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20 Stocking Stuffers for Woodworkers – 2020 Gift Guide

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When Christmas comes around my family is usually left wondering what to buy me. After a 20+ year stint of buying tools I’m a woodworker who has most of what I need and a lot of what I wanted. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t stocking stuffers for woodworkers that I wouldn’t appreciate this year.

Since most woodworkers have special needs this list is built by a pro and has tools a woodworker wants. And if your woodworker is like me, please don’t buy me the “deals” on the end rack of the big box holiday display.

Stocking Stuffers for Woodworkers

ImageProductPurposeShop Amazon
Dust maskSafety first with this modern dust mask with carbon filterCheck Price
Milwaukee Tick Tool TrackerTrack all your tool locations with a smartphone app and these tool-attached ticks.Check Price
ISOTunes BluetoothOSHA approved 27dB noise reducing Bluetooth hearing protectionCheck Price
2-in-1 Laser Tape MeasureFor a novice woodworker who may need a second (laser) opinion on a measurement.Check Price
The Bucketeer Tool OrganizerFast and accessible storage for portable tools (bucket not included).Check Price
Magnetic wrist organizerGive the gift of convenient access to screws and bits for anyone handy on your listCheck Price
Drill HolsterHeavy duty holster puts the cordless drill right by your side.Check Price
Sanding sticksDetail sanding sticks to tackle detailed/small projects.Check Price
Anti-fog safety googlesSafety goggles with an elastic headband to keep them in place anywhere.Check Price
Cordless RatchetFrom assembling tools to fixing things around the garage this is a dream ratchet.Check Price
Kreg Face ClampVersatile clamp for jigs of most kinds, pocket hole screws and many other usesCheck Price
Dewalt Pilot Point BitsPilot point bits for drilling holes in any type of woodCheck Price
Titebond Wood GlueThe professionals choice in wood glue. Every woodworker needs a fresh bottle.Check Price
Profiler+ ScribeUltimate wood scribe for any woodworker who installs projects in the home.Check Price
Japanese pull sawA Japanese saw is a must for flush cuts or hand-cut dovetailsCheck Price
Bessey pipe clampEvery woodworker needs a few more pipe clamps and these 3/4″ Bessey’s are perfectCheck Price
POWERTEC table saw push stickSafety first with this push stick for your table saw that features built-in magnetsCheck Price
Bosch driver bit setEvery woodworker needs an updated set of driver bits.Check Price
Honest t-shirtA t-shirt that every woodworker can relate to (and should admit it)Check Price
Oshlun Laser GuideThis device adds a laser line to almost any miter sawCheck Price

1. BASE CAMP dust mask for the woodworker that won't wear a mask

With a comfortable mask* a woodworker is more likely to keep dust out of their lungs.

This first stocking stuffers for woodworkers is an  important one. As a modern-day upgrade to the flimsy white dust masks this carbon activated mask will filter 99% of dust and particles. 

2. Milwaukee "Ticks" to track your tools at home or on the job-site

Ticks tool tracking system

Reduce the risk of losing tools with the Milwaukee Tick* system that simply adheres to any tool. Just download the smartphone app and register your ticks. And then track them whenever they are in Bluetooth range.

Finishing up the theme of sanding, if your woodworker isn’t always adhering to the dust mask protocol this mask may help. As a modern-day upgrade to the flimsy white dust masks this carbon activated masks filters 99% of dust and particles. 

3. Bluetooth powered OSHA hearing protectors

Bluetooth ear protection

Give the gift of Bluetooth earbuds* to reduce the monotony of droning power tools.

When you think of stocking stuffers for woodworkers don’t forget hearing protection is important.

So why not add a little something extra to allow them to stream music from their smartphone? And their won’t be any excuse for not hearing a call or text reminder.

4. 2-in1 laser tape measure for the gadget loving woodworker

Gadget tape measure stocking stuffer

For the woodworker who loves a gadget. Or, one that may struggle with reading fractions this laser tape measure* is both a standard tape plus a laser.

And with a digital display you’ll be able to quickly verify your fractions are right.

5. Bucket organizer stocking stuffer for easy access and portability of tools

Bucket organizer

This stocking stuffer for woodworkers is a go-anywhere bucket storage organizer*.

But paired with a bucket (sold separate) your woodworker will have 30 storage slots for hammers, chisels, prybars and other hand tools.

6. Magnetic screw and driver wristband for easy access to small accessories

Stocking stuffer wrist organizer with magnets

A magnetic wrist organizer* will keep all the small bits and screws handy – for woodworkers of any kind.

This first one is a gift most woodworkers wouldn’t buy for themselves. However, it’s simple design and concept is a great gift for a DIY’er or professional to keep screws handy.

And it beats my method of holding a screw or two in my mouth when I’m installing kitchen cabinets.

7. The Dewalt drill holster will keep the tool a woodworker always loses right on their hip

Dewalt drill holster

With a hip holster* any woodworker can keep one of the most used tools close by.

