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Best Glue Scraper For Wood

The Best Wood Glue Scrapers for Large and Small Jobs

Woodworkers know that hardened glue will prematurely dull planer blades and gums drum sander paper. Which is why a quality wood glue scraper is a must for any workbench. In this guide learn what scrapers are available for both heavy duty and precision glue cleanups.

wood sanding tools

The Best Wood Sanding Tools and Sandpaper For Woodworking

With dozens of types of sanders finding the best wood sanding tools can be difficult. But, remembering that sanding is about speed of wood removal followed by careful removing of sandpaper scratches will let you focus in on the right sander for your project. New to woodworking? Then consider: A random orbit sander is a must-own sander for its versatility Pad sanders are used for the final sanding Drum sanders are the best way to quickly and accurately flatten large

Best Router for Router Table

The Best Router for Router Table Mounting

The best router for a router table will fit the router lift, allow for easy bit changes and have the power for continuous use. In this guide learn how to match a router to your table.

Best Track Saws and Plunge Saws

The Best Track Saws For Woodworking

Over the last few years track saws have quickly become a staple in most woodworking shops. With high powered cordless models and traditional corded units these saws are worth the investment. Learn what’s best for your shop in this hands-on guide.

Best Cordless Table Saws Dewalt Saw

The Best Cordless Table Saws For Woodworking

With massive battery packs the cordless table saw is now a reality. However, only a few top brands make these compact saws and the features are similar to a portable table saw. Learn which saw is best for your portable sawing needs.

Pocket Hole Jig

The Best Pocket Hole Jigs and Machines for Woodworking

Every woodworker has at least one pocket hole jig in their collection of wood joinery tools. While Kreg is the most popular pocket hole jig supplier, their are a few other top makers. Learn what type of jig and brand is best for your shop and budget in this guide.

Best Cordless Chain Saws For Firewood

The Best Cordless Chainsaws For Firewood

With advancements in battery power and duration coupled with enhanced bars a cordless chainsaw is now a worthwhile investment. Learn what saws are on the market and what might fit your existing cordless battery supply.

Beginner Wood Carving Projects

Beginner Wood Carving Projects, Tools and Safety Tips

Beginner wood carving projects are all about progression. While this hobby is low cost to start, the first few projects will decide your enjoyment. So, rather than start with complex designs, in this article we’ll show you a series of projects that become harder and more challenging to develop your skills. Besides choosing the right projects, be ready to learn about the right tools and key safety supplies. Because carving involves handling sharp knives and gouges it is definitely a

Complete Guide to Best Saw Blades

The Best Saw Blades for Your Woodworking Tools

There are no single best saw blades. Instead, there are the right types of saw blades for each saw and the right blade and tooth configuration for the situation. Because every saw has a different purpose one of the tricks to woodworking is taking the time to understand why certain blades work best. But, for simplicity, they can be purchased by your saw: BEST MITER SAW – is surprisingly the highest quality blade I’ve put on my miter saw. And