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Where to Buy Hardwood Lumber In Alabama

Updated: December 11, 2022
Finding hardwood at a reasonable price is hard. Box stores charge a high markup, and local sources take a lot of research. Use this guide to help find quality hardwood lumber near you.
Hardwood Lumber For Sale in Alabama
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Where to Buy Hardwood Lumber In Alabama


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Buying hardwood of any quantity is costly. Due to issues from the  pandemic and inflation finding the best hardwood near you at a reasonable price is difficult. In this guide to hardwood in Alabama you’ll find a collection of top hardwood stores in your state (and bordering) to browse prices and stock.

To help your search you’ll find:

  • Price list links when published
  • Key services like surfacing (eg. S3S) 
  • Pick-up vs. delivery
Lastly, with the price of hardwoods even a few dozen board feet can be worth a 1-2 hour drive. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a hardwood for turning, reclaimed lumber or even urban timber for your next project.



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1. Hobby Hardwoods

Located in northern Alabama, Hobby Hardwoods is a premier supplier of hardwoods to local woodworkers. With both an onsite kiln and sawmill a lot of what they sell is wood they have processed and dried.

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2. City Hardwoods

A little bit south of Hobby Hardwoods is a destination woodworking shop: City Hardwoods. While they carry a lot of what you’d expect of a lumber supplier they add in a few options like:

  •  Classes
  • Ability to choose your own wood and processing services if you need planing
  • Straight edge ripping or cutting.

Not sure you can build the project? Well, they also offer custom woodworking from your plans.

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3. Jubilee Specialty Wood Products

Jubillee Specialty Wood Products is a relatively new lumber supplier, but has an extensive supply of hardwoods both domestic and exotic. And, they have a comprehensive price list available online to help navigate their inventory.

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4. Persell Lumber and Mill Shop

Persell Lumber and Mill Shop is an Athens based home and lumber supplier that carries a (shorter) list of hardwood, softwood and exotic lumber. Additionally, they carry a wider product line of Hardiplank, saws, locks and other general construction material.

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5. Southern Wood Specialties

For home construction Southern Wood Specialties is a leading supplier of flooring, beams, decking and exterior siding. While not a supplier of traditional hardwood and exotics, you’ll find an impressive collection of pine materials (including Shiplap).

Plus, for national orders, you’ll find they offer shipping across the US.

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6. Littrell Brothers Lumber Company

Littell Brothers is a high volume supplier of pine products including treated supplies. They don’t offer hardwoods, but do have services for finishing your sawn lumber.

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7. Woodcraft of Birmingham

Woodcraft is a national supplier found in most states, and their Birmingham store is a hardwood supplier in Alabama worth noting. In this store you’ll find a variety of hardwood and softwoods, plus a  variety of tools and supplies you’ll need for your projects.

And, if you’re not close to Birmingham they offer shipping.

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Overall Alabama has a good amount of hardwood suppliers to choose from. While one of the top suppliers, Hobby Hardwoods, is tucked away almost on the Tennessee border there’s good selection elsewhere in the state.

Featured Alabama Lumber Yard: Hobby Hardwoods

When you run into a hardwood retailer with their own mill, kilns and experience you have to put them on top of your list.

And in Alabama, Hobby Hardwoods is one of a kind in having a complete service with the widest range of domestic and exotic hardwoods. 

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