Best Router for Router Table and Lifts

The Best Router for Router Table Mounting

The best router for mounting in a table is first and foremost one that will fit your router lift. Once fit is confirmed, then features like ease of bit change, electronic speed control and horsepower are where woodworkers will go to decide what is best overall for their needs. Key features to look for include: Overall horsepower for large panel bits Ease of bit change Fit to a router lift Electronic speed control Speed adjustment Removable for use in a fixed, …

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Best Plunge Routers

The Best Plunge Routers For Woodworking

Buying the best plunge router isn’t just a decision on price. It’s a process that involves understanding your current projects, router use for making dadoes and rabbets, size of bits and if you’ll free-hand or use in a router table. In this article we’ll cover budget plunge routers to professional models made for everyday use.