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5 Best Garage Pegboard Organizers

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Organizing your tools in the garage always includes a wall arrangement. And using one of the best pegboard organizer systems will provide easy, configurable access to your most used tools.

Best Pegboard Organizer Systems

1. Wall Control Pegboard Tool Organizer

Wall Control pegboard tool organizer

The steel constructed Wall Control organizer* series will provide a lifetime of durability and configuration options for organizing tools . Available in many powder coated colors.

If you’re here it’s probably because you know the hardware store options for organizing tools aren’t that attractive.

And if you’re like me and have used the brown pegboard and hooks they work. But look cheap and take some engineering to build a frame to attach to the wall.

Features I like about the Wall Control:

  • Accepts standard 1/4″ peg hooks (future proof)
  • Steel construction
  • Variety of powder coated finishes
  • Slotted hooks for heavy loads
  • Mount directly to studs – no frame to build
  • 48×32″ size that can be stacked for walls or side-by-side for longer benches

Lastly, this is one of those ideal birthday, Christmas or Father’s day gift ideas to share as it checks off two common spouse needs: organization and appeal.

Note: This systems includes shelving and bins. The panels and supplies can be purchases separately.

2. Ultrawall Garage Storage Pegboard Organizer

Ultrawall garage storage pegboard organizer

The Ultrawall 48wx36h* high has a unique top, middle and bottom organizer for hooks and bins.

Beyond the desired steel construction this unit separates with a functional set of shelving and bins. When set end to-end-end they will quickly provide the storage you need for a large quantity of tools and screws.

Key features:

  • 72 piece kit
  • 1200 pound capacity
  • Fits into other Ultrwall products for a seamless look
  • Steel construction

3. Wall Control Woodworking Edition

Wall control woodworking edition pegboard storage organizer

The Woodworkers Wall Control* features 25+ hooks and holders perfect for a woodworking shops tools.

While you can purchase hooks separately, this setup contains the popular starter kit you’ll need for core woodworking tools.

Key features:

  • 2 – 32″ tall x 16″ wide panels plus 1 8″ tall x 32″ wide panel for long clamp storage
  • Same steel construction as other Wall Control products
  • Variety of pegs and a paper towel holder

4. Ultrawall Garage Storage Pegboard Organizer

Ultrawall Garage Storage Pegboard Organizer

The GoPlus 24×48″* features teardrop holes and a heavy duty design great for wrenches and larger tools.

This steel 3-piece unit is heavy duty and includes an assortment of hooks.

Key features:

  • CNC stamped
  • Powder coated metal finish
  • Fits 1/4″ standard pegs
  • 3 18″ wide panels that are 24″ tall – buy more for larger walls

5. WallPeg Plastic Pegboard Tool Organizer


The WallPeg 96″* wide is an economical choice for large applications at a reasonable price.

While not made of steel, this never-rust option features:

  • Made of 4 24×16″ panels
  • Fits 16 and 24″ stud patterns
  • Can mount horizontal or vertical
  • Indoor or outdoor

Since this unit is made of plastic I would only consider it for marine or light duty areas.

Purchasing Considerations for Pegboard Organizer Systems

Depending on your current and future tool inventory you’ll want to plan for a few things:

Setup for a Weekend Warrior vs. a Professional Workshop

While top notch is what most want these systems can be expensive. Especially for the higher end metal units. So as you make decisions on plastic vs. steel and the size of the unit make sure you consider how much you’ll use it and weight of the objects.

Pegboard Construction - Steel vs. Plastic

Weight is always a concern.

No not yours. But the weight of what you’ll be putting on the pegs.

Here’s when I would go steel:

  • You have heavy duty tools
  • Plumbing tools
  • Wrenches – and a lot of them
  • Steel shelving is a goal with slot-design

Otherwise, if budget is a concern, the plastic could work and is the preferred choice in outdoor or marine locations.

Expanding for the Future

If you’re just starting out in a home garage make sure you can expand. In fact, I recommend to buy twice as much panel as you think you need. And if you start to use it up grab another panel now while the manufacturer is matching style and color.

Beyond the Hooks: Teardrop vs. Slit Design

One of the reasons to go with a steel unit is you can use shelving on the pegboard. And with slit designs you’ll have a variety of choices in length and depth like this wall control shelf*.

Configuring to Your Space - Getting Height & Width Right

The good thing is these units are all adaptable to varying stud distances. And it is vital to hit the studs to ensure the maximum load capacity of the pegboard organization system is met.

As you may have noticed, most are in increments of 16 and 24″. And that allows you to either run the panel horizontal or vertical.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pegboard Organizer Systems

What is a pegboard organizer?

A pegboard organizer is a pre-built and pre-framed pegboard unit. They typically come in a series of panels set next to each other to accommodate varying stud distances. Most new pegboard systems are made from steel and replace the traditional wooden pegs.

Can I use standard hooks?

Yes – almost all systems will work with 1/4″ pegs you can buy at a local hardware store.

Do I need to build a frame for pre-built pegboard organizers?

Almost all pegboard organizers have a frame that sets the organizer away from the wall to provide room for the hooks to be inserted.

Can I use these overhead?

You cannot use a pegboard system overhead. But you can check out overhead garage organizers instead (just use hooks from the mesh or frame).


With the variety of high quality pegboard organizer systems available there’s no reason (budget aside) to use a traditional pegboard fiber board.

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