Cabinet Installation
Installing Toe Kick in 5 Simple Steps

Installing toe kick is one of the easiest parts of cabinet installation. Unless you have uneven floors, complex angles or lack the right tools.What is toe kick? Toe kick is a strip of wood about 3-1/2" tall found at the bottom of the base cabinet. As the name implies, it's right where your toes go ...

Cabinet Installation Supplies

Having the right cabinet installation supplies on hand is a must for a cabinet installation. Both pros and DIY'ers will sometimes make the mistake of not having the right screws, shims, or other essential parts on hand. And off to the hardware store you will go looking for supplies.But it's not ...

How to Hang Upper Cabinets by Yourself

If you are wondering how to hang upper cabinets by yourself then you might be looking to avoid either the installation cost or see if this is a DIY project for you. The good news is I have installed many kitchens solo and with enough time, patience and the right tools this can be done.So what are ...

Can I Install Kitchen Cabinets Myself

After building and installing over 100 kitchens I have a good perspective when someone asks "can I install kitchen cabinets myself".  How?  Well, I was trained (and have trained) cabinet installers and know what skills are needed.  But since the answer isn't black & white the final answer is ...

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