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Fastcap Tools Upper Hand Cabinet Jack

7 Innovative Fastcap Tools Every Woodworker Should Own

Haven’t heard of Fastcap? Did you know they make tools for “everything in between” the tools most other suppliers make? Need a glue bottle that actually works? How about a third hand for lifting cabinets? Or the ultimate foam for organizing your tools?  I’ve been buying tools for decades and just ran across Fastcap last year. And found they are a must for woodworkers to bookmark and add to their shopping list. While I started my collection with a cabinet

How to Install Drawer Slides

How to Install Drawer Slides – 7 Simple Tips

While some woodworking tasks can be learned as you go, when it comes to how to install drawer slides it’s a must to spend some time upfront learning tips and even buying tools. Sure, you can measure twice and cut once during construction, but when it comes to drawers you’re dealing with three dimensions of alignment and 1/16″ precision. And without the right tools and tricks you’ll end up with mis-aligned drawers, broken slides, or worse… Installing drawer slides can be