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9 Track Saw Accessories to Maximize Your Saws Capabilities

Updated: September 10, 2022
Without the right accessories a track saw won’t perform up to its full capability. In this guide learn what additions turn a track saw into a top performing addition to your woodworking tool collection.
Makita Track Cutting Rubber
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9 Track Saw Accessories to Maximize Your Saws Capabilities

There is a lot more to using a track saw than just pairing it with a track. In fact, as the track saws popularity has increased the number of clamps, guides, measurement tools and other track saw accessories has grown rapidly.

What does that mean for woodworkers?

Instead of a track saw just being a high quality saw to cut plywood and other material to shape there are tools that:

  • Allow for fast clamping
  • Make repeatable rip cuts
  • Setup perfect right angles
  • Extend your track saw cutting capacity
  • Capture dust
  • Add your router to the track saw
  • Stop limiters to prevent the saw from over-cutting
  • And more…

In this guide learn what track saw accessories are available to take your saws capability to the next level.

Popular Accessories

Best track saw rails:

Best clamp for track saw rails:

Best work table for plywood cutting

Right angle track saw accessory:

Track saw dust extractor:

Router adapter for rails:

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Best Track Saws: In the last few years there have been many advances in track saws. Check out our track saw review for the best cordless and corded models on the market.

1. Improve Your Track Saw Clamping

Festool Track Saw Clamp

Shown: Festool Ratchet Clamp

Fast Acting Ratchet Clamp

The purpose of a track saw is speed. And, rather than screw your clamp to the workpiece, both Festool and Bessey offer a fast-acting slide and clamp solution to add as a track saw accessory.

Why We Like It
  1. Speed: Standard track clamps are slow-acting screw style that require a slow process of adjustment
  2. Clamping power: The unique ratching action provides a high clamping force to prevent the track from shifting
  3. Fit: Since most tracks are interchangeable (Festool, Makita, Powertec) this clamp will work with many tracks.

Who Makes Them

While there are many manufacturers of track saw clamps, the ratcheting track clamp field is a bit narrower:

  • Festool (Model 491594)
  • Bessey (Model B013UNUOEU)
  • POWERTEC (Model 71452)

2. Dust Extraction Is A Must

Track Saw Dust Extractor

Shown: Festool HEPA Dust Extractor

Cut Down Dust With an Extractor

Your table saw likely has a dust collection system, so why not a track saw? Most track saws are perfectly matched to a dust extraction system and is a required accessory for optimal cut performance.

Why We Like It
  1. Safety: Dust is a workplace hazard and all attempts to remove it should be made. This extract isn’t as much as a track saw accessory as it is a must-have.
  2. Auto-on: For corded track saws, a quality dust extractor will automatically turn on with the saw. Making it fool-proof to always have suction.
  3. Bluetooth: For cordless track saws a Bluetooth feature will let you turn the extractor on when power isn’t paired.

Who Makes Them

You can find quality dust extractors from the following manufacturers:

  • Festool
  • Bosch
  • Dewalt (cordless or corded)
  • Makita
  • Metabo

3. Track Saw Accessory Table

Track Saw Work Table

Shown: BORA Centipede 4×8′

Base for Foam Cutting Backer

One of the best tricks to using a track saw is using a 1-1/2″ pink foam backer. This keeps the wood flat, is easy to clamp – and this BORA table lets you expand a work area in seconds as a support stand.

Why We Like It
  1. Versatility: After buying a full size Centipede table I’ve found countless uses for it beyond just a track saw base.
  2. Capacity: Bora claims a 6,000 pound weight capacity for this table (not sure I’d test it, but substantial). And it solves the track saw vs. table saw question on cutting large sheets.
  3. Sizes: If 4×8-feet is too big there are other sizes available.

4. Right Angle Guides For Square Cuts

Track Saw Right Angle Guide

Shown: Festool 205229 Angle Stop

Make Perfect Angles With a Guide

While a miter saw is designed to cut angles, a table saw and track saw need angle assistance. And a right angle is by far the most common use for this type of saw.

Why We Like It
  1. Precision: While measuring the track placement is ok, it relies on the ends being square. This guide instead uses one straight edge as a reference to enhance accuracy.
  2. Budget friendly: While angle guides can run into the hundreds of dollars, there are inexpensive options that will square things up without breaking the bank
  3. Ease of use: These guides are no harder to use than a t-square.

Who Makes Them

From basic guides to advanced solutions you’ll find the following track saw accessory guides:

  • Woodpeckers
  • Festool
  • DDWT guide 
  • Dewalt (cordless or corded)
  • Makita
  • Metabo

5. Router Track Attachment

Track Saw Router Attachment

Shown: Makita 194579-2 Adapter

Easy, Accurate Dados (and more)

There’s no reason to limit the advantage of a track saw rail to just a saw. With a router track attachment you an have your router use the straight track for anything from dados to flutes.

Why We Like It
  1. Dados: A track saw lets you skip the table saw with large sheets of plywood for cutting. But cutting a dado requires the table saw – unless you have this attachment.
  2. Inexpensive: After a $500+ investment in a router rail and saw, these guides are just a few bucks in comparison.
  3. Speed: Using the rail system lets you quickly layout and make cuts with the router.

Who Makes Them

These adapters are available for:

6. Track Saw Rail Stop

Track Saw Rail Stop

Shown: Festool Guide Rail Limit Stop

Stop Guessing Where to Stop

From making sure you don’t run off the end of the track saw rail to placing a stop where you meet at a 90-degree corner this simple stop is worth its price as a track saw accessory.

Why We Like It
  1. Accuracy: Prevent cut over-runs with a limiter that stops the blade from cutting too far.
  2. Inexpensive: Costs less than just about anything you can use with a track saw.
  3. Compatible: With Festool, Makita and POWERTEC all interchangeable this works on most rails on the market.

7. Parallel Guide Accessory

Track Saw Parallel Guide

Shown: Festool Parallel Guides

Fast and accurate perpendicular cuts

When it comes to making fast and repeatable rip cuts, the parallel guides take the guess work and pencil marks out of the equation.

Why We Like It
  1. Fast Ripping: Rather than measure, measure and cut this guide set will let you use your track saw rail as a guide and the indexed measurements as a tool to make repeatable cuts.
  2. Precision: Festool design and accuracy
  3. Safety: Skip the table saw for safer ripping of small strips.

8. Guide Rail Accessory Bag

Track Saw Rail Bag

Shown: Makita Track Saw Bag

Protect your guide rails during transport

While a track saw rail is sturdy, if not properly protected the precision splinter strips won’t rip, scratch the aluminum or worse (bend).  A must have track saw accessory for any on-the-job carpenter.

Why We Like It
  1. Damage Control: Prevent damage to expensive rails
  2. Portability: Easier transport of multiple rails with a convenient carry strip.
  3. Storage:Keep your small parts together in one place in the side zipper.

10. Replacement Splinter Strip

Track Saw Rail Splinter Strip

Shown: POWERTEC splinter strip

Replace your splinter strip often

The #1 advantage to a track saw is the splinter free cuts. But it only works if you have the splinter strip intact the full length of your guide rail. 

Why We Like It
  1. Top performance: Keep your track saw system running at high quality.
  2. Compatibility: With Festool, Makita, POWERTEC and others using the same guide rail a splinter strip is universal.
  3. Easy to install: Since your track saw will “re-cut” the strip edge the installation of these edges doesn’t need to be perfect.
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