Best Screws for Outdoor Use

What are the best screws for outdoor use (and what NOT to use)

If you haven’t built an outdoor structure before a common question is a basic, but great one: what are the best screws for outdoor use? Can I use galvanized (cheapest) or do I need to invest in stainless screws? Will all screws work with my types of wood? In this guide learn how to pick the right exterior screws for your project.

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best grit for sanding wood

Best Grit for Sanding Wood – Pro Cabinetmaker Tips

Over the years I haven’t just used sandpaper – I’ve used up and replaced many sanders. So my view on the best grit for sanding wood comes from a lot of time standing in front of many sanders. What is sandpaper grit? Grit on sandpaper refers to the size of the abrasive material used to remove wood or metal. The lower the number (eg. 24 grit vs. 220 grit) the larger the size of the abrasive. And the faster the sandpaper will be at removing material. The best grit for sanding wood is dependent on the tool you’re using. Therefore

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Buying Hardwood Lumber

How to Select Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood is expensive and I’m cheap.  Learning how to select hardwood lumber isn’t an option – it’s a must if you want to find the right boards at the right price. A top grade board can cost $50 or more and grabbing the wrong one can be costly.  Why?  Warped or “waned” lumber can result in crooked cabinet doors.  And buying lower grades for high end projects can just result in excessive cutting or a poor finish.  Worse, over-buying grades for face-only projects can waste money.   Know Your Project Needs First Remember when every board was cheap and you’d

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hardwood lumber near me

Hardwood Lumber Near Me? Finding the Right Lumber Yard

So you are all set for your next woodworking project and face the classic question: where do I find hardwood lumber near me? As a woodworker of many decades I’ll help you find at least two sources for hardwood you may not have expected. So here’s my first trick for finding hardwood lumber near me: start with Amazon* for small projects. Since smaller quantities and sizes can be easily shipped Amazon offers an unexpected wide selection. And, as a competitive marketplace, at prices often less than specialty retailers. But if you need larger pieces keep reading and I’ll show you

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Best Way to Heat a Garage

Ultimate guide: Best way to heat a garage (8 garage heaters)

Finding the best way to heat a garage is an exercise in trade-offs. Should I keep the shop heated only when in it or heat it all day? Is a mounted and installed unit worth the cost or should I choose portable? Should I cut a hole for venting or go vent-less? In this article learn about all the options and what might be best for your garage.

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Wood Garage Cabinets Hinge

How to build wood garage cabinets (10 DIY tips)

For a lot of home woodworkers our projects don’t happen because setting up the tools to build can take as long as building the project. And I know, because I’ve been in this situation. So, rather than continue to let organization prevent progress it’s time to build your own wood garage cabinets.

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Woodshop Dust Control Systems Safety - Tools to Make Cabinet Doors

7 Simple Tips for Woodshop Dust Control to Help Your Lungs

In an age of heightened concern with respiratory illnesses it’s important to keep our airways clean. And a woodworker owes themselves and their family a new look at woodshop dust control to reduce the amount of sawdust exposure to their lungs. And I have to admit I’ve inhaled too much dust in my woodworking career. Way too much. When I first started work at a two-man cabinet shop back in the mid-90’s I was young and ignorant to the impacts the dust I was breathing would have. And I spent days and years in front of sanders, table saws and

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Best Pegboard Organizer

5 Best Garage Pegboard Organizers

Organizing your tools in the garage always includes a wall arrangement. And using one of the best pegboard organizer systems will provide easy, configurable access to your most used tools. While it’s possible to hide all your tools in a drawer or cabinet it makes them hard to find. Especially your most used tools like hammers, hand saws and screwdrivers. But finding the best pegboard organizer can be equally challenging as I’m guessing you, like me, want to avoid the ubiquitous wood pegboard. In this article we’ll review modern options like the highly rated Wall Control System* that are easy

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overhead garage storage

7 best overhead garage storage racks

While you can build your own storage rack there are many reasons to instead search for one of the best overhead garage storage racks that are ready to hang. Due to the risk of overloading a homemade shelf (do you know the load rating of what you build?) and honestly the cost comparison between a DIY solution it makes a lot of sense to buy vs. build. And, most of the best overhead garage storage systems are under $200 (and some under $100). Key features of manufactured racks to look for: Adapts to your ceiling. Due to variations in garage

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woodworking ear protection

Woodworking ear protection review (3 Bluetooth devices!)

Hearing loss isn’t something you think about it until it happens. And woodworkers are very vulnerable to this risk. Which is why the best woodworking ear protection is a must. In a connected world it’s tough to be in the workshop and not hear your phone or messages come in. So the advance of Bluetooth into woodworking ear protection is a welcomed innovation for many. And for a DIY’er the good thing is you’ll be able to re-use Bluetooth hearing protection for other around-the-yard tasks like lawn mowing. Woodworking Ear Protection Based on my research here’s my list of the

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Wood Finishes

How to apply polycrylic finish

How to Apply Polycrylic Finish on Wood – 5 Step Guide

In this article we’ll show you how to apply polycrylic finish on your project in just a few easy steps. We’ll also cover surface preparation and a few of the best rated polycrylic finishes available. First, polycrylic is water-based alternative to it’s cousin polyurethane. And if you’ve used polyurethane, it’s important to know there are a few steps on how to apply polycrylic that will be different. Key differences in applying a polycrylic finish: Polycrylic works best on light woods Due to it’s water-based composition it’s drying time is much less than polyurethane Polycrylic applies with a synthetic bristle brush

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How to apply polycrylic

Guide to a clear wood finish for any wood project (6 best finishes)

Looking for a clear wood finish for your next project? Not sure if you should use an oil or water based finished? Concerned a finish or will yellow? Or, maybe you need a finish for a cutting board. In this article learn what the best wood finish is for your project. In this article we’ll explore five of the most popular clear wood finishes. But first, why a clear wood finish?  Well, most wood has great character and stain can detract rather than enhance from the beauty of the project.  Personally, I like showcasing knots, mineral stains, grain patterns or

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