be a hazard to children if the right hardware isn’t used to prevent slamming. Which is why most woodworkers use soft close hinges for toy box lids that prevent suddens closings. But should you use a soft close hinge or a soft close support damper? While the choice isn’t always obvious, most woodworkers choose a support damper with heavy duty hinges. In this guide learn which solution is best for your project.  Key features to …

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Best Spring Loaded Hinges for Doors

The Best Spring Loaded Hinges For Cabinets And Doors

From entry doors to cabinets the best spring hinges are what fits your projects weight and aesthetics. And while a spring hinge is a unique hinge that will self close a door of just about any size, they are no harder to install than a standard hinge if instructions are followed. In this guide we will cover: Spring loaded hinges for interior and exterior passage doors Cabinet door spring loaded hinges Spring loaded hinges for jewelry boxes Exterior gate hinges …

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Best Cabinet Hinge With Soft Closing

The Best Soft Close Hinges for Cabinets and Furniture

The best cabinet hinges feature soft closing, are industry certified for open and close cycles and are easy to adjust. But picking the right hinge requires knowing overlays, cabinet style and choosing a brand (most woodworkers, including myself, prefer Blum) that has industry certification of their products. First, though, soft closing to many is the same as self closing and slow closing. While professionals know the proper term is “soft closing”, know that if you want the door to not slam …

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Concealed Hinge for Cabinet Doors

Best Concealed Hinges, Hidden Hinges and Installation Tips

Concealed hinges are so popular that if you look at any new kitchen you’ll notice the hinges aren’t visible. Building a cabinet and looking for the best concealed hinge? Or, perhaps you want to upgrade/replace your existing hinges with a soft close concealed hinge? We’ll cover all types of hidden hinges in this article.