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Stair Jigs and Templates for Wood Treads

The Best Stair Tread Jigs for Fast, Accurate Layouts

A tape measure isn’t useful between two solid surfaces. Which is why professionals turn to a stair tread jig to both measure and properly identify the angles of a tread before cutting. Learn what the best stair tread jigs are in this guide.

Jessem Ultimate Router LIft

The Best Router Lifts For Your Router Table

A router table without a router lift is like a table saw without a blade height adjustment. Sure, you can use the routers height adjustment. But it is slow, inaccurate and can be dangerous. In this guide learn what the best router lifts are for your workshop and the features that matter.

Best Drawer Slide Jig for Drawers

The Best Drawer Slide Jig For Installing Drawers

Installing drawers is a frustrating job for even a professional. Because drawers must be perfectly aligned in four directions a quality drawer slide jig is a must for proper alignment. In this guide learn what jigs are best and how to use them.

Best Laminate J Roller
Hand Tools

The Best Laminate Rollers For Counters

A high quality laminate roller will make building counters, veneering wood and installing flooring a much easier job. And ensure a higher quality result as bubbles and adhesion issues will be minimized. When I first started building cabinets we made 90% of our counters from laminate.  Which meant a good amount of time preparing the counters, sanding and making sure the surface was clean and ready to go. And the final step, of course, was carefully setting the laminate and

Nail Removal Tools From Wood

7 Simple Tools to Remove Nails From Wood

Removing nails from wood without damage to the wood is a trick that takes carpenters and other professionals years to master. And the right tools. While some nail removing tasks require limiting damage to the wood, other extractions in rough lumber are simply about quickly and efficiently removing the nail.  In this guide learn about nail removing tools that: Disassemble pallets in no time Pull large nails from softwoods Extract small nails And, lastly, help remove the wood to let

Festool Kapex Miter Saw

The Best Miter Saw for Woodworking Projects

The best miter saw for woodworking combines features like fast blade changing with precision cuts. In this guide learn why top brands like Festool are worth the money as well as budget alternatives to fit any woodworking shop.

Best Benchtop Planers Thickness

Best Benchtop Planers for Small Workshops

Bench top planers are a fixture in almost any small woodworking shop. But not all planers are made the same. Learn what compact solutions are best for your projects and budget.