Drum Sander vs Planer

Drum Sander vs. Planer – Which is Best for Woodworking?

Deciding on a drum sander vs planer when buying tools isn’t always an easy decision. Concerned you’ll be limited by the planers width? Or, not sure if a drum sander can remove enough material for your jobs? In this article learn the pros and cons of each and which tool best fits your workshop.

Woodworking Tips and Tricks

21 Woodworking Tips Every Woodworker Needs To Know

While woodworking ranges from basic projects to complex pieces of furniture there is one truth every woodworker knows: without learning dozens of woodworking tips nobody advances in the craft. Fortunately, most woodworkers are humble and like to share what they have learned. In this article learns some of the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated in my nearly 30-year woodworking career and how you can apply them to your projects. And, of course, if you think we’ve missed something just add …

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Types of Drawer Slides

The 5 Types of Drawer Slides

When woodworkers build drawers they know what the types of drawer slides are. But if you are new to drawer construction the terminology can be downright confusing. And no aspect of a drawer slide is more confusing than the type of mount. Which makes choosing and buying your drawer slides first very important. From confusing use of mounting locations, soft close vs. self close (they aren’t the same thing), and weight capacity there is just a lot of lingo to …

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Miter Saw vs Circular Saw

Miter Saw vs Circular Saw: Understanding The Differences

Deciding on a miter saw vs circular saw requires understanding the difference between ripping and cross-cutting. While a miter saw is more accurate and better at angles, a circular saw is more portable and best for rough cutting dimensional lumber. And a miter saw is used for cutting across the grain (cross-cut) only. While a circular saw can do both but with less accuracy. Which makes owning both saws a necessity for any serious woodworker (and most homeowners). But, as with …

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Cabinet Knob Placement

DIY Guide to Cabinet Knob Placement

Proper cabinet knob placement is a must since a hole drilled cannot be undone.  But choosing where to put the hole isn’t always obvious with the various styles of cabinets. And, as important as location, once you’ve decided on a hardware placement the next challenge is perfectly drilling the holes. Or, as you can guess, mis-aligned or tilted handles will ruin your investment. So, to help your placement this guide will cover: Where to place knobs and handles How to test …

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How To Join Wood

How to Join Wood With Or Without Expensive Tools

At its most basic form, woodworking is all about learning how to join wood. From simple projects like breadboards to complex furniture the various methods of joining wood take time to master. Fortunately, for beginners and professionals alike there are a variety of ways to join anything from softwoods to hardwoods.  The trick to joining wood?  Taking the time to learn that there are dozens of ways to accomplish this seemingly simple feat. And then taking the time to test out …

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Woodworking Gifts For Dad

12 Best Woodworking Gifts For Dads

Finding the best gifts and stocking stuffers for woodworkers is a challenge. Not sure if they own a tool? Looking for something unique? On a budget? In this article we’ll guide you to that perfect small woodworker gift from $5 to $50.

Stocking Stuffers for Woodworkers

20 Best Stocking Stuffers for Woodworkers

Finding the best gifts and stocking stuffers for woodworkers is a challenge. Not sure if they own a tool? Looking for something unique? On a budget? In this article we’ll guide you to that perfect small woodworker gift from $5 to $50.

SawStop Fence

SawStop Review: 10 Reasons A PCS Table Saw Is Worth It

There are a surprising number of woodworkers that don’t know about a SawStop and it’s unique blade-stopping technology. But for those that do, the cost of the saw is a hard investment to justify.  So, after sitting on the bench for a few years, I recently purchased the professional cabinet saw with the 36″ T-glide fence (PCS175-TGP236). In this review we’ll take a look at the features a SawStop PCS has that may (or may not) surprise you. Or tempt …

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Tools to make holes in wood

Tools To Make Holes In Wood Of All Shapes and Sizes

Making a hole in wood seems easy, but deciding on the right drill bit or saw can be confusing. And while a professional woodworker has all of the right types of drill bits, a DIY project can come to a screeching halt. Some of the common problems include: Making a flat bottom hole in wood that doesn’t come through the other side of the wood. Drilling a centered hole for cabinet hinges Making large (2-inch, 3-inch or more) holes in wood …

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