Spring Loaded Hinge

Spring loaded hinges: complete guide to buying and installing

Looking for spring loaded hinges and trying to decide what’s best for your project? Perhaps your adding a spring to close a passage door? Or, maybe a gate, cabinet or other specialty hinge. Whatever your project this guide will help you select the right hinge.  BEST INTERIOR DOORS:  BEST HEAVY DUTY:  BEST BUDGET HINGE:  BEST FOR SMALL PROJECTS:  For some reason our builder didn’t install a self-closing door in our entryway from the garage. So, a few weeks ago I …

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How to Install Drawer Slides

How to install drawer slides (with 7 simple tips)

While some woodworking tasks can be learned as you go, when it comes to how to install drawer slides it’s a must to spend some time upfront learning tips and even buying tools. Sure, you can measure twice and cut once during construction, but when it comes to drawers you’re dealing with three dimensions of alignment and 1/16″ precision. And without the right tools and tricks you’ll end up with mis-aligned drawers, broken slides, or worse… Installing drawer slides can be …

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Slow Close for Barn Door

How to Choose the Best Barn Door Hardware

Choosing the best barn door hardware can be confusing. Since this type of hardware involves lengths that might not make sense, rollers, offsets and other jargon some education is needed if it’s your first time. In this article we’ll walk through the best hardware available, break down what the hardware lingo means, and highlight the key features that will simplify your buying decision. Before we begin let’s run down what goes into choosing the right barn door hardware: All metal …

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22" drawer slides

Best 22″ Drawer Slides For Cabinet or Furniture Projects

Almost every kitchen has 22″ drawer slides moving drawers in and out. While some are basic like the epoxy slide, others have integrated push to open with soft closing technology to enhance ease of use. In this article we’ll review ten of the best drawer slides for your project that will fit your capability and budget. Before we begin, choosing the best slides has to take into account your project needs: For new drawers, all drawer slides can be considered. …

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how to install cabinet knobs

How to install cabinet knobs (and 5 things to NOT do)

Learning how to install cabinet knobs is one part cabinet knob placement and a second part having the right tools. In this article we’ll show you where to place your cabinet hardware, what tools will help you drill and even the right screws to install the knobs. Drilling a hole in your cabinets is a daunting task, isn’t it? Putting a hole in the wrong place can lead to an expensive fix. Or suffering with the consequences. The good news …

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Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

The Best heavy Duty Drawer Slides (72″, 500+ pounds)

Buying the best heavy duty drawer slides requires understanding drawer weight, extension length, side clearance and features like locking drawer slides. Did you know some slides have reduced weight ratings as the slide length increases? Or, that some brands use a certification process on their slides to ensure long-term quality after 100,000 open and close cycles? In this article we’ll learn what slides are best for your project and the top brands to trust your heavy load with. From custom …

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Soft Close Drawer Adapter

How to use a soft close drawer adapter – 5 steps to stop slamming!

Stopping your drawers from slamming doesn’t always require replacing the slides. With a soft close drawer adapter and a few tips from this article you can upgrade any bottom mount drawer in minutes. And I’ve done this to a few of my own drawers. With just a few bucks per drawer, basic tools, and the Rok soft close drawer adapter (Amazon) my epoxy bottom slides closed without slamming. But best of all I didn’t have to crawl around in the drawer, …

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Best Drawer Slides for Kitchen Cabinets

Guide to kitchen cabinet drawer slides

The best drawer slides for kitchen cabinets are a mix of operating and design features. For example, soft close operation is standard in cabinets. But some kitchens are designed to have no hardware – and require push to open to function. Finding the best drawer slides for kitchen cabinets is a challenge. While the standard is the easy-to-use soft close slides, there are other options if those slides don’t fit your budget. Drawer slide features like soft close, self close, full …

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Best Cabinet Door Stopper

Best Cabinet Door Stopper: Pro Picks for Durability

Not everyone is a cabinet maker and knows what a cabinet door stopper is. So if you’re here looking for a way to make cabinet doors open partially or close slowly then you are in the right place. Or maybe both… With that in mind, if a cabinet door stopper means you want to either LIMIT how far a door opens or you want it to CLOSE smoother (like soft closing). So, with that in mind, in this article we’ll …

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