Best Cabinet Door Damper for Soft Closing Door

How To Add Cabinet Door Dampers For Soft Closing Doors

Cabinet door dampers are best way to have soft close doors without replacing the hinges. Did you know dampers are just as good as soft close hinges at closing a cabinet door? Or, that brand matters and there is (in my opinion) only ONE brand to use? Or that they install with one screw in just seconds? In this article learn what the best cabinet door dampers are and how to install them.

Adjustable Desk Legs

The Best Adjustable Desk Legs With Electric and Telescoping Legs

With the rapid switch to working from home many desk-bound workers are converting their offices to be more functional. And with this update comes DIY desks. Making your own desk? You’ll want to use adjustable desk legs that either level to the floor OR adjust for sit or stand desks. In this guide learn the best adjusting leg options for your desk projects.

how to install cabinets

How To Install Cabinets

While professionals know how to install cabinets, most DIY’ers struggle with the steps and tools required for a high quality installation. And, as cabinet installation tools have advanced so have the techniques. In this guide learn: Modern tools like cabinet jacks and cabinet claws Steps to follow like installing upper cabinets first Tricks to laying out screw holes for studs While this is a DIY task, if you’re not up to cutting, leveling and screwing then it is always best …

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Installing Crown on Cabinets

How to Install Crown Molding On Cabinets

Installing crown on cabinets is a mix of precise measurement, commitment to cutting three or four times and measuring twice that and realizing a little bit of luck is required. Fortunately, anyone comfortable with a miter saw and brad nailer anyone can install crown molding.  In this guide learn how to overcome common obstacles like: Cutting compound angles for interior and exterior corners. Where to start cutting Jigs to make installation easier Tricks to hiding gaps and nail holes Measuring …

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How to install cabinet filler strips

How to Install Cabinet Filler Strips

While professionals have the right tools and know-how, DIY cabinet installers may not know how to install a filler strip properly. But after installing countless kitchens there are a few tricks I’ve learned on how to install cabinet filler strips the right way.  Installing filler strips comes down to a few key steps: If needed, cutting the filler strip to the proper width Attaching the strip to the cabinet using clamps and then screws Temporarily placing the cabinet to check for …

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How to Install Cabinets to Wall

How are Kitchen Cabinets Attached to the Wall?

One of the first questions of many DIY cabinet installs is this: just how are kitchen cabinets attached to the wall? While the quick answer is with cabinets screws installed firmly into the house studs there are other options. If you’re not sure, the best option is always to hire a professional as this is a potentially dangerous job.  But if you choose this DIY job we’ll discuss: Determining wood studs vs. lathe Cabinet hangers as an alternative to screwing …

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Easy DIY Keyboard Tray for Desk

How to Build a DIY Keyboard Tray

While it seems simple at first a DIY keyboard tray actually takes a few unique tools and supplies to be done right. But, with a little planning (and the right drawer slides), the right finish and a few hours its a project just about any DIY’er can tackle. In this article we’ll help you: Keyboard tray slides to mount your try under a desk or table. Pre-made or custom built options for the keyboard tray  Steps to install and adjust …

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Can I Install Kitchen Cabinets Myself

Can I Install Kitchen Cabinets Myself?

After building and installing over 100 kitchens I have a good perspective when someone asks “can I install kitchen cabinets myself”.  How?  Well, I was trained (and have trained) cabinet installers and know what skills are needed.   But since the answer isn’t black & white the final answer is yours.   Maybe one of your motivators for attempting a self-install is to save money.  How do I know?  I’ve installed quite a few factory cabinets to save friends thousands. And …

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Installing Toe Kick on Cabinets

DIY Guide: Installing Toe Kick on Cabinets

By the time you’re installing toe kick the cabinet installation is almost done. But not sure how to attach toe kick to the cabinets? Maybe you have a thin strip of toe kick, or possibly a full 3/4″ thick piece (it varies by manufacturer). Want to avoid cutting one to short? Or, perhaps understand how to attach it and hide any holes. In this guide we’ll show you the steps and tricks on how to install toe kick correctly.

Best Wood For Desk Top Red Oak

Choosing The Best Wood For a Desk Top

The best wood for a desk top is decided by your budget, tools, and the desired look of the finished project. The best wood for a desk top combines aesthetics of the wood, your skills, budget and the tools you have to make a desk. Fortunately, there are many choices to choose from. And, a number of sources to buy wood either locally or online. While woodworkers have most of the tools needed, the number one factor in deciding which wood …

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