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Best Cordless Chain Saws For Firewood

The Best Cordless Chainsaws For Firewood

With advancements in battery power and duration coupled with enhanced bars a cordless chainsaw is now a worthwhile investment. Learn what saws are on the market and what might fit your existing cordless battery supply.

Beginner Wood Carving Projects

Beginner Wood Carving Projects, Tools and Safety Tips

Beginner wood carving projects are all about progression. While this hobby is low cost to start, the first few projects will decide your enjoyment. So, rather than start with complex designs, in this article we’ll show you a series of projects that become harder and more challenging to develop your skills. Besides choosing the right projects, be ready to learn about the right tools and key safety supplies. Because carving involves handling sharp knives and gouges it is definitely a

Complete Guide to Best Saw Blades

The Best Saw Blades for Your Woodworking Tools

There are no single best saw blades. Instead, there are the right types of saw blades for each saw and the right blade and tooth configuration for the situation. Because every saw has a different purpose one of the tricks to woodworking is taking the time to understand why certain blades work best. But, for simplicity, they can be purchased by your saw: BEST MITER SAW – is surprisingly the highest quality blade I’ve put on my miter saw. And

Table Saw Guide

The Complete Guide to Table Saws

Choosing the right table saw for your shop is an important decision. Because a table saw is one of the top three most expensive tools in a woodworking this table saw guide will help you find the right: Benchtop table saw for small woodworking shops Jobsite table saw that can be easily move around Contractor/hybrid saw that perform like a cabinet saw but can be moved around the workshop Cabinet table saws for top performance And, besides size and shape,

Best Router Bits For Cabinet Doors

Choosing the Right Router Bits for Cabinet Doors

Choosing the right router bits for cabinet doors requires knowing how doors are assembled and if cabinet hardware will be used for the final finish. But thankfully there are just a few different styles of router bits to consider. And a few “relief” profiles that will give your door either a classic or modern look. In this guide we’ll cover router bits for cabinet doors based on: Router bits for cutting door rails and stiles Raised panel router bits Bits


Use These Woodworking Jigs For Speed and Accuracy

One of the hardest parts of woodworking is knowing when there is a tool that will make your woodworking easier.  And while woodworking jigs are known to many, there are a huge variety of them to know (and use). To help your woodworking we’ve assembled a list of the most popular jigs that will help you cut, drill and align all phases of your projects.  Think you have them all? Well, even professional woodworkers might be surprised by a jig

Cordless Nail Guns
Power Tools

The Best Cordless Nail Gun For Your Woodworking Projects

Cordless nail guns make woodworking easier, faster and quieter. And by matching the best cordless nail guns to your projects you’ll be able to ditch the air compressor, cut the cord and tackle projects outside of a shop. Best of all, from construction-grade framing to DIY projects like building feature walls there is a nail gun for every budget and task: BEST FOR FRAMING:  is a 20-degree, brushless nail gun (formerly Hitachi) with a rough duty lifetime warranty that construction crews

Japanese Saw for Woodworking
Hand Saws

The Best Japanese Saws For Woodworking

One of the least known saws in woodworking is the Japanese saw. Because of this saws unique design it is often overlooked as a gadget and not the precision handsaw alternative that it is. But, its far from an oddity you’ll put in the tool chest and forget. In this article learn about the different types of Japanese saws and what’s best for your woodworking projects.