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Festool DOMINO Joiner DF500 Review

Festool Domino Joiner DF500 Review

In woodworking circles, the joinery tool most wanted by all is the Festool DOMINO. In this review, learn why this tool lives up to its name—and price tag.

JET JWP 13BT Planer With Cracked Casing

Review: JET JWP-13BT

Overview Rating:  3.6/5 The JET JWP-13BT planer is a benchtop solution that can smooth boards up to 13 inches wide and 6 inches thick. Unlike other planer manufacturers in this category, JET has a higher capacity and more powerful floor models. While this planer is sought after for its “helical” head, we found that inserts are aligned in rows in our test. And unfortunately, the plastic top casing was cracked on two of our units. JET JWP-13BT Bench Top

Lontan Drawer Slide SL4502S3

Lontan Drawer Slides Review

Overview Rating:  4.5/5 Lontan side mount drawer slides are a high quality, dual spring soft closing drawer slide. With a built-in damper to prevent the drawer from slamming shut and smooth, quiet rails these budget-friendly drawer slides are a great pick for both new or retrofit applications. LONTAN DRAWER SLIDES (SL4502S3) LONTAN SL4502S3 Lontan drawer slides are available as both pairs or in bulk packs of two to ten pairs for larger jobs. With a standard 1/2-inch side clearance

Milwaukee 2746-20 Nail Gun

Cordless Milwaukee Nail Gun Review (Model 2746-20)

Overview Rating:  4.8/5 In its second generation, the Milwaukee 2746-20 M18 Fuel 18-gauge cordless nail gun proved worthy of a compressor powered replacement in our test. For any woodworker or carpenter that is in the Milwaukee battery “club” it is a must buy to enjoy compressor-free nailing. Milwaukee 18-Gauge Cordless Nail Gun (2746-20) Milwaukee 2746-20 For trim installation or assembly of cabinets or furniture a compact, cordless nail gun like the 2746-20 is a welcome addition to any woodworkers