Because apart from saws a cordless drill is attached to just about every woodworkers hip. Now with this stocking stuffers for woodworkers you’ll be able to make that happen – literally.

But seriously I lose my drill all the time. While it’s where I last left it, I don’t always remember where that is.

8. Sanding sticks for small projects and tight corners

Small sanding sticks

For a gift that fits into a traditional stocking these sanding sticks are a great “didn’t know I could use it until I needed it” gift. Even if your woodworker makes large projects there are always a few nooks and crannies to sand.

9. Safety googles that will stay put and shield from flying objects

Safety googles stocking stuffers for woodworkers

The safety googles* are one safety device every woodworker needs to wear. If you have seen them use a saw or nailer without them then give this gift early.

With a firm fit and anti-fog design these safety googles won’t let much if anything by them. And for a woodworker that’s prone to take them off the elastic strap will help keep them in place.

10. Cordless ratchet to assemble tools and make repairs on machinery

Cordless ratchet stocking stuffer

While this cordless ratchet* is maybe more a gift than just a stocking stuffers for woodworkers it’s a pretty useful one. And it does fit nicely in a stocking.

From assembling that new table saw or other large tool you may have purchased, this ratchet is a perfect complement to any woodworking shop.

With it’s small design this ratchet will reach into small spaces and make quick work of assembly and repair work.

11. Kreg face clamp for clamping just about everything

Kreg face clamp stocking stuffers

This face clamp* will fit into any workshop. Because if you’ve been in the garage of any woodworker you’ll know if there are 5 clamps there are 50.

A face clamp is a perfect clamp for wood as it’s flat face won’t make a dent in most woods. And with use from clamping pocket screws to various blocks on the bench there’s always room for this clamp.

12. Pilot hole drill bits to make precision placed holes in wood

Pilot hole drill bits

With pilot hole drill bits* putting a hole in wood exactly where you want it will be feasible.will fit into any workshop.

And if I had a dollar for every drill bit under 3/16″ I’ve lost I’d have enough for some other new tool.

But with a case of these perhaps you’ll improve the odds this woodworkers gift will make it intact for a few years to come.

13. Woodworkers glue for just about everything

Woodworkers glue stocking stuffer

Every woodworkers bench has a bottle of glue* and odds are the tip is worn and ready to be replaced.

So grabbing your woodworker another bottle (even if they have gallons) will come in handy for future glue-up projects. And that makes this stocking stuffers for woodworkers a can’t miss purchase.

14. The ultimate woodworking scribe will trace anything smooth or rough

Wood scribe for woodworkers gift

This wood scribe* for  woodworkers will come in handy for matching cabinets to the wall. A must for anyone who installs cabinets.

While over the years I’ve grown adept to using a finger and a pencil the Profiler+ can’t be beat for it’s rough and smooth edge abilities.

15. A unique saw most woodworkers don't own - but should

Japanese saw stocking stuffer

With a Japanese saw* a woodworker can cleanly cutoff dowels or make handmade dovetails.

This stocking stuffer is a saw a novice or even intermediate woodworker may not own. But due to it’s unique design it’s a lifesaver on projects where a close cut is needed.

16. The pipe clamp no woodworker can be without or have enough of

Pipe clamp woodworkers stocking stuffer

Buying more pipe clamps* is never going to be met with “I have enough”.

While I have over 25 in my home workshop I ran out a few weekends ago on a glue-up project. So yes, buying a few more is going to be welcomed. Seriously, we all want more of these.

And they’ll figure out where to buy more black pipe. Besides it won’t fit in the stocking.

17. Safety first with a table saw push stick

Table saw push stick stocking stuffer

For a push stick* just take a look at your woodworkers table saw and see if one is laying around.

And if it’s not sticking to the side of the table saw then consider this magnetized push stick. Due to this feature alone I always know where mine is and automatically reach for it.

18. Replacement driver bits to replace all the ones lost

Driver bits stocking stuffer for woodworkers

I lose driver bits* more often than small drill bits so a woodworker will welcome a new set of them.

Besides there’s always some new type of screw head that we encounter and an updated set of bits will give us what we need at our fingertips.

19. Some stocking stuffers for woodworkers speak for themselves - like this t-shirt

Funny t-shirt stocking stuffer

So just one t-shirt* on this list, but it’s a shirt any woodworker can appreciate.

Sometimes the hearing protectors are for the innocents that walk into the workshop. Enough said.

20. Laser disc to make the miter saw blade path light up

Laser disc stocking stuffer

With an add-on laser disc just about any miter saw can have a lighted path for showing where the blade is going to go.

Because safety is always first, not only will this disc show where the blade is coming it will help keep hands out of the way. Due to it’s aggressive blade the miter saw is one of the most dangerous tools in the shop and this might make it just a little bit safer. But safety is up to the operator…

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