Nail Removal Tools From Wood

7 Simple Tools to Remove Nails From Wood

Removing nails from wood without damage to the wood is a trick that takes carpenters and other professionals years to master. And the right tools. While some nail removing tasks require limiting damage to the wood, other extractions in rough lumber are simply about quickly and efficiently removing the nail.  In this guide learn about nail removing tools that: Disassemble pallets in no time Pull large nails from softwoods Extract small nails And, lastly, help remove the wood to let …

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Festool Kapex Miter Saw

The Best Miter Saw for Woodworking Projects

After over a decade with my Makita miter saw I decided it was time to upgrade. And while the decision was mostly around needing a miter saw that would fit on my bench without needing 12-inches of travel behind the fence, I also wanted advanced features like a laser guide and improved accuracy. So, after hours searching, comparing prices and browsing at the tool stores my choice was easy: the Festool Kapex was hands down the best miter saw not he …

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Best Vix Bits for Self Centering Holes

The Best Vix Bits For Drilling Self Centered Holes

Ever tried installing door hardware and center the screw holes? Unless you used a vix bit you probably ended up with mis-aligned hardware. Not sure what the best vix bits are – or the features that matter? In this article we’ll review this unique self centering drill bit, how to use it, and the top brands.

Best Benchtop Planers Thickness

Best Benchtop Planers for Small Workshops

While some woodworkers get by without one, a benchtop planer is usually a must for any woodworker. But finding a quality wood planer that will put a great finish on both hardwoods and softwoods can be difficult. And, since there many types of planers, its worth noting that a benchtop planer typically features: Straight or helical blades Support for boards up to 13-inches (33 cm) Single phase 15-amp motors Adjustable height up to 6-inches (15.2 cm) Single or two speed …

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Best Sanders for Wood

The Best Sanders for Wood To Make a Perfect Finish

The best sanders for wood projects will vary based on your project, budget and type of wood. However, there are a few sanders that every woodworker needs such as a random orbit sander and belt sander.  In this article learn what wood sanders are best for basic to advanced woodworking projects: Fast wood removal Best for flat surfaces like breadboards Sanders to remove scratches Finish sanders for preparing to stain And like all tools, you get what you pay for. …

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Best wood glue scraper

The Best Wood Glue Scrapers for Large and Small Jobs

While at first glance a scraper seems simple to buy, finding the best glue scraper requires a little research. Did you know glue scrapers design, weight, handle and cutting edge all dictate performance? In this article learn what the right wood glue scraper is for your projects.

wood sanding tools

The Best Wood Sanding Tools and Sandpaper For Woodworking

With dozens of types of sanders finding the best wood sanding tools can be difficult. But, remembering that sanding is about speed of wood removal followed by careful removing of sandpaper scratches will let you focus in on the right sander for your project. New to woodworking? Then consider: A random orbit sander is a must-own sander for its versatility Pad sanders are used for the final sanding Drum sanders are the best way to quickly and accurately flatten large …

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Best Router for Router Table and Lifts

The Best Router for Router Tables and Lifts

The best router for your router table is always one that will fit your router lift or bench top router table. However, features like ease of bit change, electronic speed control, and a wide range of speed adjustment are where woodworkers will go to decide what is best overall for their needs. When choosing your router, be sure to consider: Overall horsepower for large panel bits Ease of bit change Fit to a router lift Electronic speed control Speed adjustment Removable …

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Best Slab Jig For Flattening With a Router

Buy Or Build: Slab Flattening Jigs and Router Sleds

When a planer or wide belt sander won’t work for your live edge slabs, cutting boards or butcher block tops a slab flattening mill is where woodworkers turn. In this article learn about what jigs are available – and why I decided a combination of a manufactured jig plus a set of linear rails. Router sleds are one of the best kept secrets in woodworking. From smoothing end-grain cutting boards that cannot be planed to avoiding weight lifting a 400-pound live …

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Best Track Saws and Plunge Saws

The Best Track Saws For Woodworking

While brand preference may factor into most tool purchases, a track saw might tempt woodworkers to switch things up. When I went looking for the best track saw for my workshop I figured it would be a Festool or possibly Milwaukee. But after a lot of research I ended up with a cordless Makita. After researching and using a track saw, here’s a few tips: Invest in track saw accessories. The right clamps, tracks, and other gadgets make using a track saw …

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