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Best 22″ Drawer Slides For Cabinet or Furniture Projects

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Almost every kitchen has 22″ drawer slides moving drawers in and out. While some are basic like the epoxy slide, others have integrated push to open with soft closing technology to enhance ease of use.

In this article we’ll review ten of the best drawer slides for your project that will fit your capability and budget.

Before we begin, choosing the best slides has to take into account your project needs:

  • For new drawers, all drawer slides can be considered. Budget may be your biggest factor.
  • For retrofit drawers the side gap and cabinet construction need to be considered
  • Slides can support weights from 50 pounds up to heavy duty 500# or more
  • Self closing slides to prevent drawers from opening
  • Soft closing to prevent slamming drawers (see best soft close drawer slides for more)
  • Push to touch for hardware-less drawers.

22" Drawer Slides

1. 22" Epoxy Drawer Slides (Economy)

Epoxy 22 Drawer Slide

Recommended: The South Main Hardware* 22″ bottom mount epoxy 22″ drawer slides are economical and well reviewed.

2. 22" Under mount soft close Drawer Slides

Blum 22 Drawer Slide

Recommended: The Blum Tandem with Blumotion are the ultimate in soft closing under mount slides.

3. Economy ball bearing 22" drawer slides

Economy 22 Drawer Slide

Recommended: The Promark 22″ side mount ball bearing slides are an economical choice with enhanced features like full extension vs. epoxy slides. 1/2″ side gap.

4. 22" Soft close side mount ball bearing with full extension

Lontan 22 Drawer Slide

Recommended: The Lontan Soft Close slides offer 100# capacity and full extension for a solid kitchen drawer ball bearing slide (new or upgrade). 1/2″ side gap.

5. 22" Drawer Slides - Ball Bearing (Self Close)

Ball Bearing 22 Drawer Slide

Recommended: The Accuride 22″ ball bearing slides feature full extension, 100# capacity and detents that hold the drawer shut and prevent bounce-back. 1/2″ side gap.

6. Center Mount (Wood)

Center Mount 22 Drawer Slide

Recommended: The Waterville Woodcraft center mount wood slides are perfect for replacements or for antique-quality furniture where slides won’t fit.

7. Push to Open (Economy)

Push to Open 22 Drawer Slide

Recommended: The Berta Push to  Open 22″ drawer slides are an economical choice for push-to-open capability.

8. 22" Drawer Slides With Push to Open And Soft Close

Push to Open Soft Close 22 Drawer Slide

Recommended: The King Slides feature full extension, push to open and soft close in a slide matching it’s name.

9. Heavy Duty 22" Drawer Slides (250#)

Heavy Duty 22 Drawer Slide

Recommended: The TCH 250# Ball Bearing 22″ drawer slides will tackle a large 250-pound load with their 3-stage over-travel design. Note the 3/4″ side gap requirement.

10. Heavy Duty (500#)

Heavy Duty 500 Pound 22 Drawer Slide

Recommended: The Hettich 500# ball bearing slides feature full extension and a massive load bearing capacity. Like the TCH’s, there is a 3/4″ side gap requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions for 22" Drawer Slides

What size drawer slides do I need?

A rule of thumb to determine the size of drawer slides is the depth of the cabinet from the wall to the face frame or frame minus 2″. So for a standard 24″ kitchen cabinet a 22″ slide is required. Most slides have a 1/2″ side size gap requirement but that can vary with slides like Blum or heavy duty slides.

What is a ball bearing drawer slide?

Ball bearing drawer slides are constructed of interlocking steel slides that glide on a series of ball bearings. Because of their all-steel construction they offer heavy duty performance. However, due to their intricate alignment needs the slides need to be installed with precision.

Key features of  ball bearing slide:

    • Usually full extension due to heavy duty design.
    • Feature a “snap to release” lever for removing the drawer from the cabinet.
    • Available in lengths up to 60″ and weight capacity of 1000 pounds  (and more).

How much space do you need for a drawer slide?

Space for a drawer slide varies by slide design. While there are a wide variety of slides that use a “standard” 1/2″ gap the following slides use a different width:

    • Blum Tandem slides have a gap requirement smaller than 1/2″ and require a custom bottom.
    • Heavy duty slides over 250 pound capacity typically have a 3/4″ side space requirement.

What are the best drawer slides?

While the best drawer slides have to account for your budget, my favorite operating drawer slide is without a doubt the Blum Tandem Blumotion* As they feature soft close, are hidden as an under mount and have an easy opening force they work extremely well.


Hopefully this guide was useful to find the best 22″ drawer slide for your project. 

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