Best Drawer Slides for Kitchen Cabinets

Guide to kitchen cabinet drawer slides

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The best drawer slides for kitchen cabinets are a mix of operating and design features. For example, soft close operation is standard in cabinets. But some kitchens are designed to have no hardware – and require push to open to function.

Finding the best drawer slides for kitchen cabinets is a challenge. While the standard is the easy-to-use soft close slides, there are other options if those slides don’t fit your budget.

Drawer slide features like soft close, self close, full extension, partial extension, side mount, under mount and other options make choosing the best drawer slide difficult. Add in budget, new cabinets vs. replacement and your skill level and the complexity increases.

Maybe you’re looking for replacement drawer slides because your kitchen is dated and needs an upgrade. Or perhaps you are building a kitchen or purchasing one and want to know what the best drawer slides are.
In this article we’ll discuss all styles of drawer slides and rank them according to overall features such as ease of soft close, weight capacity, touch to open and others.


Best Drawer Slides for Kitchen Cabinets

1. Blum Tandem Plus Blumotion

The Blum Tandems are my favorite drawer slide and have been time tested to deliver a lasting value. If you are building new cabinets or drawers, or just choosing upgrades for a kitchen, you’ll enjoy the smooth closing action of these slides. As an under mount slide you won’t see them once installed.

But my favorite feature? Once the drawer is about 2/3rd’s closed just a little push is needed and they firmly close automatically.

If you are upgrading existing drawers, though, these may not be for you unless you are replacing the drawer. Since the Blum’s are undermount they require a special drawer design. While a design easy to plan for in new construction, they typically won’t fit existing drawers without rework of the drawer.

Have a high end kitchen that calls for features like touch to open? Well, Blum offers the TIP-ON® adapter that offers a hands-free ‘touch to open’ feature that is compatible with the Tandem slides.

Finally, maybe electric powered drawer slides are that feature you need to complete the functionality of your kitchen with. Well, the SERVO-DRIVE® enables that with power assist for drawers that open with just a touch.

2. Lontan Soft Close Kitchen Drawer Slides

At number three on the list of best drawer slides for kitchen cabinets we’ll switch up to a drawer slide you are likely familiar with: the ball bearing side mount. And these Lontan’s are where to start looking. First, notice these slides fit on the side of the drawer and not the bottom. And by fitting in a standard 1/2″ gap they will work great in almost all update/remodel situations.

If you are replacing drawer slides then these will be a great upgrade to older style drawers or epoxy slides. However, note installation can be tricky especially underneath cabinets and in face frame applications where shim blocks will be needed.

Finally, be sure to buy the rear mounting brackets to make installation easier.

3. Grass Elite Plus

The Grass Elite Plus drawer slide has all of the features of a top drawer slide. Similar to the Blum, it has a hidden undermount design with effortless soft close action. And with full extension capability all of the drawer contents can be accessed.

You can check out more information on the Grass Elite Plus on the manufacturer website.

4. Blum epoxy slides with Rok soft close (replacement)

While I don’t recommend these slides for new installations, for renovations or replacing old slides the epoxy slide is a DIY-friendly option.

The epoxy slide has been around for decades. And they will last decades as their design is simple and leverages two large nylon wheels per slide.

And with the combination of almost any epoxy slide and the Rok soft close adapter you can have slow close as well.

But if you are building new cabinets I highly recommend either the Blum or ball bearing slides. There is just no reason to install two pieces of hardware for one job.

Drawer Slide Series

Choosing and installing drawer slides takes planning.  Follow our series for more guides, tools and techniques to complete your project:

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