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20 Best Stocking Stuffers for Woodworkers

Woodworks like to buy what they want and that makes picking gifts for them difficult. Even stocking stuffers for woodworkers can be a challenge to pick out.

But in this guide we’ll show you stocking stuffers that are so new they likely won’t own them. Or an everyday item that they will appreciate stocking up on.

And remember: most woodworkers appreciate not receiving whatever deal is at the end of the tool aisle in a big box store.

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Stocking Stuffers for Woodworkers

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - Kreg marking tool

From marking dovetails to hole locations a compact (and inexpensive) multi-tool with level will be appreciated

This Made in USA marking tool offers a variety of measuring and marking options in a compact form. And almost all woodworkers know that Kreg tools is a must have brand for woodworking jigs of all kinds.

Installing trim and need an offset marking? Need a compact level? All in one with this name brand tool.

Woodworking apron stocking stuffer

You may already know this but wood glue destroys clothing. An apron helps stop this and offers up pockets for storing pencils.

Do you have a woodworker in your life that ruins every new shirt and pants with glue?  Help them stop the clothing damage and invest in a woodworking apron to catch the mess. 

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - japanese saw

Woodworkers own ALL types of saws but very few own a handy Japanese saw. These are useful for making dovetails and flush cutting dowels.

Putting aside its cool looks, this saw is a precision tool that will make fast work of flush cutting dowels, doing hand cut dovetails and more. 

And, most DIY’ers won’t splurge on a Japanese saw so it’s unlikely your woodworker will own it. But they will appreciate it.

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 320 (Pocket Hole Jig 320)

Any aspiring woodworker starts with pocket holes for joining wood. Which is why Kreg (#1 brand) sells a massive number of their jigs.

Every entry level woodworker starts out with a Kreg pocket hole jig.

Because this jig allows for connecting two pieces of wood in just about any imaginable way you’ll be giving a great start gift.

But, if you’re pondering a larger gift, check out our guide to pocket hole jigs (the K5 is a GREAT large woodworkers gift).

Best benchtop planer - DW734

If your woodworker struggles with fractions, is a lefty, or needs a place to write their measurements this is a MUST BUY.

If you need guides down to 1/16″ of an inch then this is THE tape measure you’ve been looking for. 

And, rather than carry around a second scrap of wood or paper with measurements you can just write them on the side of the tape measure and take it with you.

FastCap, by the way, is easily the most innovative woodworking supplier with a product process based in LEAN manufacturing. And hence this tape measure.

Best benchtop planer - DW734

With over 10 amputations a day on power tools a push block is a must-own for woodworkers.

I cringe whenever I see videos of DIY’ers putting their hands inches away from blades or joiner knives. 

So why a push block? As a stocking stuffer for woodworkers this gift is inexpensive and will be perfect for a woodworker with basic tools like a joiner or bandsaw.

And, like most tools, there are full-blown gifts like the GRR-RIPPER table saw pushblock that offer advanced control while cutting wood.

Magnetic wrist band

Stop losing drill bits and screws with a handy magnetized wristband to hold them in place.

Not much to stay about this one other than it will help organize and hold screws during woodworking projects. 

And, this makes a great gift combination for pocket hole jigs as screws will be used all the time to assemble projects.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - sanding stick

Sand into small crevices and corners with precision.

For a gift that fits into a traditional stocking these sanding sticks are a great “didn’t know I could use it until I needed it” gift. Even if your woodworker makes large projects there are always a few nooks and crannies to sand.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - safety goggles

Almost every woodworking task requires a good pair of safety glasses to prevent flying wood and nails from damaging eyes.

So, definitely a theme of safety supplies. After hearing and fingers comes protection for your woodworkers eyes with a pair of anti-fog safety glasses. And, these NoCry brand offer adjustable side and nose pieces for fit to just about any face.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - hearing protection

Protect your woodworkers hearing and let them listen to music or make and take calls with a bluetooth ear muff.

The first stocking stuffer on this list is a pretty easy one to know if they own it or not: you’ve probably seen them wearing hearing protectors (or not).

Why does this make a great gift? Safety of course, but these hearing protectors also offer:

  • Built-in Bluetooth for listening to music
  • Ability to make and take phone calls 
Want to spend more and make this a full woodworkers gift? Check out our guide to the best woodworking hearing protection for upgraded versions.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - Kreg face clamp

Almost every woodworking task requires a good pair of safety glasses to prevent flying wood and nails from damaging eyes.

Any woodworker will tell you that they can never have enough of a few tools. And, clamps fall into this category. So adding a face clamp or two from the top brand in face clamps (Kreg) and pocket hole jigs is a sure bet stocking stuffer for any woodworker.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - carpenter pencil

For about the lowest cost stocking stuff you can find - but will be appreciated regardless - this marking pencil solves one of the most vexing woodworking issues: a sharp pencil.

Anyone who’s worked with wood knows that a sharp pencil is tough to keep. And, sharpening the standard carpenter pencil is a HASSLE.

So, these flat designed pencils with refillable leads will easily mark out lines in wood and make for a cheap stocking stuffer.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - wood glue

Any woodworker goes through glue. And lots of it. Giving the #1 brand in glue should always be welcomed.

Titebond is the #1 brand in wood glue and the Titebond Ultimate III offers waterproof flexibility for indoor and outdoor projects.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - woodworking scribe

From drawing basic circles to scribing projects against the wall during installation a scribe is a great addition to any woodworkers toolbox.

This budget friendly scribe is something most woodworkers don’t know about. But, they need one for scribing trim, installing cabinet fillers and many other precision jobs.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - Kreg face clamp

I own dozens of pipe clamps and would always be willing to accept a few more into my collection.

As one of the must have woodworking clamps, a pipe clamp is a unique clamp in that you can buy (and fit) a pair into a stocking-sized stuffer.

And since your woodworker will know what to do with them (buy a $10 piece of black pipe) they’ll appreciate a high quality, professional duty clamp like the Bessey’s listed here.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - wood chisels

While I try to keep my chisels in good condition, they seem to always be nicked or covered in glue. A good quality set is always welcomed.

Over the years I’ve tended to abuse chisels just about more than any other tool. So, I buy inexpensive ones and replace them as they become damaged past easy sharpening and repair (like this set).

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - Wood marking tool

From marking centers on face frames to making outlines for cuts with a bandsaw or jigsaw this top branded Incra marking tool is a great gift.

Every now and then a woodworker will find the need to make precise layouts and this Incra-branded marking rule is a great way to do so. Featuring marking holes from 1/32″ and up in increments precision layouts are easily done.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - Drill Drivers

One thing in woodworking is common across all skill levels: you will lose your drill drivers.

Most woodworkers have all the standard Phillips and Square drive bits. Or, they are around somewhere in a drawer. Maybe.

By giving a stocking stuffer of wood screw driving bits you’ll replenish their supply and give them a stock of Torx-drive bits they might just need as well.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - tshirt

For a gift you'll be sure they don't have just pick their size and offer up a funny woodworking tshirt. It's probably true...

While a professional woodworker might be offended a novice or weekend warrior would probably appreciate this t-shirt.

Stocking stuffers for woodworkers - broken bolt extractor

Broken screws are a habit most pocket hole joinery woodworkers fight. Which make these screw extractors a must have.

If you’ve seen along the way that casual woodworkers use a type of wood joinery called “pocket hole” you might be surprised to know that means assembling with screws.

And, when screws are used in anything other than softwood they do one thing: break.

So, a quality (but stocking stuffer sized) gift of a screw extractor is a great gift.

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Last update on 2022-09-25 at 02:03 / Images from Amazon

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