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Best Benchtop Planers Thickness

The Best Benchtop Planers for Small Workshops – 2021

Best Benchtop Planer for Woodworking Dewalt DW735X Top Pick: DEWALT DW735X While some woodworkers get by without one, a benchtop planer is usually a must for any woodworker. But finding a quality wood planer that will put a great finish on both hardwoods and softwoods can be difficult. And, since there many types of planers, its worth noting that a benchtop planer typically features: Straight or helical blades Support for boards up to 13-inches (33 cm) Single phase 15-amp motors

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Best Cabinet Clamps

The Best Woodworking Clamps For Your Projects – 2021

Having the best cabinet clamps on hand will help with everything from panel gluing to assembling finished doors. But did you know there are over a dozen varieties of clamps for jobs like rough gluing, box assembly, door clamping and even specialty cabinet claws used during installation? In this article learn about the best woodworking clamps to build your cabinets.

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How to Make Shaker Cabinet Doors

10 Step Guide: How To Make Shaker Cabinet Doors [2021]

How to Make Cabinets E-Book For Cabinet Construction E-Book: Making Cabinets While a cabinet door might seem like a hard thing to build there are only a few basic tools needed. And, of course, a few tricks to buying the right materials and assembling the doors. In this guide learn how to make shaker cabinet doors that you’ll want to show off. While often considered a job only for cabinetmakers, a shaker cabinet door is actually quite simple in its

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Best Router Bits For Cabinet Doors

DIY Guide: 7 Popular Router Bits for Cabinet Doors

Whiteside 5990 Shaker Best Quality Router Bits for Cabinet Doors Top Pick: Whiteside Shaker Bits Choosing the right router bits for cabinet doors requires knowing how doors are assembled and if cabinet hardware will be used for the final finish. But thankfully there are just a few different styles of router bits to consider. And a few “relief” profiles that will give your door either a classic or modern look. In this guide we’ll cover router bits for cabinet doors

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Dust Collector For Shop Vac

DIY Guide: Dust Collector For Shop Vac Systems (2021)

The best dust collector for shop vac use requires simply adding on a vortex pre-filter to separate the large wood chips from the finer dust particles. But to make your entire dust collection system function the best there are a few other parts, hoses and accessories to add: Vortex filters Tool attachments Flexible piping Upgraded shop vac with higher air flow (CFM) Collection buckets Vortex Cones: #1 Dust Collector for Shop Vac Attachments   Best Vortex Cone for a Shop Vac:

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