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12 Unique Woodworking Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

After twenty years of collecting tools I’m still finding unique woodworking tools that I didn’t know I needed. But, when I bought them realized I should have had them all along. To help your woodworking projects out the below is a collection of: Advanced pencils to make easy tasks … easy Lighting solutions that install in seconds Saws that make heavy jobs easier and more accurate …and many more unique woodworking tools #1 – Japanese pULL Saw: While track saws

Festool DOMINO Joiner Alternatives

The Best Festool DOMINO Alternatives

While there is no replica or copycat of the Festool DOMINO there are a few tools that make a loose tenon joint. in this guide learn what the alternatives to the popular Festool DOMINO are – and why you should invest in this hand-held engineering marvel.

Drum Sander vs Planer

Drum Sander vs. Planer – Which is Best for Woodworking?

Deciding on a drum sander vs planer when buying tools isn’t always an easy decision. Concerned you’ll be limited by the planers width? Or, not sure if a drum sander can remove enough material for your jobs? In this article learn the pros and cons of each and which tool best fits your workshop.

Types of Drawer Slides

The 5 Types of Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are frustrating to understand. In this guide learn about the five types of drawer slides, mounting types and features like soft close.

Cabinet Knob Placement

DIY Guide to Cabinet Knob Placement

Choosing where to install handles and knobs on cabinets can be tricky. With visual spacing, wood lines and usability considerations this guide will help you pick the right spot. And, what tools you’ll need to do the job right.

Woodworking Gifts For Dad

12 Best Woodworking Gifts For Dads

Finding the best gifts and stocking stuffers for woodworkers like dad is a challenge. Not sure if they own a tool? Looking for something unique? On a budget? In this article we’ll guide you to that perfect gift from $5 to $50.