Cabinet Lift to Install Cabinets

Using a Cabinet Lift to Install Upper Cabinets the Easy Way

Name one tool that’s the cost of a high quality miter saw and could save your back? While a cabinet lift might not have been top of mind, for a woodworker or contractor it’s one of those obscure tools that can avoid injuries. Why do I care? Well, I’ve built and installed more than my share of kitchens and furniture pieces.  And I’ve had two back surgeries because of it.  Why do I link cabinets and back issues? Well, cabinets …

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Cabinet Hanging Rail Kit

The Best Cabinet Hanging Rail System

While screwing cabinets to the wall is one way to install cabinets, cabinet hangers offer a much simpler solution. Did you know a standard cabinet installation requires complex measurements to translate wall stud locations to cabinet backs? Perhaps you do, and is why you want the simplicity of a cabinet hanging rail. In this article learn about these rail systems and what’s best for your installation.

Best Cabinet Jacks

The Best Cabinet Jacks for Easy Cabinet Installs in 2021

Cabinet jacks are a must-have tool for any cabinet installation. However, if you haven’t installed a kitchen before, you likely haven’t heard of a cabinet jack. In this article learn how these jacks hold cabinets in place so you don’t have to. And, most importantly, what the length of the best cabinet jack is for your specific job.

Best Cabinet Hardware Jig

Best Cabinet Hardware Jig For Knobs and Handles

TRUE POSITION TPT-1934 Best Precision for DIY and Professionals Top Pick: TPT-1934 Jig Drilling holes in cabinets without a cabinet hardware jig is risky. Will the holes be the same door-to-door? How do I keep the drill bit from moving when I start drilling? Without a cabinet handle jig you’ll risk expensive damage. In this guide learn what the best cabinet hardware jigs are and how to use them. Hey, it’s tempting to free-hand cabinet knobs and handles. I know, …

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Cabinet Installation Tools

20 Best Cabinet Installation Tools To Properly Install Cabinets (DIY Guide)

The right cabinet installation tools will let you install a kitchen the right way. But first, did you know you’ll need a special tool to hold cabinets in the air, another to clamp your cabinets, special levels and even wedges? In this article learn how to keep some of that average $5000 kitchen installation cost by investing in the right tools to install cabinets.

Best Cabinet Screws for Installing Cabinets and Hardware

Best Cabinet Screws For Installing Cabinets and Hardware

Buying cabinet screws for installing hardware or the cabinets themselves requires some basic understanding of head and thread design. For example, the best cabinet installation screws feature a thin shank, self tapping design with a flat washer head. Meanwhile hardware screws have a thick shank and aggressive thread design. Learn what the best cabinet screws are for your project in this article.

Best Cabinet Clamps

Ultimate Guide: 15 Best Cabinet Clamps For Woodworking

Having the best cabinet clamps on hand will help with everything from panel gluing to assembling finished doors. But did you know there are over a dozen varieties of clamps for jobs like rough gluing, box assembly, door clamping and even specialty cabinet claws used during installation? In this article learn about the best woodworking clamps to build your cabinets.

How to Hang Upper Cabinets by Yourself

How to hang upper cabinets by yourself – DIY Guide [2021]

Not sure how to hang upper cabinets by yourself? In this guide we’ll show you some tools and tricks that should let you do this job yourself. From helping with the weight of upper cabinets to having the right screws and cabinet installation tools this job can be done alone… First, I’ve installed many kitchens without help. And while it’s not my preferred approach it can be done. However, I’ve had the experience of installing over 100 custom-made kitchens and know …

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How to install cabinet filler strips

How to Install Cabinet Filler Strips in a Few Easy Steps [2021]

Installing a kitchen and not sure how to install a filler strip? Stuck on calculating widths or the best way to attach it? Not sure what the right clamps or screws are? In this guide we’ll show you the tips, tricks and tools on installing filler strips Installing cabinets is hard. And one of the trickiest steps in cabinet installation is installing filler strips. In fact, it’s easier to screw a cabinet to the wall than it is to install …

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Cabinet Jack and Claw

How to use a cabinet jack and claw

If you haven’t installed cabinets before you probably don’t know the benefits of a cabinet jack and claw. While ominous sounding, a cabinet claw is a bi-directional clamp for gripping face frames. And a cabinet jack is a tool to hold upper cabinets in place so the installers hands are free. As you can guess, combining these tools gives you a way to suspend cabinets in place, clamp them and then install the cabinet screws. And without these tools you’ll …

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