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Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware
Handles and Knobs

Guide To Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware Knobs and Pulls

Farmhouse cabinet hardware isn’t just for older kitchens. In fact, many newer homes are remodeling to take advantage of this simple yet functional design. Learn what farmhouse cabinet hardware knobs and pulls are popular.

What Size Drawer Slides
Drawer Slides

DIY Guide: What Size Drawer Slides Do I Need?

Drawer slides are a confusing piece of hardware for even professionals. In this guide learn how to properly measure the length of a drawer slide. And a few tips and tools to properly install drawer slides.

Best Screws for Outdoor Use

The Best Screws For Outdoor Use In Any Type of Wood

If you haven’t built an outdoor structure before a common question is a basic, but great one: what are the best screws for outdoor use? In this guide learn how to pick the right exterior screws for your project.

Guide to Ball Bearing Drawer Slides
Drawer Slides

Best Ball Bearing Drawer Slides for Cabinets and Furniture

Ball-bearing drawer slides are the most common drawer slide type. From moving millions of cabinet and furniture drawers to supporting heavy-duty industrial loads, learn how this versatile slide is an excellent choice for any woodworking project.

Concealed Hinge for Cabinet Doors

Best Concealed Hinges, Hidden Hinges and Installation Tips

Concealed hinges are so popular that if you look at any new kitchen you’ll notice the hinges aren’t visible. Building a cabinet and looking for the best concealed hinge? Or, perhaps you want to upgrade/replace your existing hinges with a soft close concealed hinge? We’ll cover all types of hidden hinges in this article.

Cabinet Door Stoppers and Bumpers for No Slamming
Door Hardware

Guide to Cabinet Door Stoppers, Bumpers and Dampers

With properly installed cabinet door stoppers your doors will stop hitting the wall and each other. And with cabinet bumpers and aftermarket cabinet dampers your cabinet doors can be upgraded to perform as well as newly installed cabinets. In this article learn how to: Limit the range of swing for a cabinet door How to install aftermarket soft-close to your kitchen And, the best updated cabinet bumpers to finish your upgrade Cabinet Door Stoppers And How They Work Similar Product: