Adjustable Desk Legs

The Best Adjustable Desk Legs With Electric and Telescoping Legs

With the rapid switch to working from home many desk-bound workers are converting their offices to be more functional. And with this update comes DIY desks. Making your own desk? You’ll want to use adjustable desk legs that either level to the floor OR adjust for sit or stand desks. In this guide learn the best adjusting leg options for your desk projects.

Easy DIY Keyboard Tray for Desk

How to Build a DIY Keyboard Tray

While it seems simple at first a DIY keyboard tray actually takes a few unique tools and supplies to be done right. But, with a little planning (and the right drawer slides), the right finish and a few hours its a project just about any DIY’er can tackle. In this article we’ll help you: Keyboard tray slides to mount your try under a desk or table. Pre-made or custom built options for the keyboard tray  Steps to install and adjust …

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Best Wood For Desk Top Red Oak

Choosing The Best Wood For a Desk Top

The best wood for a desk top is decided by your budget, tools, and the desired look of the finished project. The best wood for a desk top combines aesthetics of the wood, your skills, budget and the tools you have to make a desk. Fortunately, there are many choices to choose from. And, a number of sources to buy wood either locally or online. While woodworkers have most of the tools needed, the number one factor in deciding which wood …

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DIY Adjustable Desk Sit Stand

How to Build A DIY Adjustable Height Desk

We all know sitting all day is bad for your health. And with work shifting from offices to homes a lot of us need a sit stand desk – but can’t afford it. The solution? A DIY adjustable height desk anyone can build. While there are ready-built desks, like this , or surface mounted add-on like the not everyone has the budget for a factory option. So what are your options?  Can I make one myself?  Fortunately, building a sit …

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