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12 Unique Woodworking Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Updated: December 28, 2022
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12 Unique Woodworking Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

After twenty years of collecting tools I’m still finding unique woodworking tools that I didn’t know I needed.

But, when I bought them realized I should have had them all along.

To help your woodworking projects out the below is a collection of:

  • Advanced pencils to make easy tasks … easy
  • Lighting solutions that install in seconds
  • Saws that make heavy jobs easier and more accurate
  • …and many more unique woodworking tools

Suizan Pull Saw -Unique Woodworking Tools

#1 – Japanese pULL Saw: SUIZAN 9-1/2

While track saws and circular saws gather most of the attention, a simple Japanese saw is a unique woodworking tool most woodworkers don’t own.

And, in fact, many haven’t heard of.

Why is this worth adding to your toolbox? Well, it makes flush cutting any dowels, tenons, cleaning up glue overflows and even making handmade dovetails possible.

Bessey Parallel Clamps -Unique Woodworking Tools

#2 – Parallel Clamps: Bessey K-BODY

If you’re new or even experienced in woodworking odds are good you haven’t fully explored parallel clamps.

Perhaps its because these are a more expensive clamp than others. But, once you find the precision and non-marring jaws these will be hard clamps for you to put down.

Swanson Pencils -Unique Woodworking Tools

#3 – A Pencil That Works: Swanson Always SHarp Pencil

For years I’ve been frustrated with pencil leads that broke. Or, goofy carpenter pencils that never seemed to sharpen. Or if they did always broke a 1/2″ off into the pencil.

But that all changed when I first used the Swanson pencil that, as it’s name says, is always sharp. And it writes on just about anything, including cardboard and end grain of pine without fuss.

Best of all it’s at a price point that makes it easy to sneak into your next tool order or as a woodworker gift.

Glu-bot - Unique Woodworking Tools

#4 – Stop Fighting Glue: Wood Glue Dispenser, 16 Oz Btl, Drip less

At some point anyone that’s glued up a few dozen projects has had to stop everything and fight the tip of a glue bottle. And was a reason the innovative team at FastCap invented no spill glue bottles.

Which makes these easy to use Glu-Bots a unique woodworking tool to add to your bench.

GRR-RIPPER - Unique Woodworking Tools

#5 – Ultimate Table Saw Push Block: gRR-RIPPER

With over 10 amputations a day on table saws there’s ample reason to be careful.

And is probably why the GRR-RIPPER is a popular push-block that protects against kickbacks and helps to keep your hands away from the blade (you, of course, are responsible for all safety).

Best of all? This is a Made in the USA jig.

Can-Do Clamp - Unique Woodworking Tools

#6 – Assembly Assist: Can-Do Clamp

Even with a wood vise most woodworkers don’t have a good way to hold two pieces of wood at a perfect 90-degree angle.

The solution? The Can-Do Clamp is an inexpensive clamp that will quickly clamp onto anything from two pieces of hardwood to taller sheets of plywood for box construction. And in a compact form is portable enough to fit in your toolbox.

Kreg Jig Set -  Unique Woodworking Tools

#7 – One Jig Set For Everything: KReg Jig And CLamp Set

While you can assemble furniture and cabinets without jigs, you’re better off investing in a complete set (once) and have:

Kreg Jig Set -  Unique Woodworking Tools

#8 – Compact Router Table: Bosch RA1141

A router by itself is a must-have for woodworking. But, it has limitations when it comes to use for making trim, building cabinet doors, cutting dados, and well you get the picture. Which makes a router table an important upgrade to your workshop to let you tackle more diverse projects.

All without buying a new power tool if you own a router. And, at an entry price that works for most woodworkers, compact benchtop router tables are easy to fit into a budget.

Full face safety mask and respirator -  Unique Woodworking Tools

#9 – Safety First: Full Face Mask

Woodworking isn’t just dangerous when it comes to saws that can cut or nail guns that pierce. From flying knots to other projectiles a safety mask is always required when using woodworking tools.

And, what most don’t realize, is small micron dust hangs in the air for 30 minutes or longer AFTER you’ve shut down your tools.

Not to mention toxic finishes that you’ll need to protect your body from inhaling.

Which makes a woodworking safety mask like this 2-in-1 an all-day wearable that will protect you no matter the task at hand.

Pony wood vise -  Unique Woodworking Tools

#10 – Third Hand: Pony Woodworking Vise

Perhaps your first thought of a woodworking vise is a large clumsy tool that takes up space ON TOP of your workbench.

Well, the great news is there are woodworkers vises built for woodworkers that hide a vise on the SIDE of your bench. And the metal jaws found on all wood vices are designed to be layered on top of with a wood of your choice to avoid marring your project.

Kreg Jig Set -  Unique Woodworking Tools

#11 – Table Saw Alternative: Makita Plunge Saw

When it comes to cutting up large sheets of plywood a lot of woodworkers face three problems:

  • Getting the plywood home from the lumber yard
  • Lifting a 75-pound sheet of plywood onto a 50-pound table saw
  • And then cutting a perfectly straight line

Fortunately, the woodworking world has advanced on to saws like this Makita cordless track saw. With it’s plunge cut design it can be used to cut your project to size, transport, and then skip the table saw.

Kreg Jig Set -  Unique Woodworking Tools

#12 – Light Up Your Shop: 9000 Lumen Power

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve made a few projects in garage lighting thinking they were perfect. Only to take them inside and see the flaws I missed while sanding or finishing because of poor visibility. Instead of playing around with portable lights I chose to upgrade my ceiling lights to high powered (low energy) LED lights that eliminated dark areas of the shop.


In woodworking there are dozens of tools that are design to just make the job easier. Have a tool you’ve found that should be on the list? Drop a comment below and share.

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