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Tools to make holes in wood

14 simple tools to make holes in wood of any shape or size

While obvious to a carpenter, sometimes choosing the right tools to make holes in wood takes a little research. And, from large holes to square holes, flat bottom holes in wood to small round holes there is always a tool or two to do the job. In this article learn what the best tools to cut wood are and how to use them. While a is the most popular any-size tool for cutting holes there are a lot of other choices.

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Cabinet Lift to Install Cabinets

Using a Cabinet Lift to Install Upper Cabinets the Easy Way

Name one tool that’s the cost of a high quality miter saw and could save your back? While a cabinet lift might not have been top of mind, for a woodworker or contractor it’s one of those obscure tools that can avoid injuries. Why do I care? Well, I’ve built and installed more than my share of kitchens and furniture pieces.  And I’ve had two back surgeries because of it.  Why do I link cabinets and back issues? Well, cabinets and

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Woodworking Hearing Protection Ear Muffs

Best Hearing Protection For Woodworking: Highest NRR Muffs

Woodworking is a high decibel hobby and woodworking ear protection is a MUST. Looking for the maximum decibel reduction protection? Or, wondering if there are Bluetooth earplugs or ear muffs to let you answer calls or listen to music? In this article we’ll cover all types of hearing protectors for woodworking.

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Cabinet Hanging Rail Kit

Best Cabinet Hangers: Professional cabinet hanging rail systems

While screwing cabinets to the wall is one way to install cabinets, cabinet hangers offer a much simpler solution. Did you know a standard cabinet installation requires complex measurements to translate wall stud locations to cabinet backs? Perhaps you do, and is why you want the simplicity of a cabinet hanging rail. In this article learn about these rail systems and what’s best for your installation.

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Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood Lumber Near Me? 5 Simple Tricks to The Best Deal

I’ve found buying hardwood lumber lumber near me isn’t as simple as it could be. Perhaps you’ve spent hours searching and trying to compare costs. Or, maybe you know of a few stores and are looking to find a unique piece of hardwood. In this article learn where to find hardwood and how to shop for the best deal.BEST GLUE LINE RIP BLADE:  use a glue line rip blade to make glass smooth cuts. INNOVATIVE GLUE BOTTLE:  from FastCap for no-mess

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