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12 Best Woodworking Gifts For Dads

Updated: May 11, 2023
The best woodworking gifts for dad are helpful gadgets, small tools, or humor-laden t-shifts. In this guide, you will find a dozen of our best bets for uncommon gifts they won’t own.
Woodworking Gifts For Dad
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12 Best Woodworking Gifts For Dads

Dustpan Bench Brush

Perfect Gift to Keep the Bench Clean









Finding the best woodworking gifts for dads takes a little bit of planning, a trip or two through their workshop and understanding what types of projects your dad likes to build.

How do I know? Well, as a woodworker of almost thirty years I’ve used hundreds of tools. And know all of the latest and greatest tools most dads don’t know about.

In this guide you’ll learn how to pick gifts based on:

  • Types of projects they build (or want to)
  • Ability from novice to professional
  • Gifts that can be used regardless of what they own
  • And non-traditional dad gifts like woodworking aprons or safety equipment they may otherwise not buy

Lastly, woodworkers like unique tools from brand names and something they may not generally buy themselves.

Woodworking Gifts For Dad

Choosing a woodworking gift is always a bit risky. Our recommendation? Before buying any gift, head out to their workshop and take a look around:

  • Do you see safety equipment like eye protection, push sticks, and dust masks?
  • Are their tools “benchtop” and used for small projects?
  • Or, is the shop glistening with expensive tools, and they likely have one of everything (the hardest to buy for)

Armed with some information, the following tools are generally safe for any woodworker. But we’ll point out tools a professional may not need.

#1. Unique Tape Measure

FastCap Tape Measure

See on Amazon: FastCap Tape Measure 

From professional woodworking dads to novices, a tape measure that features the following is hard to find:

  • Left or right-hand lines (most are right)
  • Writing pad on side of the tape measure
  • Fractions that take the guesswork out of understanding the “little lines.”

#2. Woodworking Apron For Dad

Woodworkers Leather Apron

See on Amazon: Britree Woodworking Apron 

Nothing is worse than spilling woodworking glue on a pair of good jeans.


Because wood glue (and stain, finishes, and more) doesn’t come out of clothes, a high-quality leather apron will provide protection and storage for tools.

#3. Pull Saw For The Dad Who Has Everything

Japanese Pull Saw

See on Amazon: SUIZAN Japanese Saw 

While the traditional “Western” saw cuts while pushing away from you, the much older Japanese pull saw cuts towards you. And, with a unique tooth design can also be used on flush cuts, as the teeth are not hooked outwards. 

There are plenty of uses for a Japanese saw! 

One of the most common is for precise and intricate woodworking. The saw’s thin blade allows for tight cuts and easy maneuvering, making it the perfect tool for dovetailing and cutting joints. Additionally, the pull stroke of the Japanese saw reduces the risk of the blade wandering, which can be problematic with Western-style saws. 

Beyond woodworking, Japanese saws can also be used for cutting plastic, bone, and even metal. Their sharp teeth and efficient design make them a versatile tool that can be a valuable addition to any workshop.

#4. Miter Saw Protractor

Miter Saw Angle Gauge

See on Amazon: Saker Miter Gauge 

A miter saw is a tool in almost every woodworker’s garage. 

And most woodworkers have a compound saw that cuts angles. However, most saws need to be more accurate with their angle markings. This means precise tips are hard to lock in without trial and error cuts. This protractor allows for instant setup and reduced waste.

#5. Woodworking Ear Protection

Protective hearing

See on Amazon: Bluetooth Hearing Protector 

The simple fact is woodworking tools make noise. 

A lot of noise. 

And to counteract that, woodworkers use high-quality hearing protection that reduces the decibels their ears are subjected to. However, like most, having an FM/AM radio and Bluetooth is a must to make the hours spent cutting and sanding more enjoyable.

#6. High Quality Marking Pencils

Woodworkers Pencils

See on Amazon: Swanson Wood Pencils 

Keeping pencils sharp is a chore. And with woodworking, a fine-grained pencil tip is constantly breaking.

The solution? A pencil system I’ve added to my shop that keeps an edge lasts forever and replaces many of the random pens and pencils I’ve collected in the drawers of my benches.

#7. Top Brand in Woodworkers Glue

Woodworkers Glue

See on Amazon: Titebond Wood Glue 

There are a few varieties to consider when it comes to woodworking glue. 

While. a fancy specialty bottle might seem like a good idea, the fact that a Titebond glue joint is stronger than the wood around it makes this an easy gift pick. 

Of note, Titebond III is meant for outdoor projects but could be more runny and easier to work with. Titebond I is a classic indoor wood, but most woodworkers have used Titebond II for cabinets, furniture, breadboards, and more.

#8. Pipe Clamps Are a Sure Bet Dad Gift

Pipe Clamps

See on Amazon: Bessey Pipe Clamps 

Over decades, my dozens of pipe clamps have glued thousands of wood panels. And, yes, I said dozens of clamps.

Why give a high-quality pipe clamp? Simple. Most woodworking projects require gluing panels; the bar clamp is the most economical and fast glue method. Making this dad gift sure to please (they’ll know to buy black pipe to finish the clamp).

#9. Woodworking Dad Gift They Won’t Own

Wood marking gauge

See on Amazon: Wood Marking Gauge 

Now and then, a woodworker will find the need to make precise layouts, and this Incra-branded marking rule makes for a great edge guide.

By allowing for precise layout lines with 1/32″ increments, anything from center marking to cutting guides is possible.

#10. Woodworkers T-Shirt

Woodworkers T-Shirt

See on Amazon: Cut, Cut, Sweat T-Shirt 

What’s said in the garage is often best told with saws going. 

While most woodworkers can keep their mistakes to a low volume, others shout out their mistakes. This shirt is a funny reminder of the trials and errors most dads face in the workshop.

#11. Popular Wood Joinery Jig

Pocket Hole Jig

See on Amazon: Kreg 520-Pro Pocket Hole Jig 

At the very basics, woodworking is all about joining wood together. And the most popular way for new woodworkers to do this is with a pocket hole jig.

Kreg, the leader in these styles of jigs, recently released this unique all-in-one hand clamp jig that offers quick clamping and replaces any basic clamp-on versions your dad has.

#12. Give the Gift of Miter Saw Safety

Miter Saw Safety

From safety brands like SawStop to push sticks for jointers, most power tools have ways to keep fingers away from the blade.

But, all too often, woodworkers will try their luck with cutting short pieces of wood next to a 12-inch diameter spinning miter saw blade. 

And the results can be horrific. This is why the innovative FastCap company released this unique miter saw hold-down stick to keep your dad’s fingers well away from the blade.  Making this a sure bet woodworking gift for dads that have everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best woodworking gift for a dad?

One of the best gifts for a dad is safety equipment, woodworking clamps, or small measuring tools, as they are always needed.

How do I know if a woodworker has a gift I want to buy?

Using this guide, you can quickly look through their workshop, toolboxes, and storage areas to see if they have the gifts you are thinking of giving.

Would my dad like a woodworking apron?

Most woodworkers like woodworking aprons as they allow storage and protect clothes from damage.

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