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Lontan Drawer Slides (SL4502S3) – Product Review

Lontan Drawer Slide LS4502S3



Lontan side mount drawer slides are a high quality, dual spring soft closing drawer slide. With a built-in damper to prevent the drawer from slamming shut and smooth, quiet rails these budget-friendly drawer slides are a great pick for both new or retrofit applications.



Lontan drawer slides are available as both pairs or in bulk packs of two to ten pairs for larger jobs. With a standard 1/2-inch side clearance (per side) these slides will fit most existing drawer slides and new applications. Combined with soft closing they offer an easy to open and slam free operation that drawer users have come to expect. And with full extension will allow the user to access the back of the drawer.

Lontan Drawer Slide Rear Mount Brackets

Key Features

  • No-slam soft close
  • Dual springs
  • Chrome finish
  • Lengths from 14 to 24″ in even increments
  • Available in bulk
  • 100-pound weight capacity
  • 1.77 inch height (vertical, when installed)
  • Side mount
  • Full extension
  • Ball bearing design


  • Model #: SL4502S3
  • Height: 1.77″
  • Length: 14 to 24″
  • Width 1/2″

Lontan SL4502S3 Review

While not a mainstream drawer slide supplier like Accuride or Blum, Lontan drawer slides are a well performing and popular budget option for both cabinets and furniture. Overall these slides fit the standard dimensions and usage of similar side mount slides. But have three key operating features of being (1) easy to open, (2) operate quietly and (3) have dual springs for a firm close.


Side mount drawer slides don’t all operate the same, and with these Lontan slides things you’ll like are:

  • Available in single or bulk packs
  • Standard lengths
  • Work on face frame or frameless cabinets
  • Can be paired with Lontan rear mount drawer slide brackets
  • Open easily without the heavy tug found with other slides
  • Dual springs pull the drawer shut firmly
  • Are quiet when opening without  excessive “clicking and clacking” found in other slides. Note: all ball bearing side mount slides have some noise.
  • 100-pound weight capacity for heavy drawers


While side mount drawer slides are designed to be visible, the only major downside to these slides are just that: they can be seen. 

  • Available only in chrome versus some competitors like Vadania that are available in black
  • Side mount slide which is seen when the drawer is opened

Price Ranges

Lontan drawer slides average around $20 per pair but prices reduce quickly when purchase in bulk.

Optional Packages

For face frame cabinets be sure to look for rear mounting brackets. And, when installing a side mount drawer slide jig is always advised for proper installation.

Alternatives to the Lontan SL4502S3

Vadania VK1245:  For a stylish black drawer slide the Vadania features: 

  • Black slide design
  • Similar lengths
  • Quiet operation with minimal “tug” to open
  • High user ratings
  • Amazon: Vadania VK1245 

Blum 563H: if your skills are higher and undermount slides that aren’t visible is a priority then the Blum 563H is the gold standard in soft close drawer slides:

  • Invisible once installed
  • Heavy duty nylon rollers
  • Quiet and easy to open


While the best soft close slides are arguably the Blum 563H they are also harder to install and not suited for retrofits. Which makes these Lontan drawer slides a top pick for ease of installation, compatibility with existing or new drawers and ease of operation. 

Since all ball bearing drawer slides can have issues over time it never hurts to buy an extra pair to have on hand for future mishaps or installation issues.

Lontan SL4502S3: Where to Buy

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