Pocket Hole Jig

Ultimate Guide: Best Pocket Hole Jigs and Machines for Woodworking

While the best pocket hole jigs vary by your projects needs, they all have basic features like high quality bushings and clamping surfaces in common. And every woodworker has at least one pocket hole jig in their collection of tools.  While the types of wood joinery range from classic mortise and tenons, dowels, half lap, a DOMINO and more the pocket screw joint is surprisingly popular. Learn what the best choices are for your budget and projects in this comprehensive …

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Woodworking Clamps Mistakes

10 Woodworking Mistakes Everyone Makes and How to Fix Them

Woodworking is a hobby that takes years (or decades) to master because of the tools, techniques, and wide variety of project types. Every woodworker, then, is learning, making mistakes, and correcting themselves. While there are hundreds of ways to do things wrong, some basic woodworking mistakes tend to be the same across many wood shops. So rather than learn the hard way, in this article, discover what mistakes you might be making and how to correct them. Number 10 might …

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Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Best Heavy Duty Drawer Slides With Locks (72-inches, 500 pounds)

Heavy duty drawer slides are classified as drawer slides with up to 1000-pounds capacity or have lengths up 72-inches. Which makes heavy duty slides useful for industrial, RV and other specialty solutions. However, they are more costly than standard cabinet and furniture drawer slides that stop at 24-inches and move 100-pounds.  Popular slides include the brand name  that support 500-pounds,  slides for RV and trailer pullouts, and  budget heavy duty slides. Standard duty drawer slides are great for furniture and cabinets. But their …

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Slow Close for Barn Door

Best Barn Door Hardware For Interior and Exterior Doors

When a swinging door isn’t an option many homeowners turn to one of the hottest interior design options: a barn door. But choosing the best barn door hardware isn’t always simple. Since these doors come in a variety of colors, weight capacity and mounting options a bit of research is required. In this article we’ll review the various types of barn door hardware, interior and exterior options and some tricks of the trade on how to install them. Barn Door …

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Best Shelf Pin Jig

The Best Shelf Pin Jigs For Woodworking

The best shelf pin jig will let you quickly drill shelf pins without risk of damaging your cabinet. Did you know not all jigs are equal? For example, some allow for single setup and double row drilling. While others are extendable to create a longer jig specific to your projects needs. In this article we’ll help you find the right jig for your skill, budget and projects.

Best Sanders for Wood

The Best Sanders for Wood To Make a Perfect Finish

The best sanders for wood projects will vary based on your project, budget and type of wood. While there are a few standard sanders for specific projects you’ll find there are specialty wood sanders made for unique applications. Since a sanders job is to make wood smooth, remove scratches and ultimately prepare wood for finish the following features are best: Wide range of grits Low vibration Balanced Heavy duty motors for continuous duty Cordless for jobsite use From floors to …

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Best Drawer Slides for Kitchen Cabinets

How to Upgrade Drawer Slides In 5 Easy Steps (2022)

Learning how to upgrade drawer slides for kitchen cabinets and furniture is as simple as picking the right drawer slide, rear mount brackets and a jig to accurately install them. First, replacing drawer slides is a project most woodworkers can easily tackle.  But for homeowners new to the mechanics of a drawer slide its best to do a little research and understand the basics. While drawer slide upgrades are a very doable DIY project, there are a few tips and …

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Workbench On Wheels How to Build or Buy

Workbench on Wheels: Buy or Build A Mobile Bench (2022)

For small workshops a workbench on wheels is a must to allow moving your working surface around while in use. And then storing it against a wall when not being used. And while these benches are popular with woodworkers, many homeowners are looking for a mobile bench for anything from mechanical work to metal and welding projects.  In this guide we’ll cover: Manufactured options from simple designs to 9-drawer tool chests Design considerations when building a mobile workbench Caster choices, …

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best wood scribe tool

The Best Wood Scribe Tool For Woodworking In 2022

A wood scribe tool is one of those obscure hand tools you didn’t know you needed until, well,  you do. When it comes to trimming, installing cabinets, mortise and tenon joints or even a straight line scribe to prevent wood tear out a scribe is a must. In this article learn what styles of wood scribes are available and what’s best for your projects. When I was first learning to install cabinets one job the owner of the cabinet shop …

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Garage-Storage Shelving

Overhead Garage Storage Racks and Lifts for Ceilings

Overhead garage storage racks are one of the best ways to reduce clutter without sacrificing precious garage floor space. In fact, with taller garages and space over garage doors that are often overlooked a proper overhead rack can free up dozens of square feet of expensive garage floor. But, as with any storage,  choosing a rack that not only fits your space but allows for easy access and support heavy items is key.  Which makes these overhead racks a great …

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