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Best Sandpaper for Wood

The Best Sandpaper and Grits for Woodworking

The best sandpaper for woodworking is rarely the cheapest. With differences in paper, abrasive material types and quality of build the finish of your next project depends on quality paper. In this guide learn what sandpaper is best for wood.

Best Plunge Routers

The Best Plunge Routers For Woodworking

Buying the best plunge router isn’t just a decision on price. It’s a process that involves understanding your current projects, router use for making dadoes and rabbets, size of bits and if you’ll free-hand or use in a router table. In this article we’ll cover budget plunge routers to professional models made for everyday use.

Finish Carpentry Tools

Finish Carpentry Tools For Woodworking

When woodworking projects involve fitting perfect wood into an imperfect home having the right finish carpentry tools is a must. And, fortunately, these tools are useful for many other home woodworking jobs. Not sure what specialty tools for installing trim you’ll need? In this article learn about the best trim carpentry tools.

Best Lipo Bag for Fire Safety Lithium Batteries

Choosing A Lipo Bag For Battery Charging and Storage

A lipo bag is an overlooked safety accessory for most homes and garages. While most of us won’t experience a lithium battery fire, like other accidents in life you’ll never know when a battery will fail. In this article learn how a lipo safe bag can help with for your toys, cameras and tool batteries.

Freud Saw Blades

Choosing The Right Freud Saw Blades For Ripping and Cutting

Choosing the best Freud saw blades isn’t easy. With over 700+ blade variations from Freud that fit over 20 different types of saws there are a seeming endless variety to choose from. But in this guide we’ll break down the best Freud saw blades by the most popular saws and type of use. And since most woodworking involves a quality glue line rip blade for the table saw, a high tooth count crosscut for the miter box, and a smaller circular