Spring Loaded Door Hinges

8 Spring Loaded Hinges and How to Install Them

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Few hinges are more difficult to buy than spring loaded hinges. Due to their design they have to be carefully selected for dimensions, strength of spring, adjustment features and a consideration for needing one per door or multiples. 

So to help your search, in this article we’ll cover every type of spring hinges from basic interior doors to garden gates and small furniture projects like jewelry box spring loaded hinges. 

First Things First: What is a Spring Loaded Hinge?

The most common use of a spring loaded hinge is to keep a door or lid shut. Unlike other hinges this style of hinge has a built-in spring that provides a self-closing tension.

Want a pantry or basement door to shut after it’s opened? 

Or how about a gate in the yard to stay shut to keep your pets in?

Making a small piece of furniture or jewelry box?

You guessed it.  All of these are great uses for a spring hinge

Best Spring Loaded Hinges

After looking for a heavy duty spring hinge for my entry door from the house to my attached 1200 square foot workshop I was interested in what else was out there. So I decided to spend a few hours research on spring loaded hinges for other projects I have coming.

And I was surprised by a few of the hinges. Even after my time spent woodworking a few of these surprised me with their simplicity and affordability. 

Since I was spending time finding all the spring loaded hinges I could, this list of the best spring loaded hinges is comprehensive to just about anything you’ll need:

1. Amazon Basics Spring Loaded Door Hinge

Best 3.5″ Spring Hinge for Interior Doors

Interior Door Spring Loaded Hinge


  • Available in Polished Brass, Matte Black, Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3.5 x 3.5″ design with common 5/8″ rounded corner for use in existing doors
  • Price


  • Limited adjustment

Looking to convert an existing door to close by itself? And don’t want to break the bank doing so? 

Then these Amazon Basics hinges are worth a try to keep your pantry door, office, basement or just about any other door firmly closed. And with a variety of colors to match your existing hinges.

2. Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Door Hinges

Best 4″ Hinge for Heavy, Solid Core Doors

Heavy duty 4


  • Tension adjustable
  • Larger 4″ size for heavier doors
  • Comes as a pack of 2 for supporting larger, wider doors
  • Rubber door stopper included to keep door open when desired


  • Only available in brushed nickel

3. Jewelry Box Rannb Spring Loaded Hinges

Best Small Hinge for Cabinet / Furniture Projects

Cabinet or jewelry box spring loaded hinge


  • 304 marine grade stainless construction
  • Compact to fit furniture and small cabinet lids
  • .7″ depth will fit thin walled projects


  • Only available in brushed steel

4. Exterior Gate Spring Loaded Hinges

Gate self closing spring loaded hinges

Product: 7Penn Self Closing Gate Hardware*

For a garden or fence door a spring loaded hinge is almost a must. Rather than worry about the gate being shut this style hinge, when paired with a locking clasp, will keep your make your gate door self closing.

5. 3" Interior Spring Loaded Hinges

3 inch spring loaded hinge style=

Product: National Hardware N114-975*

For custom surface mount applications, including on screen doors, this compact spring hinge will keep doors closed. 

6. Spring Loaded Piano Hinge

Spring loaded piano hinge

Product: Sentry Supply 650-4049

 Looking for a custom application with a longer, continuous hinge? Then a spring loaded piano hinge might fit your projects needed. In a compact form these hinges have a spring built through the entire length of the hinge.

7. Spring Hinge Door Closer

Spring Hinge Door Closer

Product: Spring Hinge by Qualihome*

For an economical, unobtrusive solution to closing interior doors an add-on spring hinge door closer will assist with keeping your doors shut. 

Due to a similar closing strength as a replacement hinge these install typically on one hinge. To install, simply remove one of the door hinges and slip this over the pin. Then re-insert the door hinge pin and test the operation.

Concerned the hinge pin won’t operate on the full length of the door? Well, if needed you can order a longer pin as a replacement. Since most hinges are 3-1/2″ there are 4″ and 4-1/2″ pins available.

8. Safety Spring Door Closer

Product: Prime-Line KC10HD*  

If removing a hinge isn’t an option then a spring door closer is the next best option. And especially for heavy duty doors where hinges might be hard to find (or expensive to replace). 

However, this self closing door option may work best in an office or industrial setting. Due to the mounting requirements this hinge is somewhat obtrusive, but in exchange it will handle 180 pound doors and is UL listed for up to 30 minute fire rating.

How To Guide for Spring Loaded Hinges

How to install a spring loaded door hinge on a door

For interior doors it’s best to start with replacing a single hinge in the middle of the door. A few considerations:

  • Measure the height of your hinge first
  • The radius is vital when ordering – and is found by measuring the “height of the curve”. Fortunately, most hinges are 5/8″ in height.
  • Be sure to match the color of your existing hinge.
  • When installing, unscrew the existing hinges using a constant pressure on the existing screws to avoid “stripping” the heads. Why? Well you may need them later if they are extra long for your door jamb
  • Next, install the replacement spring loaded hinge according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Use the included adjustment wrench and pins to set the tension

How to remove spring loaded door hinge pins

The best way to do this is to relieve the tension on the spring first, and then remove the hinge from the mounting plates. While not all of us would keep the adjustment levers, try to remove the tension spring or set it as low as possible first. Then, remove the screws from the door side (the screws will be shorter).

How to fix spring loaded door hinges

For less than $10-15 per hinge it is often easiest to just replace the hinge. However, if you are in a bind then check the hinge carefully to see if the manufacturer is present on the hinge. Then take a look at their website if a replacement spring or tension pin is available. 

How do you tighten a spring loaded door hinge?

If your spring hinge is adjustable (not all are) there is a special tool you can use to either increase or decrease tension on the spring. However, if the door is not closing as desired at maximum tension you can opt to replace another hinge to give added force.

Frequently Asked Questions for Spring Loaded Door Hinges

What is a spring loaded hinge?

A spring loaded hinge is designed to hold a door or lid firmly shut. Through use of an internal, adjustable spring this hinge will attempt to close when opened. While these hinges are typically used on interior doors and exterior gates they are also found in furniture projects, jewelry boxes and even piano lids.

How do you install a spring loaded hinge?

For full size doors these style of hinges are commonly installed in just the middle of the 3 hinges found on most doors. Using an adjustable tension mechanism the closing force can be adjusted. However, for larger or heavier doors multiple hinges can be used.

Can you adjust a spring hinge?

Most spring hinges can be adjusted by use of a special wrench and pins that are used to set the tension of the spring. However, not all hinges are adjustable and there are limits to the maximum force of a single hinge.


Hopefully this article was useful in exploring the variety of spring loaded hinges on the market. To learn more, be sure to check the name brand manufacturer references I’ve included below. 

As is common with a lot of hardware, not all manufacturers are US based and the replacement parts can be difficult to find later. For that reason, I recommend a brand you can find with a 25+ year history in the business.


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