Guide to Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware Knobs and Pulls

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Home » Tools » Guide to Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware Knobs and Pulls

After 15 years of the same shaker-style kitchen I’m in discussion on updating to a farmhouse kitchen. And, part of that process is finding farmhouse cabinet hardware to fit both the design and other hardware in the house. But, surprisingly, there aren’t many resources on farmhouse hardware. So, I pulled together a collection of knobs and pulls for farmhouse style kitchens. 

There aren’t many styles of kitchens that span such a broad spectrum of designs than a farmhouse kitchen.

From bright painted cabinets to stark white and even wood cabinetry the farmhouse designs are incredibly diverse.

Which makes finding cabinet hardware for these cabinets difficult. 

However, they all have one thing in common: the hardware for a farmhouse kitchen is purposefully easy to use, functional and is at times oversize and boxy.

Classic Farmhouse Cup Pull

Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware Large Pulls on White Cabinet

One of the classic looks of a farmhouse kitchen is white cabinets combined with large plank wood flooring and either quartz or wood counters.

While bronze hardware is more common, larger handle bars and cup pulls can be combined for visual breakup.

Farmhouse Knobs and PUlls on Painted Cabinets

Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware on Painted Cabinets

It’s surprising to many but one of the classic looks of a farmhouse kitchen is painted cabinets. And from bright yellow cabinets to softer hues there are a variety of colors (and combinations) that can define this style kitchen. 

Common hardware:

  • Traditional cup pulls
  • Square or round knobs
  • Polished finishes

Farmhouse cabinet With Dark Wood and Gold Handles

While not as traditional, one variant of a farmhouse kitchen is dark cabinets combined with bronze or gold hardware. And, as seen, this look can be paired with a wood countertop to tie the hardware into the grain color.

Farmhouse Kitchens With Glass Doors and KNobs

Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware White Sink

A common design to farmhouse kitchens includes clear glass cabinets that are used to showcase dishes and bowls. And while you’ll typically find just a couple of glass doors, it’s common for this style of farmhouse cabinet hardware to use knobs.

Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware Handle Bars and PUlls on White Cabinets

Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware White Cabinets Large Pulls

For larger doors and drawers it’s common to use larger hardware – including oversized handles that can range from 6″ to 12″ in length.

And, as show, these can be mixed across doors and drawers (paired to the size of the door).

Clear Glass Knobs on Farmhouse Cabinets

Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware White Cabinets Glass Knobs

Looking for a non-traditional perspective on farmhouse cabinet hardware?

If you want the cabinet knobs to blend with painted white wood a simple glass knob fits the character of a farmhouse without being oversized and burdensome.

Silver Hardware on Yellow Farmhouse Cabinets

Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware Yellow Cabinets

No farmhouse kitchen inventory is complete without looking at a sun-yellow cabinet. And, often seen here are large cup pulls with square or round cabinet hardware.

Farmhouse Kitchen Resources

A simple search for farmhouse cabinets will yield a long, long list of resources. If you’re looking for more ideas check out:

Popular Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware

1. Classic Silver Cup PUlls for Drawers (and Knobs for Doors)

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For a conservative look and in a traditional look a classic matte black look is popular.

Drawers will feature the large cup pulls, while doors will have round knobs.

2. Black Cabinet Hardware Handle Bars

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Farmhouse cabinets are all about oversized, utility handles.

And, a 5″ cabinet pull will fit in with it’s oversized length (most handles are 3-1/2″) and matte black finish.

3. Square Cup Pulls to Match Farmhouse Design

Set of 10 Bin Pull, Modern Hardware for Cabinets...
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Set of 10 Bin Pull, Modern Hardware for Cabinets…
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Looking to go boxier and drop the classic curved cabinet pull look? 

One of the design tenants of a farmhouse kitchen is square, and this square cup pull hardware fits the bill.

4. Satin Nickel Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware Cup Pulls

Amerock BP9365-G10 Satin Nickel Essential'z Series...
43 Reviews
Amerock BP9365-G10 Satin Nickel Essential’z Series…
  • High Quality G10 Satin Nickel Finish
  • Hole Centers/ Spacing: 2-1/2″ (64mm)
  • Overall Length: 4-1/8″ — Width: 1″
  • Projection: 1″

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While white cabinets go for a darker matte black, on painted cabinets a satin nickel look is more common. 

And these cup pulls feature the oversized outer rim with faux screw pattern often seen on farmhouse cabinets.

5. Square Farmhouse Cabinet Knobs (Black)

Ilyapa Black Square Kitchen Cabinet Knobs - 25...
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Ilyapa Black Square Kitchen Cabinet Knobs – 25…
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED to protect against scratches.
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Either square or round cabinet knobs are a common look, and these black finished knobs are farmhouse look. And, at a reasonable price.

How to Install FArmhouse Cabinet Hardware

Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware

Once you’ve selected the hardware the easiest part is over.

Unless you follow a few simple steps to safeguard the investment in your cabinets, and time. Next, let’s take a look at a few installation tips and tools that will not only save you time, but also save potentially save you money as you avoid damage to your cabinets.

Of course, you can always hire a professional to help you with your project. And if you’re not sure it’s always the best option.

Use a Cabinet Hardware JIg to Install the Knobs and Pulls

Play Video

If you haven’t installed cabinet hardware before you likely don’t know there is a special jig.

While cabinet hardware jigs are a topic to themselves, in a nutshell they are a drill jig that will quickly and accurately set the location of the holes for your handles and knobs.

I’ve used the inexpensive Tourace Cabinet Hardware Jig  for smaller projects. But if you’ll be installing larger handles or a complete kitchen it’s worth investing in a professional-grade jig. And, there is only one on the market in the True Position Tools  cabinet hardware jig.

Tools Needed

  • Cordless Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Cabinet Hardware Jig
  • 3/16″ drill bit
  • Hacksaw (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add knobs and pulls to cabinets?

Cabinet knobs and pulls are usually easy to add to existing cabinets. Even if your cabinets have an older style cabinet pull cut into the cabinet door edge you can use a cabinet hardware jig to drill holes and install hardware.

Should I use pulls or knobs on cabinets?

While there is no right or wrong answer as aesthetics and function are involved, a common approach is using pulls on drawers and knobs on smaller cabinet doors. Some kitchens will use this mix, and vary design by adding pulls to larger cabinet doors to balance the size and weight.

Should I match my cabinet hardware color to my door hardware?

When matching cabinet hardware with door hardware it’s common to use the same color if the door and cabinets are the same base color. For example, white doors and white cabinets with close proximity should be the same color. However, if the cabinets are a different wood or different color it’s easier to mix up the hardware finish to match the cabinets and not door hardware.


While farmhouse cabinet designs vary, farmhouse cabinet hardware options are relatively the same. From classic cup pulls to square knobs in a matte black finish this style of hardware adapts to white and painted cabinets with ease.

Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware on Amazon

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