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Top 7 Fastcap Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed (But Do)

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Haven’t heard of Fastcap? Did you know they make tools for “everything in between” the tools most other suppliers make? Need a glue bottle that actually works? How about a third hand for lifting cabinets? Or the ultimate foam for organizing your tools? 

I’ve been buying tools for decades and just ran across Fastcap last year. And found they are a must for woodworkers to bookmark and add to their shopping list. While I started my collection with a cabinet jack* there are over a hundred tools built to solve problems other tool manufacturers haven’t.

It’s no wonder Fastcap has grown rapidly since 1997 by taking a unique approach to designing and selling tools for woodworking that others just haven’t thought of. Seems simple right? Well, they use a Lean approach and customer input that larger companies just don’t.

And the result? A collection of tools* that no other manufacturer can match for ingenuity.

Fastcap Tool Overview

1. Fastcap Kaizen Foam

Custom cut foam for tool storage



  • Layered foam that can be cut and remove in layers
  • Customize your tool storage
  • Mark outlines of tools, cut and remove foam
  • Protect sensitive tools from damage
  • Flat or vertical storage
  • Keeps tools or other items exactly where you want them
  • Available in various thicknesses and layered colors 


  • Layout is permanent and takes time to cut 

What Makes Kaizen Foam Unique

    • Industrial quality foam for tool, home and office storage available to a homeowner
    • Layered foam that can be cut and peeled to store a variety of tool sizes and thicknesses
    • Ultimate in organization capability for tool boxes

Tips to using Kaizen Foam

2. Fastcap 10 Million Dollar Stick

Make dangerous miter saw cuts safer



  • Keeps your hand away from the saw blade
  • Three prong design allows for maximal pressure close to the cutting zone
  • Rubberized feet
  • Long, ergonomic handle (~16″)


  • Single use tool – but hey it’s for safety and worth it’s name

What Makes the 10 Million Dollar Stick Unique

    • One of a kind design for holding material close to the saw blade
    • Curved three prong design allows for repeated, comfortable use

Tips to using the 10 Million Dollar Stick

    • Mount it where it’s always accessible to encourage use
    • Every saw is dangerous – follow Fastcap and your saws safety recommendations
    • Every saw is dangerous (worth saying again)

3. FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle

A usable and easy to clean glue bottle



  • Bottom-up design provides fresh glue
  • Storage cap stored on the bottle to encourage  post-glue use
  • Easy to squeeze bottle
  • Available in three sizes
  • Alignment nozzle to perfectly center glue on plywood edges


  • Bottle bottom can drag in glue if not tilted (due to classic way glue bottles are held.

What Makes the Glu-Bot Glue Bottle Unique

    • Bottom feed for glue ensures fresh glue
    • “Babe-bot” fits where other larger bottles won’t

Tips to using Glu-Bot Glue Bottle

    • Use the provided glue cap after every use (eg. anytime you set the bottle down for more than 5 minutes).
    • Clean the tip carefully
    • Order spare tips … eventually any woodworker will wear them out

4. FastCap Cabinet Jack

Hold upper cabinets in place during install



  • Enables a 1 person cabinet installation
  • 150 pound weight capacity
  • 28-60″ range
  • Freestanding on large base and bottom pads
  • Pump handle with micro-adjustment for leveling cabinets


  • Without blocking, won’t reach microwave or fridge cabinets

What Makes this Cabinet Jack Unique

    • Affordable jack to allow DIY’ers to install cabinets easier – or by themselves
    • Quick adjust over full working range
    • Perfect for 54″ bottom of most upper cabinets

Tips to using the Upper Hand Cabinet Jack

    • Buy one (or more) of the three products in lineup – Upper Hand for 28-60″, Little Hand for 16.5-23.5″, 3rd Hand HD for 60-144″ based on your cabinet installation style
    • Use the Upper Hand if you install upper cabinets first
    • Or, use the Little Hand for installing upper cabinets after base cabinets
    • And for taller upper cabinets use a base cabinet with a sheet of plywood cover as a base for the Upper Hand (for DIY’ers).

5. FastCap Reversible Tape Measure

Right and Left Handed Tape Measure


  • Reversible tape measure for left-handed users
  • Easy write/erase notepad for jotting down cut lengths
  • Easy to read fractions to 1/16″
  • Built-in pencil sharpener


  • 16′ length is a limitation for construction jobs

What Makes the Fastcap Tape Measure Unique

    • The pencil sharpener alone makes this worthy of adding to your toolbox. How many times have you had to stop a measurement to fix a broken lead?
    • And of course the erasable surface to jot your measurements is what makes this an upgrade over the standard tape measure

Tips to Using 

    • Be sure to have a wood pencil ready

6. FastCap Accuscribe Scribing Tool

Flat back design for parallel scribing



  • Traditional circle scribe
  • Tilting head for scribing trim
  • Flat back allows for scribing parallel surfaces
  • Removable compass point


  • Cannot scribe uneven surfaces – see our guide to the best wood scribes for one that does.

What Makes the Accuscribe Unique

    • Articulating head
    • Removable compass for non-traditional scribing

Tips to Using

    • Not much other than the obvious – keep the pencil sharp!

7. FastCap Miter Saw Hood

Miter saw dust control hood



  • Controls dust from miter and chopsaws
  • Protects tools outside
  • Can be used with wetsaw
  • Fits 5-gallon bucket for collection of waste


  • Lacks dust collection port found on similar designs
  • Not waterproof


Fastcap was founded in 1997 and uses a Lean manufacturing process that is focused on improving quality and reducing waste. Learn more in their founders history of Fastcap:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fastcap make just woodworking tools?

Fastcap makes everything from woodworking tools to dust barriers and even surfboard ding patches.

What is Kaizen foam?

Kaizen foam is a layered foam from Fastcap that can be custom cut to store tools and other items horizontally or vertically.

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