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Festool DOMINO Joiner Alternatives

The Best Festool DOMINO Alternatives

The Festool DOMINO is the undisputed king of loose tenon joinery. And while Festool owns the patent on this hand-held tool, there are Festool DOMINO alternatives that will either cut loose tenons or offer similar strength joints with different methods.

Woodworking Clamps Mistakes

10 Woodworking Mistakes Everyone Makes and How to Fix Them

Woodworking is a hobby that takes years (or decades) to master because of the tools, techniques, and wide variety of project types. Every woodworker, then, is learning, making mistakes, and correcting themselves. While there are hundreds of ways to do things wrong, some basic woodworking mistakes tend to be the same across many wood shops. So rather than learn the hard way, in this article, discover what mistakes you might be making and how to correct them. Number 10 might

Power Tool Brands for Woodworking

9 Unique Tool Brands For Serious Woodworkers

Makita vs. Dewalt. Milwaukee vs. Festool. Woodworkers are used to comparing tool brands to decide what their next tools should be. But what most woodworkers miss is the unique tool brands that make woodworking faster, easier and improve quality. For example, FastCap has a glue bottle that takes the hard squeeze out of that Titebond bottle your stressed hand is used to gripping. Or, Powertec has a huge line of high quality tools at a much discounted price vs. large

How to Learn Woodworking

How to Learn Woodworking in 12 Easy Steps

For those new to woodworking the learning curve can be daunting. While there is no one way on how to learn woodworking, there are a series of basic steps that will help start a hobby that can fuel a passion for decades. And while learning as you build is required, it is best to spend some time understanding the basics. Because learning woodworking is also learning what type of woodworking might be best for you. How to Learn Woodworking in

How to Fix Warped Wood

DIY Guide: How to Fix Warped Wood

Too many projects either start with warped wood, or are built and then suffer from it. But, it is both preventable and fixable with the proper attention to WHY wood warps. In this article learn how to fix warped wood. You probably know this, but the #1 enemy of wood is moisture.  To combat moisture damaging wood requires a special drying process to ensure it is ready for use in woodworking projects, proper storage and maintaining the finished product in

Finish Carpentry Tools

Finish Carpentry Tools For Woodworking

When woodworking projects involve fitting perfect wood into an imperfect home having the right finish carpentry tools is a must. And, fortunately, these tools are useful for many other home woodworking jobs. Not sure what specialty tools for installing trim you’ll need? In this article learn about the best trim carpentry tools.

Harbor Freight Wood Tools

A Woodworkers Guide to Harbor Freight Wood Tools

With over 1000 stores around the US it’s likely a Harbor Freight is within a hundred miles of you. And these stores offer budget friendly tools great for new woodworkers. In this article learn what Harbor Freight wood working tools are great finds and what you should consider buying elsewhere.

How to Glue Wood Panels

How to Glue Wood Panels

One of the easiest, but most feared tasks for new woodworkers is learning how to glue wood panels. Is the wood dry enough (or, why does that matter)? Do I need to alternate grains? What’s the best wood glue? How long does it need to dry? Learn how to properly glue wood panels in this guide.

How to Use a Dovetail Jig

How to Use A Dovetail Jig – 7 Tips And Tricks

Making dovetail drawers is easy once you conquer your fear of how to use a dovetail jig. In fact, many people have given up on this high quality drawer construction in fear of this simple jig. But, in this article we’ll show you seven tips on using a dovetail jig to help you master building dovetail drawers . I rarely take the easy way out when woodworking. In fact, I prefer to build four corner dovetail drawers over the standard

Fastcap Tools Upper Hand Cabinet Jack

7 Innovative Fastcap Tools Every Woodworker Should Own

Haven’t heard of Fastcap? Did you know they make tools for “everything in between” the tools most other suppliers make? Need a glue bottle that actually works? How about a third hand for lifting cabinets? Or the ultimate foam for organizing your tools?  I’ve been buying tools for decades and just ran across Fastcap last year. And found they are a must for woodworkers to bookmark and add to their shopping list. While I started my collection with a cabinet