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Choosing the Best Cordless Table Saw – Plus Stands, Blades and Batteries

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Did you know the best cordless table saw is half the saw and half the battery? Because you’ll be limited by size of the saw the battery and its performance will drive your overall satisfaction.

But unfortunately your choices are limited as only a handful of manufacturers supply the batteries with the power to drive a cordless table. And that makes choosing the best cordless table saw between these two rivals:

  • Dewalt Flexvolt* This economical saw is my choice and has all the required features of a portable table saw with the power of Dewalt’s 60V Flexvolt.
  • Milwaukee Fuel – features a few add-ons like the ONE-Key system that tracks (and disables) power tools using Bluetooth.

As you can see the market isn’t crowded and that’s for good reason: the batteries required to power these saws are large and complex.

With only a few saws on the market, here’s my list of the best cordless table saws:

Best Cordless Table Saws

1. Dewalt Cordless Table Saw

Best Selling Cordless Table Saw

Looking to rip 35+ sheets of 3/4″ 4×8′ OSB on a job-site with a cordless table saw?  This Dewalt can handle it.  Similar to the Milwaukee but slightly behind in (advertised) cordless battery power this saw will give you the freedom to setup and use without a generator or electricity.


The Dewalt cordless table saw leverages the FLEXVOLT™20V/60V battery pack that offers:

  • 12ah / 240Wh Capacity
  • Operates down to 0 degrees F. 
  • Fuel gauge

This battery pack is compatible with all Dewalt 20/60/120V Max tools (check with Dewalt for final tool listing).

What comes out of the box?

Check before you buy, but standard features for the bare tool are:

  • Blade:  8-1/4″ carbide blade with 2-1/2″ depth of cut
  • Fence:  Yes
  • Rip Capacity:  24″
  • Dust Port:  2-1/2″
  • Arbor:  5/8″
  • Voltage:  20V
  • Weight:  48 lbs
  • Stand:  Optional
  • Motor:  Cordless 5800 RPM (no load) 
  • Anti-theft:  No
  • Safety:  Blade guard and riving knife
  • Warranty:  3 year limited, 1 year service, 90 day money back

What Optional Equipment is Available?

Options include:

  • Battery Pack:  Flexvolt 20/60V at $100-200 each depending on amp hours.
  • Stand:  Dewalt DW7440RS Rolling stand ($140-150).  Scissor stands are also available for $50 less but don’t offer the same stability.

How Much Will it Cost?

Saw Only: Expect around $350.

Saw & 1 Battery:  A combo pack typically runs around $500.

Bottom Line

With Dewalt’s popular line this is an easy choice if you are a Dewalt owner of the FLEXVOLT batteries.  It will by default be the best cordless table saw as the features of the saws are similar enough that the batteries are the differentiator and almost prohibitively expensive to switch brands.

2. Milwaukee 2736-21HD Cordless Table Saw

Milwaukee has manufactured professional grade cordless tools for decades and the power system for this saw builds on that.  And out of the box these cordless table saws support the mighty M18™ REDLITHIUM™.


If you haven’t been following the Milwaukee battery then the M18™ REDLITHIUM™ High Output™ 12.0 advertises it delivers the same power as a 15A corded saw.

  • Advanced cooling capabilities to run at full power without overheating.
  • Performance enhancements in extreme cold (below 0F) for taking the battery from your table saw to your cordless chainsaw.  
  • Cuts almost 750 2×4’s in a circular saw.
  • Fuel gauge displays remaining run-time.

This is the heart of the table saw – and if you are planning to go this route make sure you check compatibility with your older devices.

What comes out of the box?

The Milwaukee is available with and without a battery at about a $125 difference.  With most batteries on the market over $150 it makes sense to at least consider buying the combination to add another battery at a discount.

  • Blade:  8-1/4″ carbide blade with 2-1/2″ depth of cut
  • Fence:  Rack and Pinion
  • Rip Capacity:  24-1/2″
  • Dust Port:  Unknown
  • Arbor:  5/8″
  • Voltage:  18V
  • Weight:  41.6 lbs
  • Frame Construction:  Metal
  • Stand:  Optional
  • Motor:  POWERSTATE™ 5800 RPM 
  • Tool Storage:  Yes, for included tools
  • Anti-theft:  Yes, using the ONE-KEY™system
  • Safety:  Tool free guard and riving knife

What Optional Equipment is Available?

