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Milwaukee Cordless Random Orbit Sander

The Best Random Orbit Sanders For Woodworking

The best random orbit sanders will do a high-quality job of collecting dust, not leave swirls in your wood, and have the durability to last a decade. Learn what the top sanders are in this guide.

track saw vs. table saw

Track Saw vs Table Saw And When to Use Each One

Serious woodworkers know that track saws have become a viable alternative to a table saw. But a table saw still performs best at ripping boards. Learn which is best for your style of woodworking in this article.

Best Power Feeders for Routers, Table Saws and Shapers

The Best Power Feeder For Saws and Routers

Every router table or shaper needs a power feeder to make it work better. But choosing the best power feeder for your machine requires understanding horsepower, feed rates and reach of the head.

Nail Removal Tools From Wood

7 Simple Tools to Remove Nails From Wood

The best tools to remove nails from wood depend on the type of wood, if the wood can be damaged, and the kind of nail. This guide teaches you the proper nail puller for your projects.

Best Laminate J Roller
Hand Tools

The Best Laminate Rollers For Counters

A high-quality laminate roller will simplify building counters, veneering wood, and installing flooring. And ensure a higher quality result as bubbles and adhesion issues will be minimized. When I started building cabinets, we made 90% of our counters from laminate.  This meant a reasonable amount of time preparing the counters, sanding, and ensuring the surface was clean and ready to go. And the final step, of course, was carefully setting the laminate and then using a J roller over the

Self Centering Drill Bit
Drill Bits

Self Centering Drill Bit Sets For Woodworking

A self-centering drill bit will prevent wood grain from changing the course of your drill bit and damaging the wood. Learn what bits professionals use in this guide and what is best for your projects.

Tools To Make Cabinet Doors
Cabinet Tools

Tools to Make Cabinet Doors

In this guide, learn about the best tools to make cabinet doors and how a few simple investments can let you build dozens of doors in just a weekend.

Stair Jigs and Templates for Wood Treads

The Best Stair Tread Jigs for Fast, Accurate Layouts

From cutting stair stringers to finishing stair treads the best stair tread jigs and templates will help both professionals and DIY’ers build stairs. Learn what types of stair jigs are available and best for your project in this guide.

Best Cabinet Making Tools
Cabinet Tools

Best Cabinet Making Tools For All Skill Levels

From basic shaker cabinet doors to complex doors and dovetail drawers there is a lot to learn when making cabinets. In this guide learn what the best cabinet making tools are and what you’ll need for your next project.