Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Best Heavy Duty Drawer Slides – Up to 72″ and 500 Pound Capacity

Standard duty drawer slides are great for furniture and cabinets. But their construction doesn’t allow them to support loads over 100 pounds. And, most cabinet and furniture drawer slides have lengths up to 24-inches that don’t allow them to work in shop or industrial settings. What’s unique with heavy duty drawer slides? Well, consider features like: Heavy duty ball bearing construction Extra thick metal glides Locks to keep drawers closed (or open) Lengths up to 72 inches Keep in mind …

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Replacement Drawer Slides for Dresser

Replacement Drawer Slides for Dressers And How To Install Them

Finding the right replacement drawer slides for dressers isn’t as simple as it might seem. With side mounts, bottom mounts and center mounts to consider there are a few basics to understand first. First, as you replace the drawer slides in your dresser you might be able to upgrade the drawer slides to soft close, full extension and improve their operation. To understand if these are an option we’ll take a look at: Types of drawer slides Where the current …

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Self Close vs. Soft Close Drawer Slide

Explained: Soft Close vs. Self Close Drawer Slides

If you haven’t installed or replaced drawer slides a common question is understanding the difference between soft close vs. self close drawer slides. Fortunately, for almost all uses, the differences are easy to tell: Self closing merely means the drawer is designed to stay shut. Soft closing is a more advanced feature that pulls your drawer shut and prevents slamming But these aren’t the only differences in drawer slides to consider. Because there are many different types of drawer slides, …

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Guide to Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Best Ball Bearing Drawer Slides for Cabinets and Furniture

Ball bearing drawer slides are the most common drawer slide type. And, they are almost one of the least understood. Not sure what self closing vs. soft closing means? Confused on mounting locations? Always wanted to slide a 500 pound load but didn’t know if a slide was made for it? In this article learn all about ball bearing slides.

Best Undermount Drawer Slides

The Best Undermount Drawer Slides for Any Drawer

When it comes to drawer slides the undermount slide is the woodworkers choice as it has the smoothest operation and is invisible once installed. But with a limited amount of manufacturers how do you pick the best undermount drawer slide for your project? Well, brands like Blum make it easy as they are industry certified and the top choice of premier cabinet makers.  But there are there other things to consider: Weight rating (100-150 pounds) Soft closing  Full extension Rear mounting …

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Soft Close Drawer Adapter

Upgrade Existing Drawers With a Soft Close Drawer Adapter

Drawer slides are hard to work with. Not only are they in a hard to reach spot, but installing them perfectly is difficult. Which makes a soft close drawer adapter an alternative for anyone looking to upgrade their drawers from slamming “self close” slides. Fortunately, for the millions of kitchens and cabinets with epoxy “bottom mount” drawer slides there are solutions.  In this guide learn what adapters are available and the steps to install them. Supplies Needed Soft close drawer …

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What Size Drawer Slides

DIY Guide: What Size Drawer Slides Do I Need?

Even experienced woodworkers will sometimes pause and ask what size drawer slides do I need? While that might seem odd, drawer slides are a confusing piece of cabinet hardware as they have various mounts (side, bottom, under, top and center) and lengths vary by the type of slide. Which makes choosing drawer slides a challenge. In this article learn how drawer depth, cabinet construction, mounting location and weight capacity will all factor into your drawer slide length requirements. The general rule …

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Best Drawer Slides for Kitchen Cabinets

How to Upgrade Drawer Slides In 5 Easy Steps

Learning how to upgrade drawer slides for kitchen cabinets and furniture is as simple as picking the right drawer slide, rear mount brackets and a jig to accurately install them. First, replacing drawer slides is a project most woodworkers can easily tackle.  But for homeowners new to the mechanics of a drawer slide its best to do a little research and understand the basics. While drawer slide upgrades are a very doable DIY project, there are a few tips and …

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