Options include:

  • Battery Pack:  Milwaukee 48-11-12812 
  • Stand:  Milwaukee 48-08-0561 Folding Stand.  Drawback?  A rolling stand doesn’t seem to be available.  The miter box stand is also advertised but at a substantial cost.

How Much Will it Cost?

Pricing for this saw reflects it’s many features and the Milwaukee brand.  Check your retailers or we’ve included affiliate shortcuts: 

Saw Only: $400-550 for the 2730-20 model depending on deals.

Saw & 1 Battery:  $500-650 for the 2730-21HD model depending on size of battery.

3. Metabo 10" Cordless Table Saw


With a 10″ saw and ability to run corded or cordless Metabo has shaken up the cordless table saw scene.


The Metabo cordless table saw leverages a 36V MultiVolt battery:

  • 8ah maximum
  • Charges in 53 minutes

What comes out of the box?

Check before you buy, but standard features for the bare tool are:

  • Blade:  10″ carbide blade with
  • Fence:  Yes
  • Rip Capacity:  35″
  • Dust Port:  2-1/2″
  • Arbor:  5/8″
  • Voltage:  36V
  • Weight:  67 lbs
  • Stand:  Optional
  • Motor:  Cordless 5000 RPM (no load) 
  • Anti-theft:  No
  • Safety:  Blade guard and riving knife
  • Warranty:  2 year limited

What Optional Equipment is Available?

Like other saws, batteries and stands come separate.

How Much Will it Cost?

Saw Only: Expect around $600-650.

Bottom Line

If you need a 10″ blade with dado capability this is the battery powered saw for you.

Choosing a Cordless Table Saw Stand

Since you’re investing in a mobile tool it makes sense to pair it with a rolling stand.

To that end, look at these key features of a cordless table saw stand:

    • Large wheels for portability outside or on a jobsite
    • Lightweight (under 40# ideal)
    • Wide base to provide a firm foundation for ripping 4×8 sheets
    • Folding design to stow in your garage (and truck)

Best cordless table saw stands:

Best Blades for a Cordless Saw

The Freud 40T 8-1/4″* table saw blade is a great pairing with the 24-tooth blade that comes with most saws.

For a cordless table saw you’ll want to consider:

  • Thin kerf (width of cut in wood) to minimize power needs.
  • Fewer teeth for rougher cuts (plywood, 2×4’s, etc.)
  • More teeth for finish cuts (eg. trim)
  • 5/8″ arbor size vs. larger on cabinet saws
  • Maximum 8-1/4″ blade on Dewalt and Milwaukee

Best cordless table saw blades:

  • Freud D080X ATB* – this 40T is a great choice for working with hardwoods or projects with a finished edge.
  • Freud D0724X* – an economical 24-tooth blade create for ripping with maximum battery life.

Buying the Most Amp Hours for Your Cordless Table Saw

The Dewalt 12.0Ah* battery will power through the maximum amount of wood with the highest available run-time for a  Dewalt battery pack.

So why are batteries so important?
Well, a high-end battery can cost upwards of $200 to maximize performance of your cordless saw. Due to the power demands an entry level battery will not last, and a Dewalt 12.0Ah* or Milwaukee 12.0Ah* battery are expensive. And that will make you want to invest in either the brand you own, or plan to own, for re-use of the battery in other tools (each manufacturer has 100+ tools the batteries are compatible with).
Once you’ve made an investment in a cordless table saw you’ll want to stick with Dewalt or Milwaukee for other purchases so you can re-use the batteries.


The bottom line?

You really can’t go wrong in choosing any of the available saws from Dewalt, Milwaukee or Metabo. 

However, make sure you are willing to keep investing in their battery line as that is where you’ll maximize your investment.

By doing so you’ll have the option to use the full lineup of Dewalt outdoor power tools* to pair with your table saw investment.

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