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Recent Posts

Cabinet Door Stoppers and Bumpers for No Slamming

The Best Cabinet Door Stoppers and Bumpers For Quiet Doors (2021)

With properly installed cabinet door stoppers your doors will stop hitting the wall and each other. And with cabinet bumpers and aftermarket cabinet dampers your cabinet doors can be upgraded to perform as well as newly installed cabinets. In this article learn how to: Limit the range of swing for a cabinet door How to install aftermarket soft-close to your kitchen And, the best updated cabinet bumpers to finish your upgrade Related Article: How to Upgrade Existing Cabinet Doors to

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How to Install Cabinets to Wall

How are kitchen cabinets attached to the wall?

One of the first questions of many DIY cabinet installs is this: just how are kitchen cabinets attached to the wall? While the quick answer is with cabinets screws installed firmly into the house studs there are other options. If you’re not sure, the best option is always to hire a professional as this is a potentially dangerous job.  But if you choose this DIY job we’ll discuss: Determining wood studs vs. lathe Cabinet hangers as an alternative to screwing

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Hardwood Lumber in New Jersey Best Lumber Stores

Where to Buy Hardwood Lumber In New Jersey

In this guide to hardwood lumber in New Jersey we’ve searched and have a hand selected list of stores that specialize in hardwoods. From domestic and exotic hardwoods to specialty live edge slabs there should be a hardwood retailer near you.

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Complete Guide to Best Saw Blades

Best Saw Blades: Buyers Guide To Woodworking Blades (2021)

There are no single best saw blades. Instead, there are the right types of saw blades for each saw and the right blade and tooth configuration for the situation. Because every saw has a different purpose one of the tricks to woodworking is taking the time to understand why certain blades work best.  For example, after reading this guide you’ll understand: Number of teeth vary by use such as ripping or cross-cutting Blade teeth designs are complex and determine cut

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Best Woodworker Gifts Under 50 Dollars

Unique Woodworker Gifts Under $50 (2021)

Woodworker Gifts Under $50 Popular: Skil Orbital Sander Popular: Skil Orbital Sander There are a surprising number of woodworker gifts under $50 that are not only useful but high enough quality to pass your woodworkers “good buy” reaction. In this gift giving guide you’ll discover: Professional-quality supplies that woodworkers use and always need Safety equipment that not all woodworkers may have Power tools and jigs under $50 to round out tools they might not own  Related Article: Stocking Stuffers for

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Best Drawer Slides With Soft Close for Cabinets and Furniture

Ultimate Guide: Best Drawer Slides For New or Retrofit (2021)

Buying the best soft close drawer slides requires understanding drawer slide mechanics, brand names and mounting location. Did you know not all slides will open easily, close smoothly and without noise? Or, that brand matters as some invest in certification? In this guide we purchased, tested and ranked the best drawer slides.

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