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Best Cabinet Screws for Installing Cabinets and Hardware

Best cabinet screws for installing cabinets and hardware (DIY guide)

Buying cabinet screws for installing hardware or the cabinets themselves requires some basic understanding of head and thread design. For example, the best cabinet installation screws feature a thin shank, self tapping design with a flat washer head. Meanwhile hardware screws have a thick shank and aggressive thread design. Learn what the best cabinet screws are for your project in this article.

Best Mobile Base for Tablesaw and Woodworking

Best Mobile Bases To Mobilize Your Tools [2021 Review]

Buying the best mobile base for your table saw, bandsaw, drill press or other tools requires a little research. And, understanding of your tools base dimensions, weight and how frequently you’ll be moving your machine around. In this article learn what the right mobile base is for your tools (and how to setup in minutes).

Wood Vise in Cabinetmakers Top

Best wood vise for a workbench: 5 unique types of woodworking vises

Buying the best wood vise requires understanding where you’ll mount it, jaw size and how large of workpiece you’ll be clamping. But if you haven’t purchased or used a vice in awhile you’ll also want to understand features like quick release, pivot jaws, brands and your benchtop thickness. So, in this article learn how to pick the best vise for your bench. A woodworking vice puts that perfect finishing touch on any bench. And while it’s possible in a lot of …

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Clear wood finish

DIY Guide to a Clear Coat for Wood (Best Clear Wood Finish)

Looking for a clear wood finish for your next project? Not sure if you should use an oil or water based finished? Or perhaps you’re concerned a finish will yellow? From cabinets to cutting boards, in this article learn what the best wood finish is for your project.

Best Cabinet Door Damper for Soft Closing Door

Best Cabinet Door Dampers for Soft Close Cabinet Doors [2021]

With cabinet door dampers costing just a few dollars a door there’s no reason you shouldn’t have soft close cabinet doors. Better yet, a damper will install in just seconds a door and the best dampers are completely adjustable to your size door. In this article learn what the best cabinet door dampers are and how to install them. When I built my cherry cabinets in 2005 soft close cabinet hinges were just becoming mainstream. So, while I should have …

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Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

Ultimate Guide: Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges [Hands On Review – 2021]

When it comes to the best soft close cabinet hinges, or any cabinet hinge for that matter, there are very few brands I trust. Not sure what the top brands are? Confused with overlays and the best hinges for frameless or face frame cabinets? In this article learn what the best concealed hinges for your project are.

Best Cordless Table Saws Dewalt Saw

Best cordless table saws – and a surprising alternative (2021 Guide)

Cordless table saws have been on the market a few years, but surprisingly the tool suppliers aren’t rushing to add more. Perhaps its because of the price and a very viable alternative (we’ll get to that). But if you’re in the market for this saw we’ll show you the best cordless table saws available today. First, your choices are going to be either or when it comes to cordless table saws. We’ll get to the differences between these saws in …

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