Clear Wood Finish Cutting Board

The Best Clear Coat for Wood Projects

Choosing the best clear wood finish for your project can be a difficult choice. While some of the best clear coats are designed to not yellow the wood, others protect against water damage and still others are free of harmful VOC’s to be food safe.  And to make things more confusing, you’ll need to choose between interior and exterior finishes that offer features like: Wipe on applications Extreme hardness (epoxy) UV protection Water contact FDA approved for food safety Spray application …

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Outdoor Wood Furniture Finish

The Best Finish For Outdoor Wood Tables

Choosing the best finish for outdoor wood tables requires understanding a few things about exterior finishes, UV protection, application techniques and the wood itself.  While some wood, such as Teak, is naturally resistant to weathering and decay other woods are not as lucky. And some finishes, such as epoxy, are great for one-piece tops but are not easy to apply to slatted outdoor table tops. In this article you’ll learn: Penetrating vs. surface wood finishes UV resistance Clear versus color …

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Wood Finish Types

Wood Finish Types for Interior and Exterior Projects

Fully understanding wood finish types requires either a degree in chemistry or decades of woodworker experience. But fortunately there are a few basic recipes that can be followed for all skills of woodworkers to achieve a glossy, unique color or even food-safe finish. While traditional wood finishes required hours to dry and often impacted the color of the wood, newer finishes have evolved that dry quick and won’t yellow.  In this article learn about finishes for internal and external projects, …

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How to apply polycrylic finish

How to Apply Polycrylic Finish On Wood – 5 Step Guide

In this article we’ll show you how to apply polycrylic finish on your project in just a few easy steps. We’ll also cover surface preparation and a few of the best rated polycrylic finishes available. First, polycrylic is water-based alternative to it’s cousin polyurethane. And if you’ve used polyurethane, it’s important to know there are a few steps on how to apply polycrylic that will be different. Key differences in applying a polycrylic finish: Polycrylic works best on light woods …

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