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Installing Toe Kick on Cabinets
Cabinet Installation

DIY Guide: Installing Toe Kick on Cabinets

Installing toe kick on cabinets is one of the last steps in a cabinet installation. In this guide learn how to pick the right place to start, how to cut and trim the toe kick and then attach it securely to the cabinets.

Best Wood For Desk Top Red Oak

Choosing The Best Wood For a Desk Top

From plywood to live edge slabs of wood a desktop can be built from a wide variety of woods. Learn what options are available and what the best choice is for your project, tools and budget.

Fastcap Cabinet Jack Holding Cabinets
Cabinet Installation

DIY Guide: Cabinet Installation Accessories

Installing cabinets is a difficult job that can be made easier with a bit of knowledge and the right tools. In this guide learn what accessories you should have on hand for your next cabinet installation.

Cabinet Hanging Rail Kit
Cabinet Installation

Guide to Cabinet Hanging Rail Systems and Brackets

While screwing cabinets to the wall is one way to install cabinets, cabinet hangers offer a much simpler solution. Did you know a standard cabinet installation requires complex measurements to translate wall stud locations to cabinet backs? In this article learn rail systems and what’s best for your installation.

How to Hang Upper Cabinets by Yourself
Cabinet Installation

How to Hang Upper Cabinets By Yourself

Not sure how to hang upper cabinets by yourself? In this guide we’ll show you some tools and tricks that should let you do this job yourself. From helping with the weight of upper cabinets to having the right screws and cabinet installation tools this job can be done alone… First, I’ve installed many kitchens without help. And while it’s not my preferred approach it can be done. However, I’ve had the experience of installing over 100 custom-made kitchens and know

Types of Wood for Furniture
Exterior Furniture

Best Types of Wood For Furniture (Indoor and Outdoor)

When choosing a type of wood for furniture, it’s best to factor in the top three considerations of any woodworking project: cost, location and aesthetics. Budget is often the first consideration in most woodworking projects. And, for furniture -grade wood its wise to keep cost in check. For example, a project that requires 40 board feet of lumber at $8 a board foot will cost you $320. And that’s before you start a saw, buy a hinge or purchase a

Beginner Wood Carving Projects

Beginner Wood Carving Projects, Tools and Safety Tips

Beginner wood carving projects are all about progression. While this hobby is low cost to start, the first few projects will decide your enjoyment. So, rather than start with complex designs, in this article we’ll show you a series of projects that become harder and more challenging to develop your skills. Besides choosing the right projects, be ready to learn about the right tools and key safety supplies. Because carving involves handling sharp knives and gouges it is definitely a

Cabinet Door Stoppers and Bumpers for No Slamming
Door Hardware

Guide to Cabinet Door Stoppers, Bumpers and Dampers

With properly installed cabinet door stoppers your doors will stop hitting the wall and each other. And with cabinet bumpers and aftermarket cabinet dampers your cabinet doors can be upgraded to perform as well as newly installed cabinets. In this article learn how to: Limit the range of swing for a cabinet door How to install aftermarket soft-close to your kitchen And, the best updated cabinet bumpers to finish your upgrade Cabinet Door Stoppers And How They Work Similar Product:

How to Make Shaker Cabinet Doors
Kitchen Cabinets

How To Make Shaker Cabinet Doors

While a cabinet door might seem like a hard thing to build there are only a few basic tools needed. And, of course, a few tricks to buying the right materials and assembling the doors. In this guide learn how to make shaker cabinet doors that you’ll want to show off. While often considered a job only for cabinetmakers, a shaker cabinet door is actually quite simple in its construction: Four wood sticks with a groove to hold the panel

Cabinet Lift to Install Cabinets
Cabinet Installation

Choosing the Best Cabinet Lift to Install Upper Cabinets

Name one tool that’s the cost of a high quality miter saw and could save your back? While a cabinet lift might not have been top of mind, for a woodworker or contractor it’s one of those obscure tools that can avoid injuries. Why do I care? Well, I’ve built and installed more than my share of kitchens and furniture pieces.  And I’ve had two back surgeries because of it.  Why do I link cabinets and back issues? Well, cabinets and