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Soft Close Cabinet Door Damper Blum Bulk

Install a Cabinet Door Damper In a Few Easy Steps to Stop Slamming

So I just splurged on new Blum cabinet door dampers to upgrade my kitchen cabinets to soft closing doors. Because I built my cherry kitchen quite some time ago, I didn’t have access to soft close hinges to stop the doors from slamming shut.  So I’ve been living with slamming doors that I learned can be easily converted to soft closing. Keep reading to learn how to upgrade your doors with a few simple tips and tricks. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest How a Cabinet Door Damper Works Before diving too far into picking a damper, let’s

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how to make face frames

How to Make Face Frames: Step-by-Step Construction Guide

My journey with woodworking started back in high school when I did miscellaneous summer jobs for a cabinet shop splitting wood and stacking lumber. When my junior year came around I had a chance to work in the cabinet shop and started learning many tricks of the trade, including how to make face frames. What is a face frame? A face frame is the cabinet component that supports the cabinet doors and drawer hardware. While not all cabinets have frames, it is a popular style of cabinet construction in the US. Face frames are generally 3/4″ thick and form the

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Best Drawer Slides for Kitchen Cabinets

Guide to kitchen cabinet drawer slides

The best drawer slides for kitchen cabinets are a mix of operating and design features. For example, soft close operation is standard in cabinets. But some kitchens are designed to have no hardware – and require push to open to function. Finding the best drawer slides for kitchen cabinets is a challenge. While the standard is the easy-to-use soft close slides, there are other options if those slides don’t fit your budget. Drawer slide features like soft close, self close, full extension, partial extension, side mount, under mount and other options make choosing the best drawer slide difficult. Add in budget,

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