Best Parallel Clamps Woodworking

The Best Parallel Clamps for Woodworking Projects

Parallel clamps stand out among all woodworking clamps with their quality and precision.  And, they are also the most expensive woodworking clamp. Not sure what brand to buy? Or, looking for the best budget parallel clamp? Learn what clamp is best for your shop in this article.

Makita Track Cutting Rubber

9 Track Saw Accessories to Maximize Your Saws Capabilities

There is a lot more to using a track saw than just pairing it with a track. In fact, as the track saws popularity has increased the number of clamps, guides, measurement tools and other track saw accessories has grown rapidly. What does that mean for woodworkers? Instead of a track saw just being a high quality saw to cut plywood and other material to shape there are tools that: Allow for fast clamping Make repeatable rip cuts Setup perfect …

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The Best Router Lifts For Your Router Table

Unlike many tool purchases, choosing the best router lift for your router table doesn’t require looking at dozens of brands. In fact, there are only a half dozen brands to choose from. So what matters in a router lift? Well, consider: Hard anodized base plates made from aluminum Compatibility with your router and table Sealed bearing lifts for smooth operation On-table bit changes to remove the need to lift the router from the table Micro-adjustment Height lock to avoid slippage …

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Nail Removal Tools From Wood

7 Simple Tools to Remove Nails From Wood

Removing nails from wood without damage to the wood is a trick that takes carpenters and other professionals years to master. And the right tools. While some nail removing tasks require limiting damage to the wood, other extractions in rough lumber are simply about quickly and efficiently removing the nail.  In this guide learn about nail removing tools that: Disassemble pallets in no time Pull large nails from softwoods Extract small nails And, lastly, help remove the wood to let …

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Best Vix Bits for Self Centering Holes

The Best Vix Bits For Drilling Self Centered Holes

Ever tried installing door hardware and center the screw holes? Unless you used a vix bit you probably ended up with mis-aligned hardware. Not sure what the best vix bits are – or the features that matter? In this article we’ll review this unique self centering drill bit, how to use it, and the top brands.

Best wood glue scraper

The Best Wood Glue Scrapers for Large and Small Jobs

While at first glance a scraper seems simple to buy, finding the best glue scraper requires a little research. Did you know glue scrapers design, weight, handle and cutting edge all dictate performance? In this article learn what the right wood glue scraper is for your projects.

Best Router Table

The Best Router Tables, Lifts and Accessories

Without my router table I wouldn’t have been able to build the furniture and kitchens projects I have in the last decade. While the best router table depends on your budget and projects there is also a few accessories overlooked by most new-to-router-table shoppers.

Best Cabinet Clamps

Choosing The Best Woodworking Clamps For Your Projects

Having the best cabinet clamps on hand will help with everything from panel gluing to assembling finished doors. But did you know there are over a dozen varieties of clamps for jobs like rough gluing, box assembly, door clamping and even specialty cabinet claws used during installation? In this article learn about the best woodworking clamps to build your cabinets.

Best Router Bits For Cabinet Doors

Choosing the Right Router Bits for Cabinet Doors

Choosing the right router bits for cabinet doors requires knowing how doors are assembled and if cabinet hardware will be used for the final finish. But thankfully there are just a few different styles of router bits to consider. And a few “relief” profiles that will give your door either a classic or modern look. In this guide we’ll cover router bits for cabinet doors based on: Router bits for cutting door rails and stiles Raised panel router bits Bits …

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Best Power Feeders for Routers, Table Saws and Shapers

The Best Power Feeder For Saws and Routers

Every router table or shaper needs a power feeder to make it work better. And, many table saws need one too. Not sure what might best fit your machine? In this guide learn what the best power feeders are and accessories you’ll need with one.