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Best Parallel Clamps Woodworking

The Best Parallel Clamps for Woodworking Projects

Parallel clamps stand out among all woodworking clamps with their quality and precision.  But not all clamps are made the same. Learn what the best parallel clamps are and what best fits your budget in this guide.

Wood Band Saw

The Best Band Saws For Woodworking

From making curved cuts to re-sawing large boards a band saw is a must have woodworking tool. Learn what the differences in capability are and what the best floor or bench top models are for your shop and budget.

Fulton Shelf Pin Jig

Best Shelf Pin Jigs For Woodworking

The best shelf pin jigs will quickly allow you to set up and drill hundreds of repeated holes in cabinets and furniture. You can learn about the key features and brands in this guide.

wood sanding tools

The Best Wood Sanding Tools and Sandpaper For Woodworking

With dozens of types of sanders finding the best wood sanding tools can be difficult. But, remembering that sanding is about speed of wood removal followed by careful removing of sandpaper scratches will let you focus in on the right sander for your project. New to woodworking? Then consider: A random orbit sander is a must-own sander for its versatility Pad sanders are used for the final sanding Drum sanders are the best way to quickly and accurately flatten large

Best Drywall Tools
Home Construction

The Best Drywall Tools For Professional Results

Installing drywall is a task most DIY’ers can tackle. But the heavy lifting, cutting and taping all require unique tools. Learn what the best drywall tools are for both DIY and professional use in this article.

best wood scribe tool
Hand Tools

The Best Wood Scribe Tools For Woodworking

From outlining cabinet filler strips to marking edges the best wood scribes make woodworking easier and more accurate. In this article learn what scribes are best for your shop.

Best Slab Jig For Flattening With a Router

Guide to Slab Flattening Jigs and Router Sleds

From flattening end-grain cutting boards that can’t go thru a planer to slabs weighing hundreds of pounds, a slab flattening jig is worth its cost. You can learn how to buy or build yours in this article.