The 7 Best Overhead Garage Storage Racks

While you can build your own storage rack there are many reasons to instead search for one of the best overhead garage storage racks that are ready to hang. Due to the risk of overloading a homemade shelf (do you know the load rating of what you build?) and honestly the cost comparison between a ...

Best Woodworking Ear Protection – Buying Guide

In a connected world it's tough to be in the workshop and not hear your phone or messages come in. So the advance of Bluetooth into woodworking ear protection is a welcomed innovation for many. And for a DIY'er the good thing is you'll be able to re-use Bluetooth hearing protection for other ...

Home Woodworking Shop Setup

A home woodworking shop setup is never simple. Because each space is unique you'll need to consider cars, wood storage and need for portability vs. fixed tools. #1 - What Do You Need From Your Workshop? For the moment don't look at your available workshop space as that's more than ...

The Home Woodworker