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Dust Collector Accessories
Dust Control

Dust Collector Accessories, Hoses and Parts

Woodworkers know dust collectors are only helpful if your machines are correctly connected. In this guide, learn what dust collector accessories are required to maximize suction, allow easy operation and capture the most dust possible.

Dust Collector For Shop Vac
Dust Control

Build a DIY Dust Collector For Shop Vac Systems

The best dust collector for shop vac use requires simply adding on a vortex pre-filter to separate the large wood chips from the finer dust particles. But to make your entire dust collection system function the best there are a few other parts, hoses and accessories to add: Vortex filters Tool attachments Flexible piping Upgraded shop vac with higher air flow (CFM) Collection buckets Vortex Cones: #1 Dust Collector for Shop Vac Attachments   Best Vortex Cone for a Shop Vac:

Woodshop Dust Control Systems Safety - Tools to Make Cabinet Doors
Dust Control

7 Simple Tips for Woodshop Dust Control

In an age of heightened concern with respiratory illnesses it’s important to keep our airways clean. And a woodworker owes themselves and their family a new look at woodshop dust control to reduce the amount of sawdust exposure to their lungs. And I have to admit I’ve inhaled too much dust in my woodworking career. Way too much. When I first started work at a two-man cabinet shop back in the mid-90’s I was young and ignorant to the impacts