Best Drawer Slide Jig to Avoid a Slide Installation Headache

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Chances are if you’re looking for the best drawer slide jig you’ve installed a drawer before. Or maybe you’re trying to right now and finding it’s more difficult than expected.

Drawer slide jigs are a lifesaver on time and installation accuracy for drawers. Because drawer slides have advanced with features like soft close they require a whole new level of installation accuracy.

So what makes for the best drawer slide jig? Well factors like ease of clamping, support for frameless and face frame cabinets, magnetic holds, indexing rods for repeated slides, and versatility for all the various types of slides are a must.

In this article we’ll review the top jigs and the pros and cons of each. While jigs are relatively inexpensive (less than the slide, in some cases) you’ll want re-usability for your current project and others to come.

Editors Choice

The Kreg Tool Company KHI-SLIDE drawer slide jig offers flexibility for frameless and face frame cabinets. It's simple design with easy clamping make quick work of drawer slide installation.

I also recommend at least one face clamp as well.

Best Drawer Slide Jig

List of best drawer slide jigs
Kreg Tool Company KHI-SLIDEUse for all drawer slide and cabinet types (frameless or face frame)9.5
Rockler Universal JigDesigned for ball bearing slides but limited use for other slide types.9.1
Rockler Undermount Jig (BLUM)Designed for Blum Tandem under mount slides8.9
Drawer JigMost drawer slide types but limited to frameless cabinet construction.7.8


The Kreg KHI-SLIDE drawer jig is one of the most versatile jigs on the market. Due to it’s simple design and indexing tabs it can install just about any style of drawer.

It checks the box on these important features:

    • Supports frameless and face frame cabinets
    • Installation of ball bearing, epoxy, undermount and centermount drawers.
    • Easy to clamp
    • Reversible for left and right hand slide installation
    • Simple design for ease of use

While it lacks the made-for-ball-bearing utility of the runner up (Rockler’s jig) it doesn’t limit your choice of slides.

If your projects call for a steady diet of ball bearing slides then this is a must-have jig. Even if you have your eyes on another jig like the Kreg, the innovative features of this jig make it a must for ball bearings.

How does it work? Well here’s a few features to note:

    • Insert the cabinet side of the slide on the jig track
    • Move the locking lever down to grip the slide.
    • (Optional) use the indexing jig to set the height in the cabinet.
    • Use a face clamp to hold the jig in place.
    • Insert screws.

No other jig on the market can install a ball bearing slide as easy. And, it also supports epoxy and some undermount slides as well.

The JIG IT is built specifically for undermount slides and the unique installation needs they require.

With a dual-jig customized to BLUM Tandem slides you’ll be able to set holes for the slides attached to the drawer. Then, leveraging a pistol style hand grip the jig will make quick work of placing the slides in the cabinet.

With an extra long indexing rod, built-in indexing and simple design this jig will work on all frameless cabinets.

But the only drawback? Due to it’s height and design it will not work for face frame cabinets.

How do you use a drawer slide jig?

Drawer slide jigs are typically used in four simple steps:

  1. Mark the desired position of the bottom of the drawer slide on the cabinet.
  2. Clamp the drawer slide jig in place on the edge of the cabinet.
  3. Set the drawer slide on the jig and position the slide for setback.
  4. Screw the drawer slide to the side of the cabinet.

What makes for the best drawer slide jig? In my experience you’ll want a jig that supports multiple styles of drawers and cabinet construction.

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