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The Best Undermount Drawer Slides for Any Drawer

Updated: August 14, 2023
In this guide, learn the best undermount drawer slides, top features, and the brands that put these slides to the rigorous tests that make them worth the extra investment.
Best Undermount Drawer Slides
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The Best Undermount Drawer Slides for Any Drawer

Blum 563H Undermount

Professionals Pick For Drawer Slides




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  › value option: salice undermount (woodcraft)

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When it comes to drawer slides, the undermount drawer slide is the woodworker’s choice as it has the smoothest operation and is invisible once installed. But with a limited amount of manufacturers, how do you pick the best undermount drawer slide for your project?

Well, brands like Blum make it easy as they are industry certified and the top choice of premier cabinet makers. 

But there are there other things to consider:

  • Weight rating (100-150 pounds)
  • Soft closing 
  • Full extension
  • Rear mounting brackets
  • Available lengths
  • Push-to-open operation

In this guide, learn the right slide for your project and budget.

Undermount Drawer Slide Features

With the many types of drawer slides, it’s often confusing to even experienced woodworkers just how these slides work. For undermount drawer slides, key features include:

  • Almost all are full extension
  • For heavy-duty applications, some manufacturers support a 150-pound rated slide (Blum, namely)
  • These slide types are soft closing and stay closed through the use of springs
  • Undermount slides are not visible when installed
  • Both frameless and face frame cabinets are supported
  • Undermounts require a custom drawer width and space underneath the drawer to operate

Purchasing Tips and Tricks

When buying undermount slides, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • The drawer slide comes in three parts: slide, locking mechanism, and optional rear mount bracket for face frame cabinets
  • Brand names are best as they certify their slides for open and close cycles (durability)
  • Woodworkers like to have a spare drawer slide on-hand. Ordering an extra to hide away on a large project is never a bad idea if the drawer is years later.
  • Undermounts are not best for retrofits unless the drawer is currently an undermount. Side mount drawer slides are best for replacement drawer slides.

Undermount Drawer Slide Overview

Before digging deeper into an undermount drawer slide, there are four other main types of drawer slides:

  • Bottom mount drawer slides, aka “epoxy slides,” are screwed to the bottom of the drawer side and the side of the cabinet rail. These are inferior slides as they have a partial extension and do not have soft closing.
  • Side mount drawer slides are the most popular and use a heavy-duty ball-bearing mechanism. These slides are visible and attached to the side of the drawer and cabinet.
  • Top mount drawer slides are commonly used for pencil drawers and attach to the bottom of a desk, table, or other surface and the side of the cabinet.
  • Center mount drawer slides are most common in dressers, and use a single slide in the center of the drawer. These slides are not soft closing and have only partial extension.

Undermount Slide Features

Fortunately, undermount slides are all generally made the same. While side mounts come in self-closing, soft closing, push-to-open, heavy-duty, and many other combinations, this isn’t so with under mounts.

Key features include:

  • Soft closing is standard and will gently pull the drawer shut using springs and a damper
  • Self-closing is accomplished through the use of springs that will keep the drawer shut (essential for any moving furniture)
  • Hidden design that uses a custom drawer design to conceal the slide
  • Full extension to allow you to reach the back of the drawers

Drawer Requirements

You’ll find some unique requirements when matching the drawer slide to the drawer. For example, side and bottom mount slides use a standard 1/2″ side clearance. 

But, for undermount slides, there are custom drawer needs:

  • First, buy the drawer slides first, then layout the drawer and slide to match the opening as you build the drawer
  • Undermounts can use as little as 1/4″ of side clearance
  • And an undermount will require a custom side clearance to the space under the drawer bottom to fit. Including a notch cut in the back of the drawer.

Are you looking to replace existing slides? Instead of trying to do an undermount work, you can choose a top-rated side mount drawer slide instead.

Best Undermount Drawer Slides

1. Blum 563H Undermount (Best Overall)

Blum 563H Drawer Slide

See on Amazon: Blum 563H 

Top Features

  1. Durability. Blum tests their drawer slides for 100,000 cycles (twice the ANSI standard)
  2. Easy to open with no spring resistance common in knock-off slides
  3. Silent when opening
  4. Full extension
  5. Soft closing


From kitchens to furniture, if you are building a quality project and want a drawer slide that might outlast your drawer itself then turn to the Blum 563H. 

As one of the few manufacturers that makes their professional-grade slides widely available, the Blum offer up performance, durability and features.

Plus, as your slides age or are abused,  Blum is very likely to be around in 20 years to offer a replacement slide.


  • Reputation for durability
  • Industry ANSI/BHMA grade 1
  • Lengths from 12 to 21″
  • Available in bulk packs
  • Easy to install


  • Price

2. OCG Undermount (Best Budget)

OCG Undermount Slide

See on Amazon: OCG Undermount Slides 

Top Features

  1. Brand – OCG has been manufacturing slides for 15+ years and offers support.
  2. Full extension
  3. Soft closing
  4. All parts included
  5. 75-pound capacity


It isn’t easy to find an alternative to the Blum brand that offers up all of the capabilities plus the reputation for durability.

However, in the last few years, brands like OCG have come to the front with slides that meet many woodworkers’ quality concerns with ‘imitations.’ 

And, avoiding a trick some import slides attempt, these slides include all the hardware and screws you’ll need.


  • Common lengths (12,15,18,21)
  • Soft closing
  • Full extension
  • Supports 1/2 and 5/8-inch drawer sides
  • Includes everything for an installation


  • Lower weight rating than Blum

3. Salice Undermount (Brand Alternative)

Salice Undermount Slide

See on Woodcraft: Salice Drawer Slides

Top Features

  1. Full extension
  2. Soft closing
  3. ANSI grade 1
  4. 100 pound static / 75 fluid capacity


The Salice line of Futura runners features all of the similar components of the Blum and a similar reputation for producing high-quality slides.

While less mainstream than the Blum, these slides are harder to find, and woodworkers know to watch out for deals that sell just the slide (not the front clip and rear mounting bracket).


  • Common lengths (12,15,18,21)
  • Soft closing
  • Full extension
  • ANSI standards


  • Harder to find
  • Some retailers sell only the slide, not the accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Are undermount drawer slides better?

While it is always tough to say something is “best,” when it comes to drawer slides, the undermount slides are indeed best. Because they are hidden from sight, have the best design for soft closing, and are easily the quietest drawer slides, you can’t go wrong with under mounts for new drawers. However, they are only best for retrofits if you replace the same brands.

What is the difference between undermount and bottom mount drawer slides?

First of all, drawer slide names need to be clarified. Undermount drawer slides are best thought of as being 100% “under” the drawer so that the sides of the drawer will never show the slide. Bottom mount slides, however, are screwed to the bottom of the drawer edge but are visible on the bottom side of the drawer. And bottom mound slides are usually partial extensions and will not feature a soft closing.

Do they make soft closing center mount slides?

Because of the design of a center mount drawer, having a soft close is not possible, as the single damper would have to catch and close the entire drawer. Further, a center mount slide is almost always a partial extension and a soft close requires a full extension slide.

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