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Where to Buy Hardwood Lumber In Ohio

Updated: July 24, 2022
Finding hardwood at a reasonable price is hard. Box stores charge a high markup, and local sources take a lot of research. Use this guide to help find quality hardwood lumber near you.
Hardwood Lumber in Ohio - Best Lumber Stores
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Where to Buy Hardwood Lumber In Ohio


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Buying hardwood of any quantity is costly. Due to issues from the  pandemic and inflation finding the best hardwood near you at a reasonable price is difficult. In this guide to hardwood in Ohio you’ll find a collection of top hardwood stores in your state (and bordering) to browse prices and stock.

To help your search you’ll find:

  • Price list links when published
  • Key services like surfacing (eg. S3S) 
  • Pick-up vs. delivery
Lastly, with the price of hardwoods even a few dozen board feet can be worth a 1-2 hour drive. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a hardwood for turning, reclaimed lumber or even urban timber for your next project.
Not finding what you need locally? Be sure to check out our favorite online sources.



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1. CR Muterspaw Lumber

CR Muterspaw is located halfway between Cincinnati and Columbus and offers a full line of lumber from lived edge slabs, exotics and domestic hardwood.

And, as a bonus, they have an online store to shop from in addition to their physical lumber yard including a price list to reference from.

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2. Keim Lumber

Keim Lumber is DIY friendly retailer straight south of Cleveland fifty or so miles. The woodworker lumber at Keim is part of a larger lumber and home store retailer, and they offer a little bit of everything to go with your wood purchase. And, their selection of hardwood lumber is great for choose-your-own materials from domestics to live edge and slabs.

What makes them unique: for lathe owners, they offer one of the best selection of turning stock you’ll find in the state.

And, they offer an online store for purchasing and shipping your supply to you.

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3. Ohio Wood Connection

The Ohio Wood Connection is located just northwest of Cincinnati and features one of the better collection of live edge slabs in the state. While they also carry a good supply of other hardwoods and softwoods, and offer up an online store. However, they aren’t too clear on shipping so it might be best to give them a call.

Not sure you want to tackle the project? They have a specialty in building tables and can quote you on a completed project as well.

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4. Steve’s Hardwoods

Located straight north of Columbus and 50-60 miles shy of Lake Erie, Steve’s Hardwoods is a local supplier with top reviews for supplying hardwoods to local DIY’ers and businesses. 

However, you’ll need to give him a call to see what lumber he has in stock. 

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5. Metro Hardwoods

Metro Hardwoods is an urban retailer with a unique selection of local wood they harvest from, well, metro trees that would otherwise have been turned into mulch.

Fancy website? No. But reviews are positive and their selection of local wood is great.

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6. Paxton Wood (Cincinatti)

Paxton Wood is part of a multi-city chain that offers one of the coolest lumber selectors on the market (it’s worth checking it out even if you don’t shop there!).

They are well reviewed by Cincinatti woodworkers for a good selection of hardwood, softwood and plywood so are worth a call if you are in the area.

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7. Appalachian Hardwood Lumber Company

The Appalachian Hardwood Lumber Company is located just outside of Cleveland Ohio and is a top producer of domestic hardwoods. The downside, though, is their target market is more towards cabinetmakers and commercial clients. 

But, worth a call if you live close on smaller orders.

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8. East Ohio Lumber

The East Ohio Lumber company is located just near the Pennsylvania border about 50 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. 

They advertise as a supplier of Appalachian hardwoods – and stick to that with a selection that ranges from Ash, Beech, and Cherry to White Oak and Hickory.

Sorry, no exotics or other woods here. But, that’s not always a bad thing.

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With a string of three major metro areas Ohio features a good selection of woods strewn on a line from Cincinnati to Columbus to Cleveland in the north. With a focus on live edge slabs, a great supply of Appalachian hardwoods and softwoods, there is a good supply within a few hours drive for just about everyone.

However, exotic woods are a little tougher to find compared to most other markets. And, a few of the larger suppliers are focused more on direct-to-business supplies.

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While there state tree is the Ohio Buckeye, Ohio sits in prime Black Cherry territory and this is a beautiful wood that is easy to work with.

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