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Cabinet Installation Tools
Cabinet Installation

Must Have Cabinet Installation Tools

Without a laser level, cabinet jack and cabinet claw a quality cabinet installation is hard to do. In this guide learn what tools will make your next installation easier and faster.


How To Make a Cribbage Board

Learning how to make a cribbage board can be as easy as cutting a piece of wood to length, using a template to drill the holes and applying a simple finish. In this guide learn the tips and tricks to making this classic game.

how to install cabinets
Cabinet Installation

How To Install Cabinets

Learning how to install cabinets requires understanding the basics of home construction, power tools and finished kitchen components. This guide will help from picking which cabinet to start with to tools to help at each step of the way.

Installing Crown on Cabinets
Cabinet Installation

How to Install Crown Molding On Cabinets

Properly installing crown molding on cabinets requires patience, understanding your miter saw and learning how to make compound cuts. In this guide learn what tools and techniques you’ll need to complete this task.

How to install cabinet filler strips
Cabinet Installation

How to Install Cabinet Filler Strips

In a maze of boxes and parts the filler strip is usually the smallest piece. But it can be the hardest to install. Learn how to properly size and install this finicky cabinet part.

How to Install Cabinets to Wall
Cabinet Installation

How are Kitchen Cabinets Attached to the Wall?

Most users of a kitchen never stop to think about how their kitchen cabinets are attached to the wall. In this guide learn about the two basic methods of hanging cabinets and the tools professionals use to do the job.

Easy DIY Keyboard Tray for Desk

How to Build a DIY Keyboard Tray

Building your own keyboard tray requires proper measurements, durable tray material and drawer slides that most DIY’ers are not familiar with. Learn about the steps to complete this project and the tools and supplies you’ll need.

Can I Install Kitchen Cabinets Myself
Cabinet Installation

Can I Install Kitchen Cabinets Myself?

Installing a kitchen requires comfort with power tools, some basic carpentry skills and patience. Which can make this a DIY project – with some limitations. Learn if this a project for you in this article.