Power Tools

Guide to Best Track Saw for Woodworking

Best Track Saw For Woodworking – Table Saw Alternatives [2021]

Track saws are one of those tools you want to own once you know what they are. Because it is both a safer solution to a table saw AND it features perfectly straight cuts with almost zero splintering they solve a problem you can’t with a table saw. Learn what the best track saws for professionals, hobbyists or DIY’ers are in this article.

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Best Dust Collector for Woodworking Shops

Ultimate Guide: Best Dust Collector for Woodworking [2021]

You already know this, but the best dust collector isn’t the same from workshop to workshop. While small shops need innovative solutions to maximize suction in tight quarters; large shop dust collectors need massive air flow with optimal ducting to control dust. In this article you’ll learn what the right dust collector is for your size workshop, tools AND budget.

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Best Plunge Routers

Best Plunge Router: 7 Routers and Accessories You Need to Know

Buying the best plunge router isn’t just a decision on price. It’s a process that involves understanding your current projects, router use for making dadoes and rabbets, size of bits and if you’ll free-hand or use in a router table. In this article we’ll cover budget plunge routers to professional models made for everyday use.

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Hand Tools

Best Cabinet Clamps

15 best cabinet clamps for building cabinets [Pro Guide – 2021]

While building cabinets requires a variety of power tools it also requires a number of different types of cabinet clamps. From bar clamps and parallel clamps to everything between you’ll need a good inventory of clamps to build cabinets. In this article learn about the best cabinet clamps for everything from face frames to gluing cabinet doors. First, as a cabinetmaker I own dozens and dozens of cabinet clamps. From face frame clamps to spring clamps I’ve amassed a collection big

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Finish Carpentry Tools

Finish carpentry tools: a practical guide to hand and power tools

When woodworking projects involve fitting perfect wood into an imperfect home having the right finish carpentry tools is a must. And, fortunately, these tools are useful for many other home woodworking jobs. Not sure what specialty tools for installing trim you’ll need? In this article learn about the best trim carpentry tools.

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Best Laminate Roller

DIY Guide: Best laminate rollers for counters and floors

A high quality laminate roller will make building counters, veneering wood and installing flooring a much easier job. And ensure a higher quality result as bubbles and adhesion issues will be minimized. When I first started building cabinets (decades ago) we made 90% of our counters from laminate. And while it might seem like a daunting project it’s actually relatively easy. With a table saw, edge trimmer, sander, paint brush,  and a laminate j roller you’ll be able to make a

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Cordless Tools

Best Cordless Table Saws Dewalt Saw

Best cordless table saws – and a surprising alternative (2021 Guide)

Cordless table saws have been on the market a few years, but surprisingly the tool suppliers aren’t rushing to add more. Perhaps its because of the price and a very viable alternative (we’ll get to that). But if you’re in the market for this saw we’ll show you the best cordless table saws available today. First, your choices are going to be either or when it comes to cordless table saws. We’ll get to the differences between these saws in

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Best Sanders for Wood

Best Sanders for Wood Projects at Home [Pro Guide – 2021]

The best sanders for wood projects depend on your project, budget and amount of time you’ll be investing in the project. While sanders can range from a few dollars up to a few thousand dollars, you can easily get started with a couple of the basics. In this article we’ll show you tools for beginners to professionals. If you’re new to woodworking or have been at it for years there’s always something to learn about sanding. After sanding cabinets for

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Tools to make holes in wood

14 simple tools to make holes in wood (DIY Guide 2021)

While obvious to a carpenter, sometimes choosing the right tools to make holes in wood takes a little research. And, from large holes to square holes, flat bottom holes in wood to small round holes there is always a tool or two to do the job. In this article learn what the best tools are and how to use them. First, I’ve drilled, cut and even chiseled thousands of holes in my woodworking career. But while I’ve had the good fortune

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